SurfStitch Reaches 250 Brands.

Today SurfStitch welcomes its 250th brand, and to celebrate we are excited to announce 4 days of daily discounts! Take 10% off all bags today only… but don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a new offer.

Below is a sneak peek of some of the most recent brands to hit. We’re talking everything from nicotine dream wallet’s to vodka stripped jeans. Take a look!


Our latest label, Ashbury launched in 2007 in downtown Los Angeles Ca. with snow and skate team riders such Antwuan Dixon, Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long and Collin Provost and has since established itself as a timeless and quality eyewear brand. Bet you never saw that coming…pun intended.

Enter The Walart

These super cool, super thin wallets are a collection of art/design from around the world displayed on the one medium, ‘The Walart’. Constructed from a single piece of enviro-friendly paper, resistant to mother nature and the dullness of everyday society, ‘the walart’ will adjust with use to fit exactly what you carry. Handy, no? These guys are offering everything from the never ending ‘nicotine dream wallet’ to your favourite childhood pastime, ‘the guess who wallet’ – forget the q’s, it’s an instant win!

Shoe The Bear

Shoe The Bear is a living and dynamic brand with a vision for creating a perfect visual wrapping for the feet. Expect extreme comfort, unique designs and some good looking shoes. Our pick from the bunch: the high leather shoe – under the sole you will find the 24 magical dance steps from Michael Jackson’s thriller video. So turn off the lights, turn up the music and dance in the dark with this stylish number.

Who is Ziggy?

Ziggy believes that jeans are art. They absorb bits and pieces of your life, changing as often as you do. Regular jeans don’t do that. They’re too precious, too contrived. Ziggy wanted to make a change, and create something that would last til the last dance. Attacking his own denim with a pair of nail scissors and a quart of vodka, he stripped everything down to a blank canvas: simple, solid and cheap. Seeped in sin and scotch, Ziggy Denim lets you create whoever you want to be. They are playful, anonymous, androgynous, and ready to be crafted. It’s a party in your pants.

Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan is much more than just a t-shirt label. The unique vintage designs from far-flung places each come with their own little story. Stories designed to embrace the traveller in all of us. Stories designed to take you ‘away’.

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