Denim 101: The Jacket

Alright guys, let’s explore the many facets of our favorite indigo! Since Levi Strauss introduced blue jeans way back when, we’ve seen denim go from cowboy casual to It girl favorite. We’ll get to denim shirts, shorts and jeans and all that in later blogs, let’s first concentrate on one of my personal denim favorites: the denim jacket. If you don’t own one now, it’s time to invest in a little jean jacket. It’s extremely versatile, extremely old school, and extremely necessary if you want to get instant street cred in the style department. This classic snaked its way through the early rebels, Brat Packers, had a moment with acid wash and the gang from 90210, and still managed to stay cool. I don’t know why exactly this specific piece of outerwear kept its appeal. Maybe it’s the rule-breaking rocker persona, maybe it’s because Kate Moss loves them, maybe it’s because you can literally throw one on with anything—including more denim, which is also a completely different post unto itself—and you’ve got a casual, put together look. What I do know is that in all the places I’ve lived, worked, and partied, I’ve always had a denim jacket within arm’s reach. And apparently I’m not alone. Current proud supporters of the jean jacket include everyone from Kanye West to Sophia Bush to Kate Bosworth. Need I say more?

Now, with the denim jacket well and truly covered, let’s talk jeans… With those cold winter days just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to find your fit with the new Denim Fit Guide from SurfStitch. With loads of styles from all the biggest brands, the hardest part will be picking just one!

So click here to find your perfect fit!

Robin Lee

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