Happy Easter from the SurfStitch team!

The SurfStitch Easter bunny (also known as Managing Director Lex’s daughter, Chloe) + the entire SurfStitch team wish you a safe, enjoyable and happy Easter.

Don’t forget to eat plenty of chocolate – Chloe has delivered all of ours and we’re all set for a great long weekend!

Got a Customer Service question? Our representatives will be available over the Easter break from 9am – 5pm AEST!

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Women’s 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Round 1 Wrap Up

Yesterday saw the women open the first round of stop three of ten on the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). The 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach opened with 3-4 foot cold water waves, an excited crowd and some standout performances. The ladies were able to get through the entire Round 1 at the legendary wave of Rincon, with all competitors proving hungry for the win and the opportunity to ring the world renowned ‘Bell of Bells Beach.’


The Bells Beach playing field – photo by ASP

First to the water were American Courtney Conlogue and Hawaiians Malia Manuel and Alessa Quizon. After all the great efforts in Western Australia over the past few weeks, all the women were keen to once again prove themselves in cold water conditions. It was Alessa Quizon who paddled into the first wave of the event, completing a few small turns and placing first scores on the board. Though Quizon may have opened the event, it was Malia and Conlogue who stood out to onlookers, with both exchanging strong scores and battling for firstplace to advance to Round 3. Courtney Conlogue advanced by combining a 6.83 and an 8.17 through an array of turns, impressing crowds and judges.


Courtney Conlogue performs a big turn off the top in the first heat of competition – photo by ASP

I’m starving for a win right now. I want to ring that Bell. I want to bang it till it’s dented. It’ll remember me.” – Courtney Conlogue

Heat 2 saw former bell ringer and Aussie Sally Fitzgibbons take on Coco Ho and Alana Blanchard, both from Hawaii. Ho gave it her all, combining turns and powerful hacks, though it was Fitzgibbons who’s knowledge prevailed, pushing both Hawaiians to round 2 and advancing to Round 3.

Heat 3 saw WCT Rookie Dimity Stoyle meet current equal World Number 1 Carissa Moore and fellow Aussie Zoe Clarke. All looked comfortable in the conditions, with Carissa full of confidence since winning the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro two weeks ago. It was the rookie who stole the show however, opening her campaign with a combination of great scores and powerful manoeuvres. Stoyle sat on a combined score of 15.76, a score of which the World Number 1 or Zoe Clarke could simply not match. This saw Dimity Stoyle advance to Round 3, and cause the first surprising result for the contest.


Dimity Stoyle in Heat 3, bettering current World Number 1 and Zoe Clarke – photo by ASP

Nikki Van Dijk, Tyler Wright and Pauline Ado would face off in Heat 4 with conditions still holding up and providing some open faces and manoeuvrable sections. Though all Rip Curl team mates, this did not stop all the women going head to head to take out the heat, all eager to move the next round and miss early elimination. As inconsistency began to occur, Van Dijk used her local knowledge to her advantage, picking off the best possible waves and mixing it up through a display of powerful turns and long cutbacks. She was able to finish on 14.84 and take out the heat, pushing fellow Aussie Tyler Wright and France’s Pauline Ado into the second round.

Five time World Champion and current equal World Number 1 Stephanie Gilmore faced off French shredder Johanne Defay and fellow Aussie Laura Enever in Heat 5 of Round 1. Gilmore would face off with the two rookies as conditions continued to slow down to everyone’s frustration and disappointment. Defay opened the campaign by tearing apart what was possible in the slow afternoon conditions, causing concern to Enever and Gilmore. Eventually Stephanie found form, completing several good scores and obtaining a mix of good scores. In the end, Enever and Defay could not match the current World Number 1, as Gilmore advanced to Round 3. The two rookies were pushed to the elimination heats of Round 2.


Stephanie Gilmore at Bells – Photo by Surfline

The final heat of the day saw South African Bianca Buitendag meet American Lakey Peterson and New Zealand’s Paige Hareb. Buitendag has had some stand out performances so far this year, and this heat only added to the list. Though Peterson and Hareb managed to scrape together some small combination scores, it was Buitendag’s back hand grovel skills that got the scores needed to advance through to Round 3.

Today sees a lay day in competition as the inconsistent conditions continued through the remainder of yesterday afternoon and last night. The competition is not scheduled to have too much down time, however the swell is predicted to rise again for Saturday and the Easter Weekend. Keep up to date with the 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach here on the SurfStitch blog, or get all your live video action at http://www.aspworldtour.com

Happy Easter from everyone here at SurfStitch!

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The Rip Curl Pro in Bells Beach has just kicked off as the third and final event in the Australian leg of the WCT tour! This got us thinking about the latest from Rip Curl and I think it’s safe to say that the most exciting this coming from these guys in the near future is their new Active range!

Modelled by their gorgeous team riders making us jealous with their toned rigs and bronzed skin, in a location that’s making us even more jealous, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in a couple of months from Rip Curl to SurfStitch!





