Seasonal Mens Essential: The Leather Jacket

This is movie star (and super hottie) Ryan Reynolds. And this is multi-hyphenate pop star Justin Timberlake (also a classified cutie). What do these two guys have in common other than a penchant for red carpet get-togethers? Leather jackets.

Although it’s officially summer over here in the states, California is experiencing some insane June gloom, hence why these two dudes recently donned the ever-versatile lightweight leather. This easy outerwear is necessary to your wardrobe for a few reasons:

a) You can virtually wear it with anything, anywhere. Denim jeans, trousers, button downs, T-shirts…to the mall, to the movies, to dinner. Think of it as the modern sport coat.

b) It casually takes your overall look to a “hip” level (i.e. you don’t look like you’re trying too hard.)

c) It’s warm, but not too warm. You can also add a hoodie underneath if the wind picks up. Or a fancy scarf like Mr. Reynolds did.

What also caught my eye about this pseudo-twinsie moment is that both guys opted for collarless bombers. It’s not often you spot the rare collarless neckline, but when a guy can pull one off, it’s a super-sharp look.

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