Owen Wright Signature Jam Sunglasses by Dragon

Dragon Eyewear has teamed up with everyone’s favourite son of the surfing brotherhood and Quik Pro NY Champion (check out highlights from the event here), Owen Wright, to introduce the Owen Wright Signature Jam Sunglasses.

Drawing inspiration from summers growing up by the ocean, the Owen Wright Signature Jam fuses soothing teal with Owen’s own bizarre twist on the creatures of the deep sea. “I wanted to create something that is me… and what I do beyond surfing,” Owen said. “The ocean has been such a big part of my life, I basically grew up in it swimming, fishing, and looking around the reefs. When you put these sunnies on you will feel like you are in the ocean.”

So rock out in your very own Signature Jam Sunglasses from Dragon with your favourite surfing sensation Owen Wright. Purchase here.

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