Must-Tote Bags Of The Season!

I love a great bag! And not just any bag—I’m looking for the kind that really makes a statement and adds personality and wow factor to your look. When it comes to cute bags, I always turn to my favorite street style sites to show me what all the trendsetters are lugging around fashion week (mainly my favorite Alexa Chung). This season, it looks like Mullberry-esque totes, punches of red, men-inspired clutches, and oversized shoulder bags are really making their mark!

The Men’s-Inspired Briefcase Bag: Like the kind your dad takes to work—only cuter!
The Oversized Shoulder Bag: If you carry your closet in your bag, this option is for you!
The Handheld Cross Body: Who doesn’t love a bag with flexibility?
The Bright Mini Bag! Of course a pop of bright red will do wonders for your look! I love the color on mini bags, it’s a great contrast!

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