Friday Morning Tunes.

Beach House – Bloom

The American duo, Beach House, made up of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, released their fourth album, Bloom, earlier this year. Described “like eighties revivalism, soft-rocking kraut-rock, 60s girl groups, The Beach Boys”, there sound is perfect, beautiful and more sophisticated than their previous album ‘Teen Dream’. Legrand’s dream-like voice will no doubt take you on a mystical journey – what more could you ask for!

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

A new track ‘R U Mine’ was posted by the Arctic Monkeys in late Feb. A bit of a mystery, the one-off single in not part of last year’s album Suck It and See, nor does it seem to be a teaser for an upcoming album. Very 70s rock-and-roll, with its bold Free-like fret work, harmonious vocals and plenty of drum work…there’s even a vocal break down in the bridge which turns up the white boy funk.

Oh Mercy! – Great Barrier Grief

Not exactly a new album but I’ve been listening to these guys non-stop for the past couple of days. The second album from Melbourne’s Oh Mercy, ‘Great Barrier Grief’ is memorable and pretty. Front man Alex Gow, although capable of understated sentimentality, appears to take pleasure in adding to this mood a sarcastic turn of phrase, leaving something unsaid.

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One thought on “Friday Morning Tunes.

  1. Aaaah I love the Arctic Monkeys!! They stay true to themselves eacht album round which is great! I love Alex Turner’s accent but I don’t always understand what he’s saying.. :$ I tried finding the lyrics on but didn’t find much can anybody lend me a hand?

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