SurfStitch Staff Picks.

Working my second part in the SurfStitch team in Content, I get the pleasure of seeing all the exciting new clothes that arrive in our office daily. I get to touch and explore them, discuss them with peers and decide how to best convey these pieces of clothing to our lovely SurfStitch shoppers. Lately, however, we have been absolutely bombarded with new arrivals and I am now practically drowning in clothes. Not that I’m complaining at all, who would! In order to wrap my head around the best of this bunch, however, I have enlisted the help of my office buddies to select their favorite items and narrow down my ever growing shopping cart.

TAM, Marketing:
Why this dress? This dress reminds me of the beautiful dresses I used to see my mum floating about in when I was a child and it gives me this relaxed, bohemian vibe. When I picture myself in this dress, I picture sitting relaxed on the beach with a good book and it would be perfect for exotic travels. Relaxed fit maxi dresses have always been one of my favourite silhouettes and I’ll definitely be adding this little number to my cart! Shop this dress here.

This week, we’re looking at a great dress for girls and the perfect tee for guys. A great dress for Winter is such an investment as it can be worn with stocking or a jumper in the colder months then loose the layers and you’ve got yourself the perfect Summer item. And guy will never get sick of a good tee. Check out how our SurfStitch team members will be investing this week.

OLLIE, Buying:
Why this tee? SH*TYEAH ! Not really feeling tee-shirts at the moment as it’s pretty much like Alaska on Australia’s East Coast right now BUT this new one from Insight is doing it for me. Kind of feels like I’m wearing my rug from home. Shop this tee here.

MARLOE, Photography:
Why this dress? I love the simple lines of this This & That dress and I feel the colour is very trans-seasonal. Easy to wear and can be dressed up or down and go from day to night. Shop this dress here.

TIM, Buying:
Why this tee? Why do I like this RVCA tee? Its casual, you can wear it with pretty much anything lo-key, plus I like green as a colour…I own way too many surfboards and this tee reminds me of my garage. It would be great to just load them all up and drive off to wherever for however long. But I have to work and I can’t! Boo. Shop this tee here.

ELIZA, Buying:
Why this dress? I‘ve always loved the silhouettes of Weathered’s men’s wear and once we started stocking women’s I was glad to find the range is also super impressive. The pattern on this dress is girly while the denim tee dress design adds a little more of a masculine feel, therefore making it a perfect balance! Shop this dress here.

TORA, Content:
Why this tee? The Liberty Lungs Raglan Tee from Insight is my pick for Spring – Raglan tees are perfect for when you don’t know if it’s going to be hot or cold…Plus you can’t go wrong with a Ron Burgundy coloured tee. Winner. Shop this tee here.

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