Dion Agius’ Memphis Soul Mix

“Warren (Smith) and I are doing a cross-country drive through the States for our next Proxy Noise issue and I’m seeing the weird parts of America in all her glory,” says Dion Agius. “We’re eating cheese grits and BBQ while listening to the blues and being road warriors. It’s magical.”

The majority of StabFM mixes are a collection of all-time faves.  However, Dion decided to take a different route, choosing rather to piece together music from a particular moment in time.  ”One of our stops was in Memphis, Tennessee, and it’s oozing with soul. We went to the Stax Museum and had our minds blown by all the amazing music the city had spawned. So, this playlist is a few hand-picked gems that have been swirling around on the drive after Memphis.”  There you have it folks, you will love this mix.  Oh, and you wanna see him surf?  Scroll down a little and press play on “Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven”, it is truly amazing.  Scorching heat, women and surfing is certainly a good combination.

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