Want to watch the surfing? Head here.

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Cameo on the Runway

Beautiful feminine forms, bold classic prints and new age lines – Cameo hit the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and they definitely left an impression! With influential fashion bloggers and models in a social media frenzy over the label’s performance, there is no stopping these guys and their killer designs.

Check out a few standout looks from their runway show and shop some recent Cameo styles on SurfStitch. Keep an eye out for new styles to come!

Cameo - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014


Cameo Run To Me Romper – Black | Cameo Slow Shadow Dress – Ivory Black | Cameo New Light Skirt – Ivory


Cameo With Fire Dress- Pink Posey | Cameo Ways To Go Dress – Black | Cameo All My Days Dress – Black


Cameo Stepping Stone Dress – Tropic Print | Cameo One Life Dress – Emerald | Cameo Lift Off Bomber Jacket – Pink Posey

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Michel Bourez Wins Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2014

Tahitian Michel Bourez has claimed the win at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, stop number 2 on the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). Bourez blitzed his way through all heats, tearing apart the right hand open faces at Margaret River’s Main Break and eliminating some of the sport’s biggest names. This is the Tahitians first WCT event win, and his emotions continue to run high coming into the next stop at Bells Beach, scheduled to start tomorrow.


Michel Bourez beats Josh Kerr and claims victory at Margaret River – Photo by ASP

The Final Day of competition saw overcast skies and the remaining competitors face off in 3-5 foot conditions at Margaret’s Main Break. The day was scheduled to hold the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals, with a winner crowned by the end of the day. Spectators observed from the beach and online viewers tuned in from all over the world to watch once again, a great day of surfing with many standout performances all across the board.

Quarter Final 1 was first in the water, seeing Aussie Bede Durbidge face off against the in form Jordy Smith. Though Smith has been pleasing audiences with his explosive surfing over the past week, it was Durbidge who managed to overpower the South African and take the win with a 15.30, to Smith’s 14.00. This saw Bede advance and Smith get knocked out. “Jordy and I surf very similar. We both try to use our power and our big frames” said Bede. “I know I can still do it, and it’s good to be winning heats. I just want to keep going now.” Although not overwhelmed by the result, Jordy seemed content after having such a bad result on the Gold Coast a few weeks earlier.

Quarter Final 2 followed and saw danger man Gabriel Medina versus air fanatic Josh Kerr. Kerr has a lot of experience in the South-West corner of Western Australia and Medina is leading the rankings, which when combined create a great heat of surfing. The crowds watched on in anguish as the two went head to head. It was Kerr who would get the result needed to advance, knocking out current world number 1 Gabriel Medina and advancing to the next round.

11 time World Champion Kelly Slater met Joel Parkinson in Quarter Final 3. Both have had a great deal of experience surfing in these cold waters and it was evident in this heat. Slater struck first with a rapid display of manoeuvres on the right hander. Parko answered well with an array of scores, but came 0.10 shy of taking the win, a devastating upset. “I like surfing against Joel,” Kelly said. “It’s fun. I don’t go out there having to wonder what he’s going to do. I always feel like Joel’s going to put in a good heat, and that forces me to just have to surf better.” Quarter 4 saw event winner Michel Bourez face off with American Nat Young. Young struggled with the choice of equipment changing boards twice, leaving the door open for Hurley team mate Bourez to take the win and advance to the Semi Finals.

Semi Final 1 was an all Aussie affair, with Bede Durbidge coming up against Josh Kerr. Both competitors were hungry and traded first and second positions throughout the entire heat. Kerr detonated first with a show of scores, a 5.50 and an 8.83. Bede however, was not intimidated, locking in a 7.07 and a 7.80. These scores were eventually deemed as not good enough, as Josh Kerr managed to scrape into one last final wave and secure his name in the Final of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro for the second year in a row.


Josh Kerr flying high in Semi Final 1 – Photo by ASP

Semi Final 2 was a match up of the great Kelly Slater and Tahitian power surfer Michel Bourez. Whoever would win this heat would face Josh Kerr in the Final and have a shot at winning the entire event. Bourez almost struggled to find his rhythm as Slater locked in some valuable scores through a display of controlled, powerful turns. It was the dying minutes yet again which then saw retaliation, with Michel smashing the open faces and scoring a 9.37, the highest score of the day. This wave was a key component, and pushed Bourez into the Final of the competition, meeting Josh Kerr and eliminating Slater completely. “I didn’t underestimate Michel before the heat because I know this is a wave that really suits his style.” said Slater. “You’d think he’d be a good tube rider, but his best results have come in turns.”

So there it was, Australian aerial master Josh Kerr battling against Tahitian power surfer Michel Bourez, in an all-in Final with both hoping to be crowned winner and take home their first WCT career win. Though many had great anticipation for the final to be held at the infamous right hand slab ‘The Box’, Margaret’s Main Break would be the wave to present victory, providing much better conditions. Bourez was given the option of postponing the heat for 30 minutes time for a well-deserved rest period, a decision he declined due to worries about the strengthening onshore winds. Kerr is known for his skills in onshore, messy conditions and this was a door Michel Bourez did not want to open. As said, both competitors have never won a WCT event, and this heat would determine and give name to ‘the best guy to have never’ title.

