After many months of anticipation and excitement, the call has been made to hold the Red Bull Cape Fear competition this Sunday, the 31st August. As the waiting period comes to an end, local hero and big wave charger Mark Mathews officially made the call to hold the competition this weekend, as a big swell is forecast to hit the rock shelf at the break on Sydney’s southern wave, known as ‘Ours’.ShortyThe wave, which sits off the edge of Botany Bay in Sydney, will see a 8-10 foot swell unload on its rock shelf bottom over the weekend, perfect for the Cape Fear competition. The event hosted by Red Bull invites 14 of the worlds best big wave chargers to take on the wave of Cape Fear. The wave has a sharp rock and reef bottom and breaks only meters away from a cliff face adding to the danger and intensity, aspects that these guys are all well aware of.

“There’s no wave in the world from six to 10 feet that is heavier or more dangerous” Mathews says. “Deep water swell pitch on a super shallow ledge that’s covered with razorblade barnacles and then it breaks only 10-15 metres from the cliff face. If you fall off and don’t hit the bottom, chances are you’re going to get washed in to that cliff face. There are plenty of dangers and only few willing to navigate them.CapefearThe competing surfers will battle the reef break in two formats. Tow-in assistance from a jet-ski will be one element of competition, while paddle in is another. With only 1 day of competition, will it be the local lads who prove who’s boss? Or an international name? Only time will tell!

The wave itself only comes to life three or four time a year, making the event just a little more special for spectators and surfers alike. As the call has now been made, the invited surfers from around the globe will descend on Sydney’s southern beaches for a chance to ride some of the heaviest waves in the world. Some popular names include Jamie O’Brien, Ryan Hipwood, Bruce Irons and a collection of local surfers, including Bra Boy Koby Abberton.

After all that excitement at the Billabong Pro Tahiti over the past week, it’s time for Australia to once again prove how good our waves are! Stay up to date with the Red Bull Cape Fear competition here on the SurfStitch Blog to ensure you miss none of the action!



No doubt you’ve seen the incredible display of commitment and straight up lunacy of Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews a few days ago at the infamous big wave spot, ‘The Right’ in Western Australia. The original intention was to capture a completely new angle of big wave surfing, and everything was going perfectly to plan until the two pushed the wave to its limit, taking off so deep they were unable to escape, as ‘The Right’ crashed down on them with all its fury.

The whole idea was based around a concept shoot by Stab Magazine and Red Bull. Before the wipe-out, the pair actually managed to pull in to some big, clean barrels and succeed with some great images, though Mark wanted to go bigger, and deeper. Taj originally wanted to get a few warm-up waves by himself to navigate the correct lines and get his rhythm flowing, everyone knew it wasn’t going to happen on Mathews watch.

“The one I see you ride from the channel is the one I don’t get the shot on,” he said to Taj. “Pretend I’m not there. You won’t know I’m there. I’m invisible. But, don’t let your hand touch the face. Don’t wreck my shot.”taj6Taj7

Mark has pushed boundaries in his big wave surfing career for quite some time, though even he will tell you this was the craziest wipe-out of them all. We all know how long only a few seconds can feel under water, and the unimaginable thought of being held under for 45 seconds is simply obscene.  This was the case for Mathews, his thoughts of “Am I coming up’ being scary enough to send chills down all of us, let alone copping the brutal force, cold waters and sharp reef he also had to encounter. It’s thanks to the special wetsuits designed specifically for situations exactly like this one, that both surfers managed to escape the dark depths of the Indian ocean once again.

Though Taj managed to get away with only a slight shake up, Mark was not so lucky. A ruptured eardrum and gash to the face were the results of this incredible attempt to push the boundaries of big wave surfing once more, something every surfer will say was a huge success.Taj2*All images by Russell Ord/Frame grabs 

Check out the footage of the incredible wipe-out below! Later this month will see much more come out about the amazing session, though until then, stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog, as we bring you latest from the surfing world!



The Sony Action Camera Prize Pack competition held on the SurfStitch Facebook and Instagram pages has concluded, with one lucky winner being drawn. Firstly, we would like to thank each and every one of the entrants for your hard work, dedication and commitment in capturing some great photographs representing your amazing lifestyles. Great work! Unfortunately, there was only 1 Sony Action Camera Prize Pack to give away.

