Reaching Hi And Low In Spring Dresses!

One thing I love about spring fashion is all the lightweight breezy fabrics designers tend to use for dresses and skirts. But when one designer takes that breezy textile, tops with a femme pattern, and then finishes with a fun hi-low hemline, well now, that’s something to seriously squeal over. And it turns out I’m not the only one jumping up and down over these mullet-shaped dresses. Emilio Pucci and Adam both sent super elegant, excitingly femme, airy, wispy dresses down their runways, and Olivia Palermo, one of my favorite trendsetters, sported a hi-low, polka-dotted look at a recent event, which also proves this hemline has multi-seasonal staying power. I can also attest to the versatility of these lengths, as they look great with a flip flop or a strappy heel, topped with a lightweight cardigan, worn alone, or, if you’re headed to a dinner or interview, a shrunken slim-fit blazer can definitely give these dresses a sophisticated touch.

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