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Alas alas!

It all had to come to an end now didn’t it?! Wanted to share this last “vintage rock tee for each day of Coachella post” til last. Nothing better than stomping through a bit of suburban bushland in some shredded overalls, a jeweled denim cap and mid-heeled docs now is there? Throw a customized Guns’n’Roses tank in the mix and we have quite the little thing going on now don’t we.

Wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all who have been voting by LIKE’ing my posts. Friends, friends of friends, strangers – thank you! Just need your help a LITTLE bit more though! Know we can smash this out – let’s make it happen! Also thanks to SurfStitch for allowing me to blog to you all! Been fun times all round.

So hit that little LIKE button below and make my world – because heading to the States, is going to do exactly that and I PROMISE to make it worth your while. Would it be wrong to say I will flash at Coachella if I win?….just joking, I think….

Big love guys – BEL xxx

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