With no further delay, it is with great pleasure we at SurfStitch congratulate Paul Griffiths for winning our Sony Action Camera Prize Pack, worth $655! SonyActionCamwinner

Paul took this amazing image of the Gold Coast skyline on sunset. The image is undoubtedly full of beautiful colours, pure clarity and shows a great perspective of his lifestyle!sunset_reflection_edit-2_noWM

For your chance to win the next amazing prize, be sure to keep an eye on SurfStitch and our social channels including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Congratulations to Paul once again, from everyone at SurfStitch. Enjoy!



One of the best things about winter has to be the snow, here are a few images that will make you want to dust off that snowboard,  wax it up and hit the slopes…thank you Mother Nature..

Don’t imagine how cold it might be, imagine the marshmallows toasting in the fire. Not a marshmallow fan? Pop a Lindt Lindor ball in there instead, sooooo good you’ll be wishing you tried it sooner!

Check out some of our snow inspo and shop everything you need for the snow at SurfStitch.









You’ll need these goodies:


Oakley Still Well Jacket – Jet Black | Oakley Still Well Pant – Jet Black


Rip Curl Enigma PR Gum Jacket – Dresden Blue | Rip Curl Bunji Gum Pant – Dresden Blue


DC Shoes Amo 14 Snow Jacket – Methyl Blue | DC Shoes Banshee 14 Snow Pants – Sulphur Spring


Electric EG2.5 Snow Goggles – Bronze Silver Chrome | Billabong Command Wet and Dry Pack – Black | Roxy Ruby Beanie – Sea Salt


Rip Curl Kilalurak Jacket | Rip Curl Split Gum Pant – Crown Jewel


Volcom Activism Ins Jacket – Violet | Rip Curl Split Gum Pant – Black


Billabong Delight Jacket – Mineral | Billabong Paradise Pant – Mineral

Imagery from Rainbow Tourism, Dez Newcomb Photography, Maverick Snowboarding, Wall Paper Hi, Mr Wallpaper, Smith Fork Ranch and others unknown.


Featured Song


This week our featured song goes to Sydney based group ‘Art Vs. Science’ and their 2014 hit track ‘Create/Destroy’. The 3 piece band were formed in 2008 and are known now worldwide for their electronic, dance and rock styles, with ‘Create/Destroy’ touching on all of these and becoming music to your ears, literally. The track is named after their newly released E.P. also called ‘Create/Destroy.’avs1

The energy evident in the ‘Create/Destroy’ track is similar to the early workings of the group. Combining an electric feel with a mix of guitars, attractive drum beats and vocal talent are all significant pieces that help make this song so special. The upbeat sounds, combined with lyrics that seem to talk to you, are further in depth aspects that make this song so unique and appealing.  The key lyrical content includes repeated lines of ‘Work together to destroy, make it something beautiful’ that indeed prove something hard to not enjoy and nod your head to. The entire E.P. unbelievably seems to follow suit with this same characteristic, leaving listeners wanting more and more from the group.

Regardless of having a 2 year hiatus, Art vs. Science are back and seem stronger and more musically driven than ever before. If you haven’t heard Art vs. Science before and this sounds like your musical cup of tea, be sure to check them out. The group will be playing the amazing festival ‘Splendour In The Grass’ starting later this month and if you are attending, be sure not to miss them.

In need of extra motivation? Check out ‘Create/Destroy’ by Art vs. Science below! For more information on the band, check out their Facebook page or their website. Stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog for the latest in music news and feature albums and artists!


Surfing Nirvana – The Ultimate Mentawais Surf Trip: SurfStitch Style

If you’re a surfer, chances are you have either been fortunate enough to enjoy the surfing Nirvana that is Indonesia, or it remains the number one destination on your travel wish list. For Australians, this is especially true, as the “Indo Trip’ has become a genuine rite of passage from grommethood to surfing adulthood.

I have personally been lucky enough to have travelled to the region almost semi-annually since the age of 16, with my first trip being back in 2000. My first trip came almost 30 years after the surfing community first discovered the beauty of the Indonesian coastline back in the early 1970’s. The love affair between bronzed Aussies and the magical land of lefts began when the now Iconic surf flick ‘Morning of the Earth’ beautifully displayed footage of surfers gracefully sliding down the crystal green faces of Uluwatu, a reef on the now infamous Bukit peninsula of Bali.

The movie triggered an immediate annual migration for Australians during the winter months, ditching their steamers for boardshorts, their local surf routine for a spirit of adventure and their trusted and rusted EH Holden for a plane ticket to the shores of Bali.

