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SurfStitch gives you the chance to win a Dickies Fixie bike worth $499 – all you have to do is tell us where you’d ride it if you won! To enter, click here.

Get in quick – ends Sunday 17th March at midnight AEDT.

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Crumpler Proud Stash Backpack: WINNERS

Congratulations to the winners of our 6 Crumpler Proud Stash Backpacks:

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4k to Spend in 24 Hours.

This is the final entry from our six staff members sharing with us how they would spend $4000 in 24 hours to have one extraordinary day. SurfStitch were on the hunt to find your ultimate day, we put the questions out their for you to share with us how you’d spend $4000 in 24 hours. The task was: “Use this $4,000 to make your day extraordinary. You have 24 hours: film what you can!” Unfortunately, entries have closed and voting is now open to vote for your favourite extraordinary day. We have read through everyone’s amazing entries and it’s time to hand it over to the public to decide who they think should live out their wildest dreams.

All entries are published on the blog or you can head over to facebook to vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced 28th of February so get voting!

Over the past week we previewed Taegen’s ultimate day to the Whitsundays and Great Ocean Road, Charlotte’s Barossa Wine Valley experience, Jobey cruising the streets of Melbourne in amazing cars and Sophia partying at the V Island Party. The last instalment of our SurfStitch staff member’s ultimate day is Buying Admin Assistant, Danny Neilsen. This is his dream day:

I would use the money to empty out my backyard pool and host the ultimate backyard skate jam/party. I’m thinking Bones Brigade/Dog Town sessions with live music, free alcohol, and all my friends are there to run a muck. I would kick things off in the mid afternoon and continue well on into the night in the hope of creating an epic day that will be looked back upon by all with a sense of nostalgia. Good company, good skating, good music and smiles.

For Danny’s ultimate party day he would be seen wearing RVCA jeans, Stussy military shirt, Gravis shoes and of course it wouldn’t be a Dog Town session without a Z-flex skateboard.

Check out the four finalists below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite to make their wildest dreams come true.


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$4k in 24 Hours Finalist: Lewis Johnson

Lewis is one of our finalists for the SurfStitch $4k in 24 Hours Competition! Below is his answer to “What you would do with $4,000 in 24 hours to make your day extraordinary?”. If his is your favourite answer, vote for it by clicking ‘Like’ below!

“The first action would entail sending a group text message to my 10 best mates, cancelling all plans made.

Next would be a stop-off at paintball, my shout, for a compact session of semi-automatic annihilation, ensuring we all came out battered and bruised!

After a quick cool down and surf (including getting some epic footage!), we’d go down to a local restaurant and put ourselves into a serious food coma after a number of racks of ribs and several kilos of steak were demolished.

I’d send my mum and dad on a date into the best restaurant in Sydney, leaving everyone stoked.

We’d stumble outside and into an awaiting limo that would take us into the city for some unparalleled partying, hitting all of the best nightclubs and leaving our mark on the wildest day of our lives. Some of the footage we get here would be remembered forever.

After closing, we’d opt for a bus home, sharing our legendary stories, and getting some great sunrise footage.

Top that.”

Make sure you read the answers from all four of our finalists, then vote for your favourite by hitting the ‘Like’ button below the post! You’ll have to be signed in to Facebook to do so. Closes Thursday 28th of February so vote quickly and make sure you share your favourite!

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$4k in 24 Hours Finalist: Gregg Pearce

Gregg is another finalist for the SurfStitch $4k in 24 hours competition! This is what Gregg told us he’d do with $4,000 in 24 hours to make his day extraordinary. Vote for his answer if you think this is the ultimate experience by hitting the Facebook ‘Like’ at the bottom of this post!

“With SurfStitch knocking at the door, id buy a new Stand up paddle board for sure.

I’d start with the sunrise standing on the Bondi Beach Sand, filming the first light with my Sony Action Cam in hand.

I’d get a tattoo before the clock strikes eleven, then go jump from a plane like im falling from heaven.

As the sun starts to set id do the harbour bridge climb, recording each moment at a time.

Then off to a bar to party with friends and record their smiles, id make the $4,000 go for miles.

As the sun begins to rise again on the sand, id cheers the extraordinary day provided by the SurfStitch brand.”

Check out the answers from our other finalists, and then vote for your favourite by hitting the ‘Like’ button at the bottom of their post! Closes Thursday 28th so get in quick and share your favourite. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook to vote!

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$4k in 24 Hours Finalist: Sarah Nguyen

Sarah is another one of our $4k in 24 Hours Competition Finalists! Below is Sarah’s answer to the question “What would you do with $4,000 in 24 Hours to make your day extraordinary?“. If Sarah’s answer is your favourite, make sure you vote below by hitting ‘Like’! The finalist with the most votes will win their experience, courtesy of SurfStitch!

“Firstly, I would freak the heck out and probably faint. After recovering from that, I would give my Dad a call and hop on a plane to outback Australia! That would be amaaazing, seeing all the scenery out there. We’d try all the incredible foods that we’ve never tried before, and go on a tour of the outback. I’d love to visit a water hole somewhere out there, since it would be super hot and it would be something great to document on the cam. Lastly, we’d do something insane like bungy jumping or sky diving to finish the day off. THAT would be amazing; discovering a part of Australia often overshadowed by our greater cities, but nonetheless beautiful.”

Don’t forget to have a look at all four finalists’ answers and vote for your favourite by hitting the Facebook ‘Like’ below their post! Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook page to vote. Closes Thursday 28th of February so get your vote in quick and share your favourite!

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