Lexi’s Killer Festival Fashion Picks. Which Do You Prefer?

Lexi, Kia and I are all undecided on which outfit Lexi should wear to Coachella tomorrow – So what better then to ask all of you!

For your chance to win 1 of 2 $40 SurfStitch Gift Cards, leave a comment (link above) telling us which look you prefer – Rock Inspired or Girly Chic.

Winners will be announced tomorrow.

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78 thoughts on “Lexi’s Killer Festival Fashion Picks. Which Do You Prefer?

  1. Both are awesome but I’d go with girly chic – with the temperature for Coachella being so hot this outfit with lighter fabrics and colours and open shoes will eliminate overheating so Lexi can rock out for longer!

  2. Definately the rock inspired look, would stand out from the 1000′s of others with the ‘girl chic’ look. And let’s face it shoes are way more practical at any event!

  3. I’m loving the girly chic look. Looks comfortable enough to last the day, and yet is still super styling!
    Also has a bit of an added edge with the rock inspired stacked bracelets paired with it.
    California styling, love it!

  4. I think the first look but with the vest and the bag from the second would be killer! It’ll be a mix of rock inspired meets indie/girly chic ;)

  5. The festival look 2, in my opinion as a guy looks a lot more like something a girl would wear to a festival. It’s free flowing light colored with what it looks like, comfortable foot wear, for all the dancing and walking, it looks like the perfect outfit for the festival, and with a slightly bigger bag, it is easy for you to put the things you need in it for the day!

  6. I vote Look 1: rock inspired, because I just can’t go past black and simple. I think it’d be nice with a knit vest or something to finish it off though :)

  7. Definitely #1 (Rock Inspired). The deal breaker is the shoes. I’m sorry to say, but for #2 there is nothing sexy about crushed toes – and that’s what you’re going to end up with when you hit the Coachella stage! You have been warned.

  8. Definitely the Rock Inspired! Closed in shoes are always good for the music festival, and the whole outfit looks like you’re ready to rock and roll! Have fun either way!

  9. Festival look 2 is definately cuter, but once you have a few drinks you will wish you were wearing festival look 1, I would say look 1 its more practical, your not entering miss australia or anything!

  10. i think if you are going to a festival its rock all the way. simple fun with a great accessory is a must! will turn the boys heads that’s for sure :P

  11. I love the rock inspired! It’s cute and casual, with a smaller bag (big ones are so annoying at festivals!) and the shoes may be hot during the day but not so much if you party into the night! Plus the jewellery is amazing!!

  12. I prefer the first one coz it rocks!!! The second one is so girly and to be honest I don’t think there is anything special, it might look like anyone else in Coachella, but the first is great!

  13. I love the girly chic! I think the outfit is cute and coupled with the jewellery, it’s got the festival style going on for sure. Plus, I think the girly- boho style suits her better, although Rock inspired looks pretty awesome too. She’ll be sure to turn a few heads. Jealous! :)

  14. I would normally go for a rock look myself, but in this case I think the girly chic looks awesome. It’s sexy but comfortable at the same time. The accessories are perfect. Only thing I might change is the shoes. Maybe some sexy ankle boots so she doesn’t end up with broken toes!

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