Before long, the lure of Indonesian perfection had the surfing fire burning bright inside many an adventurer, who one at a time began exploring the coast from Bali all the way north past the infamous Lagundri Bay (Nias) all the way up to Banda Ache. Now the exact history of surf discovery throughout Indonesia remains debated, and being a romantic I like the idea of it remaining fiction rather than fact.89I am lucky enough to have on occasion been in the company of salty sea dog men with dark leather skin (An a serious aversion to sunscreen), who when the Bintang starts to flow begin loudly reminiscing of sessions at magical waves without names where they would run into the bushes as boats sailed past just to keep their discovery hidden just that bit longer. Some tell such stories with tones of anger at the current flux of commercialisation, some tell such stories while looking at the stars and smiling of sessions past, and others just want their experiences to be carried on in the stoke of the next generation of Australian surfers.

To enter a debate with one of these men on who can lay claim to discovery is pointless, mainly because it doesn’t matter, the waves have existed and will continue to exist whether we talk about them or not. Regardless of this uncertainty of the past, it is now globally accepted that the reefs of Indonesia provide the surfer with ultimate adventure, richer than any other region in the world with regards to wave number and quality.

Here are some quick facts:

-          It’s an Island Archipelago of over 70 pristine islands that sits 10km off the Sumatran Coast hosting well over 100 waves, each on their day offering the ride of your life,

-          History provides initial discovery of the Mentawais region surfs richness with Martin Daly, who ventured through the region in the late 1980’s,

-          More than 65,000 surfers visit the region on average each surf season, with an estimated $20million AUD dollars generated each season,

-          The region is one of the most tectonically active regions in the world – with waves regularly rising and falling as a result of earthquake activity,

-          The region has had two severe earthquakes incidences in the last 15 years, one in 2004 where thousands lost their lives to the north in Banda Aceh and one in 2010 killing hundreds in the South Pagai Region

So to my story.

After back-to-back trips where injury sidelined me for the majority of the trip, I managed to convince my fiancé to allow me one final crack at surfing utopia. I promised it would be my last trip, for two reasons, one because it’s not cheap to explore the Mentawais, and secondly, and most importantly, it rules out any romantic overseas trip for the two of us, which she more than deserves – believe me my better half is a keeper so I am pushing it!   To warrant these two points I had to make sure the logistics were perfect, the timing was ideal, and my travelling companions provided me the ultimate mix of personalities to bond with on my three-week adventure.

So first I had to determine the charter company to play host to a bunch of Central Coast/ Sydney lads through the Archipelago. I have travelled to the region a number of times, with different operators, but none impressed me more than the crew at Latitude Zero Surf Resort. Now there are a number of reasons for this, but the primary reason is that by Mentawai standards, the owners and boat captains and surf guides in the Latitude Zero family have more combined knowledge that any other charter business in operation.

The group consists of two majestic charter boats, the Mangalui and the Nomad, who operate in conjunction with the Latitude Zero land camp, a 5 star surf camp situated on its own island in the Telos Island chain. They are very different experiences, the boats and the land camp, so just to be sure my trip truly was sensational, I booked one of each.Resort_1Resort_2

Timing is critical when it comes to an Indonesian trip. Too early in the season and history shows significant swells can be more infrequent, too late in the season and winds can be temperamental and smack bang in the middle and the chances are you will be sharing the line-up with a hundred other paradise seeking surf frothers, many from countries that don’t seem to know how to share waves.

So after consult with a boat captain with over 30 years in the region under his belt – I booked late April/ early May – hoping for light winds, which opens up the entire Mentawai region for adventure. I locked in 7 days late April at the land camp, and then the first 2 weeks of May on the Mangalui.

Only thing remaining was to fill the remaining spots in my land camp and boat bookings. The Latitude Zero land camp takes two groups of between 8-10 at a time, and the Mangalui can sleep up to 10 passengers. So how do I choose the ideal companions for each trip? For the land camp I targeted my mates who would appreciate being able to mix 5 star accommodations and surfing; and for the boat passengers I targeted mates who were keen for a little more of an adventure and definitely no phone reception.Resort_617

Both of the trips commence through Padang in Indonesia, which we connected to through Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia. Once we landed in Padang the Latitude Zero crew took over – our bags were collected and we were taken to our waiting charter plane to fly out to the Telo islands. Not being a massive fan of small planes, this part of the trip was not expected to be a highlight for me – I couldn’t have been more wrong. The ride was short and sweet – less than an hour and the view from the plane was nothing short of sensational. Low flying over sand islands filled with palm tress, each fringed by reef and many containing small communities of locals with handmade huts and churches. I look around and wish for a second my fiancé was here to look out the window with me –she would truly appreciate the beauty of this place, sometimes I enjoy nothing more than seeing how non-surfers relate to the arena that play hosts to our passions – the non-competitive sport of surfing truly is one of natures most splendid gifts.Resort_3

