Blogger Diary. Coachella Day 1 Music Round Up.

Coachella – It is the ultimate place to surround yourself with other music lovers in the middle of the desert to party all day and night. Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, these grounds go on for miles. I had prepared myself for the heat, just like the weather report showed me this morning saying “HOT” above Fri Sat & Sun of the festival this weekend. Thank god I have had the experience of a 43 degree big day out, but that was just a warm up for today, and it’s going to heat up even more. The punishing heat made the day a bit of a game of dot to dot from shade to shade until around 6′oclock when it finally went behind the mountains and gave everyone some much needed relief.

As night time descended, it was clear that Coachella really comes alive under the blanket of darkness. The Palm trees are illuminated blue, green, pink and orange, light shows engulf the night’s sky and the individual sets show their true characters. With the temperature dropping, now is the time to truly enjoy ourselves.

The music was our savour from the heat. Basically from 2 – 4 the Do Lab was my sanctuary. This place is an oasis in the middle of a steaming hot bowl of soup. There was some amazing dubstep, drum & base and electro cranking out of here all day long – I was enjoying it, but I think 50% of the people hanging around were just here for the water getting sprayed over the crowd.

We went and caught the last of Grouplove who played their biggest hit “Tongue Tied” – This song was made famous when featuring in an iPod ad last year, and as a result it seemed to resonate best with the crowd. The group then payed homage to Whitney Houston when they played a short version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – The crowd went crazy! The audience thrived off the group’s energy and all seemed to forget about the 40 something degree heat and enjoyed the music they had to offer.

A few vodka Red Bulls later it was time to get dooown and dirty to The Rapture. The tent was packed. We made our way through the crowd to get as close to the stage that we could, but the heat was a killer. The band delivered a rad set with saxophone, cowbell and more beats then the guy in front could shake his glow sticks at. The highlight for us was “House of Jealous Lovers” with the crowd hanging onto every word that left Luke Jenner’s mouth.

Using some of the energy from the Red Bulls, I sprinted over to the other side of the festival back to the main stage to see The Black Keys – My Dad’s fave. These guys were the highlight of my day, fully embracing their headlining status. They saved the best til last and also invited a surprise guest John Fogerty onstage to pay tribute to The Band drummer and singer Levon Helm, who died last week after a long battle with cancer. The trio sang The Band’s classic The Weight “Take a Load Off Annie, Take a Load For Free..”

After this, all anyone was talking about was Swedish House Mafia, this was a set which I couldn’t miss out on. I made my way over to the main stage along with every other single human body who survived the heat of the day – The crowd was packed! The trio that make up SHM were just tiny silhouettes beneath a pumping lightshow.

Come 12am, it was time to drag my tired feet home, sneak into the pool for a quick dip and prepare to do it all again tomorrow!!


Santa Monica Pier. Fashion Street Style.

Meet Blandina, an incredibly down to earth girl with the most beautiful French Accent. She is wearing an oversized denim shirt, flower print leggings, tan boots, neck scarf and round sunnies.

Name: Blandina
Fashion Inspiration: Whitney Port
Favourite Band: Beetles
Fave Mag: Interview
What do you never leave the house without: A Scarf
What’s your favourite trend: Boho

Get this look: Denim shirt, leggings, sunnies

Sarah has gone for a more understated look with a grey singlet with bead detailing, demin jeans, beaded bracelets and hooped tassel earrings.

Name: Sarah
Fashion Inspiration: Kate Moss
Favourite Band: The Shins
Fave Mag: Allure
What do you never leave the house without: My phone
What’s your favourite trend: Colour Blocking

Get this look: Jeans, sunnies, bracelets

Julie, a super sweet Irish tourist here with her parents on holiday. She is sporting a cute print playsuit, army boots and Ray Ban sunnies.

Name: Julie
Fashion Inspiration: Mary-Kate Olsen
Favourite Band: Bon Iver
What do you never leave the house without: Sunglasses
What’s your favourite trend: Prints

Get this look: Jumpsuit, boots, sunnies

Which is your favourite look?


Blogger Diary. It’s California Time!

Wednesday 5:00am. My alarm clock goes off, It’s California Time!! I roll out of bed, shower and check for the 100th time I’ve got everything for my trip. Camera check. Passport check. Clothes check.

The flight to LA is a long one so I settle in with my book, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Four movies, three meals and 13 hours later the captain announces that we are ready to start our decent. My anticipation climbs and I sit staring out of the window at the stunning landscape below. Deserts. Canyons. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We arrive at LAX early morning and exhausted. Never mind. We’ve travelled across the globe embarking on a journey that will take us on a trip of a lifetime and there’s only one thing on our mind. Shopping. After receiving some poorly considered responses by locals, which lead us to a mall near LAX,  we decided to take the reins and do some exploring ourselves.

After stumbling across Santa Monica Pier, we knew that we couldn’t deny ourselves one of the ultimate tourist destinations in the area. For now, shopping was put on hold and fairy floss swiftly took its place.

What a place. The Pier was home to an eclectic bunch (to say the least) and provided some good quality people watching. Meters from each other was one street act more amazing and bazaar then the next. Belly dancing with a touch of Africa, break dancing, abstract painters, trapeze artists, snake and bird handlers (need I go on?).

Kia and Shane being the tourists that they are, they had to get amongst the two pythons and McCall.

After eating our weight in chocolates and lollies, we decided it was time to fill up on proper food. And that we did. Being so close to the Mexican border, we couldn’t look past the super down to earth restaurant sitting on the end of the Pier. Giant servings accompanied by a second to none view, our afternoon couldn’t have panned out any better.

So, what better way to start the day than by exploring one of California’s most iconic tourist destinations! As we pack the car up once more, the anticipation killing all of us, we set off for Palm Springs.


Thrust, The Simon Anderson Book

If you love the surf, own a board (or 10) and believe salt water is an equivalent to shampoo, you will know Simon Anderson. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this man single-handedly revolutionised the thought process of shapers when designing boards and surfers when purchasing.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the ‘Thruster’. Back in 81’ at Bells, Simon demonstrated how an additional fin allowed for balance, power, speed and control, which turned out to be a defining moment in the surfing industry.

Simon released his autobiography, Thrust, this past week – A story about how this Northern Beaches boy helped evolve this industry to what it is today. This book takes you through Simon’s life as a stunning surfer turned shaper, demonstrating his true love for this sport.

This remarkable 200 page hard cover is a must have for the coffee table so buy it now on