Wooden Sunglasses. Waiting For The Sun.

This is unique. Waiting For The Sun, is a brand that are creating sunglasses from natural Tea wood – a renewable substance – to reduce the ecological footprint. Structured by the natural veins of the wood and hand-crafted in France, Waiting For The Sun offers a range of sunglasses online combining lightness, comfort, quality and aesthetic appeal, which when you think about it is pretty neat!

Style wise, these wooden frames, not lenses ;) are slim, modern and easy to wear. So if you’re in the market for new shades, this could be you. Note. Styles to keep your eye on include the Deux Sunglasses, Une Sunglasses and the Data Redux Sunglasses. Loving the Cognac and Vintage Black colour scheme.

Shop Waiting For The Sun now on SurfStitch.com.

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