We landed and were greeted by the staff of Latitude Zero, who quickly whipped us into one of the resort tender boats and headed for the resort. Although we all knew the land camp was luxury, we were not ready for the beauty and simplicity of the resort. We were greeted by smiling staff and coconut cocktails, and after a tour of the island we were each directed to our generous air conditioned individual rooms, each framed by giant wooden beams sourced from local timber mills and crafted down by hand. There was something soothing about sleeping under these beams every night, knowing they came from local islands, touched the hands of locals and that their use supported the village economy that was playing host to our wonderful adventure – almost like a local blessing and a far greater feeling than any stamp in a passport.

In designing and constructing the resort they truly have considered everything, and have provided every comfort imaginable for the perfection-seeking surfer.

For the next 7 days we would wake at 5.30am, enjoy a buffet breakfast, pack the speedboat with our surfboards and sunscreen and depart either north or south for a day of surfing. The speedboat would each day be packed with our lunch, removing the need to venture back to the resort for lunch, which is ideal given some of the regions most amazing waves are up to an hour away in the speed boat. Each day would end the same way, a speed boat ride home consuming Bintangs, iphone photo taking in preparation for the evening Instagram assault and of course jovial male bonding at its best (Yes the resort has internet meaning you’re away from home but still have the luxury of contact with the outside world, not something everyone is seeking, but something that is important to wives and families).


After 7 days of absolute luxury, 8 hours of surfing a day with only our group of 6 in the water, we boarded the same light plane bound for Padang, where myself and one other double trip passenger would board the mighty Mangalui. The other 4 members of our group were sadly heading home, however not before committing to return the following year for a longer 10 day trip.

After lunch and a relax, we headed for the port in Padang where the vehicle of our fortnight adventuring lay moored and awaiting. The remaining 8 lads, a mixed group of childhood mates from the Central Coast and new mates from Sydney’s Northern Beaches were already aboard and awaiting our arrival. The surf forecast was checked by the captain and it was confirmed, we were going to score……properly! The mood was electric and everyone was frothing. However the first thing that occurs on each Mangalui trip is the battle for the best beds on the boat, which cannot occur until the compulsory mast jumps had taken place and Bintangs had been consumed by all. Once completed, we were then ready to set sail. The weather can be temperamental in the region which doesn’t always make the overnight sail out to the Mentawais enjoyable, but on this occasion all the elements came together in the most magical fashion – the wind dropped, the clouds caught fire, the ocean became sheet glass and everything in sight became drenched in colours I had never seen. The photos did no justice of the beauty of the moment, but I was already getting excited about heading home and sharing the photos with the fiancé, but I knew I would fail at describing how special it was.


As we were fortunate enough to have a favourable wind and swell forecast we first ventured to the south of the Mentawais. Having been through the region 5 times before, I thought I had a solid grasp on what waves existed however I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within the first week we had surfed more waves that I had never heard of before than waves I had, and most notable was the fact these waves were as good as the premier waves that motivate most surfers to travel to the Mentawais in the first place.

This is were our choice of the Mangalui pays itself off, with rumours of sessions  going down at the more well known waves with 6+ charter boats filling the line up with 50 + surfers,  we enjoyed back to back days of total isolation from the surfing community. Our Captain is a modern day pirate, motivated by two things, scoring quality solo sessions for his crew and ensuring we are always 2 steps ahead of all the other charter boats in the region. After 4 trips with this particular captain I am yet to see him trundle off to bed without having met both of these goals. We all quickly accept that the waves we are surfing have no name, and that we may never surf or see them ever again.


One of the passengers sadly had a trip ending injury. The fittest and most battle worthy of all of us injured his leg. This turned his surf trip into a giant movie marathon with the occasional bodyboarding and camera session. It was heartbreaking to watch, but it is sadly a reality of trips to this region, people get hurt so having top-level travel insurance is a must! Nonetheless he stayed aboard and provided us with nightly entertainment (Given his ability to form a better relationship than the rest of us with the unlimited Bintang supply…..yes I said unlimited).

Now I mentioned before that we scored, but I don’t think you realise just how much we scored. Of the 14 days of surfing, we surfed 3 times a day everyday. We never surfed an onshore session, we never surfed a day under 4 foot and we never came in before our arms could paddle no more. Sharing stories with other charter boat passengers in the line-up revealed a very different story, crowded and crosshore days at the premier waves so people could tick a box. My advice people…….get out there and explore, get on a boat that has a Captain with a spirit of adventure, someone prepared to take a punt. It doesn’t matter if the wave you surf don’t have a sexy or fancy name or a rich history of being surfed in Taylor Steele surf movies. What matters is you leave your comfort zone, embrace a foreign land, respect the local community and its people playing host to you and enjoy every wave on its merits.


Before we knew it we were returning to port, with a level of satisfaction beyond anything I had ever had from a surf trip. Good Mates and good waves. If you’re planning or considering a trip – look no further than Latitude Zero. The Mentawais are not cheap, so if you do it, do it right the first time.

I finished the trip the standard way, buying duty free products to rush home and sweep my fiancé off her feet. Hopefully my next story is from a winery in a French country side, conveniently close to Hossegor in the summer of course!

Check out the highlight video below! Mentawai Charter Boat booking tips.

  • Understand who the captain of the Charter Boat is – make sure he has a number of years in the region under his belt. Last thing you want is being on a boat that plays follow the leader with the other boats,
  • Make sure the cost of the charter boat is all-inclusive, nothing worse than getting stung at the end of the trip for excess Bintang consumption or having to buy photos of your group surfing off the crew,
  • Make sure there is no limit to the number of km’s the charter boat can sail. You want to make sure the conditions dictate your adventure, not the margin goals of the business,
  • Make sure the boat has a fast and comfortable tender. A tender is the speed boat attached to the charter boat that allows you to strategically target waves when conditions change – and they will – daily.
  • Make sure you do your research on travel insurance – most important element is the medivac specifics. If something goes wrong, you want absolute peace of mind no cost will be spared in getting you out of their ASAP in the safest possible manner,

Now there are some things you need on every trip, he is a cheat sheet:

  • Loads and loads of sunscreen and zinc – don’t be a hero and go for a tan day 1 – you will regret it,
  • If you think you have enough leg ropes – buy an extra 2, nothing worse than having to borrow of a mate,
  • The idea of a step up board is a bit of a myth I think – the Mentawais is no plan for a rhino chaser (Unless you get the swell of the year). Take something with a little extra length and thickness than the board you ride on your biggest day back home – you’re not going to Hawaii,
  • It may sound overly metrosexual but take a good exfoliator, layer and layer of sunscreen isn’t good for the skin if you’re not taking it off each night,
  • Insect spray – rarely used on the boats but gives peace of mind against malaria if you do see the odd mosquito,
  • Take a light weather jacket, when it rains it rains cats and dogs – but only for a short while,
  • A international adaptor for chargers – your boat might already have one but no harm in being sure,
  • Boats will have their own medical kit, but take some extra straps and creams just to be sure,
  • A small ding repair kit is a must – no one comes home without a little crack or ding,


Here is a little shopping list for you:

Get out there my friends.


UP TOP: Mens Headwear

From the basic Baseball to the friendly Fedora, the beloved beanie, the trusty Trucker, the fancy Flatcap, the perfect Panama, the bold Bowler, the timeless Top hat and breezy Bucket, hats have been around for years and there is one to suit anyone and any occasion.

Whatever your style, everyone needs at least one of these, whether it’s flaunting your favourite footy team or just to hide your bed-head, hats are trending now as a staple for casual days or teamed with jeans and a leather jacket. Girls, don’t be scared to pinch your man’s….



Ebbets Brooklyn Eagles 1935 Ball Cap – Navy | Huf Box Logo Snapback – Burgundy | Flex Fit The Black Leather Clip Back Cap

Is this the modern day Top Hat? Wear it in Summer and Winter, it’s never out of place in the backyard BBQ or with a Hugo Boss suit…


The panama – permission to buy a boat….granted!



Brixton Messer Fedora Hat – Beige | Rhythm Pocket Hat – Burgundy | Fallenbrokenstreet The Cove Hat – Black

Finally, let’s not take the essential Winter beanie for granted – for keeping the head warm, and hiding a bad hair day!



Stussy Cities Tall Beanie – Black | Burton Billboard Beanie – Safety Orange | Coal The Thrift Knit Beanie – Black

Imagery from:,,,, & other unknown.



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