The pair took to the water, with Margaret Rivers Main Break continuing to produce a great 3-5 foot of swell, a perfect playground for competition. After a long, uneventful few minutes, Michel Bourez opened the scoreboard with two consecutive waves scoring a 6.33 and a 7.57, pleasing judges and all spectators. Kerr fired back, attacking the right handers with full force and completing several big turns, also wowing onlookers as the battle continued. Kerr’s scores were evidently not enough, as Bourez continued to build his campaign with an 8.33 through his attacking forehand surfing. The siren sounded and the results were written, Tahitian Michel Bourez had just won the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro and his first ASP WCT career win. “It’s such a good feeling to win, it’s a dream come true. Making the Final here and surfing against such an amazing person was wonderful,” said Michel Bourez.It’s a long year and there are still nine contests to go so I need to focus on the next one and relax. I can’t wait for Bells now, I have always liked that wave.”


Michel Bourez during the Final of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro – Photo by ASP

Kerr was undoubtedly upset and disappointed with this result, coming so close to a win at Margaret River two years in a row, particularly with this year being on WCT status. “It was a rough heat but I wanted to put a show on for everyone. It hurt last year getting runner up and it hurts even more this year”, said Kerr. “I made a few errors at the start of the heat by falling on the inside and I definitely didn’t choose the right waves” he continued. “I’m happy we have a WCT event here and it was great to surf at The Box. I’m going to take the year event by event and I’m excited to move on to the next one.”. Though coming runner up at the event two years in a row, Josh Kerr still did not go home completely empty handed, winning the Go Pro Challenge (a sub event) and a sweet $10,000 in cash.


Josh Kerr congratulating Michel Bourez on the win – photo by ASP

Stop number 3 on the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour is scheduled to start tomorrow at Bells Beach, Victoria. The forecast is looking promising as the World’s best 34 men and 17 women surfers travel back across country to compete in the last competition in Australian waters for 2014. At this stage, the World Title is still up for grabs for any of the competitors, which in turn will drive all harder, pushing their own limits of performance. The top contenders at this stage include World Number 1 Gabriel Medina, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr and Kelly Slater, with Michel Bourez also becoming an immediate threat thanks to this great result in Margaret River.

Surfstitch congratulate Michel Bourez on the victory at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, and all the other surfers on their amazing efforts. Stay tuned for all the latest news and results from the ASP World Tour and for all the action from day 1 of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach here on the SurfStitch blog or on the ASP official website http://www.aspworldtour.com/

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CONVERSE: Platform Plus

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any quirkier, then came the Converse Platform Plus. It’s the ultimate sports luxe boot, their original Chuck Taylor shoe only with a secret built in heel. Added height, unique shape and a cool addition to your Converse collection, the Platform Plus won’t last long.

Pair with jeans and a tee or even with a t-shirt dress for a fresh look to your cooler weather wardrobe! PS: if you thought they couldn’t get any cooler, each colour has an epic sole and insole in crazy, bright paint-spattered colours. Enjoy!


Check out the three colours in the Platform Plus available on SurfStitch.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus Shoe – Black Diva Pink


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus Shoe – White Mesange


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus Shoe – Nightshade

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The drop crotch trend is either one you’ll love or hate. Drop crotch pants for the ladies has been around since last Winter however this season we are seeing a big floral and print injection as well as some super slouchy track pants.

With the addition of lots of new gorgeous prints you can rock this look without looking too masculine. Add some ankle boots and a hat and you’re a perfect boho babe.

Or channel the sports luxe trend with some of our new drop crotch jeans in denim and PU, these look great with some heels and an oversize top.

I am heading overseas in June and I have already planned the perfect travelling outfit for the plane. These comfy drop crotch trackies look great but are so comfortable.


L`America So In Love Boyfriend Jean | Long Lost Slim Boy Jean | Levis 501 Jeans


MINKPINK Moon & Back PU Jogger Pants | Res Denim Lazybones Boyfriend Jean | Bebe Sydney Culture Running Pants


The People Vs Trax Pants | Billabong Summit Tracksuit Pant | Tigerlily Patchwork Printed Pants

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Cardigan Weather!

There is absolutely no shame in admitting it: it is officially cardigan weather! Cooler than the knitted jumper and more suited to the indoors than the parka jacket, the cardigan is the perfect piece to throw over your outfit on a cooler day (whether or not it was your Nan’s favourite!).

Our two favourite trends right now that we’re seeing a lot of on SurfStitch are cardigans in neutral tones of wool, and ones with a tribal print.

Pair yours with your trackies and singlet at home, or with your tee, jeans and boots when you’re out – the cardi is the perfect addition to your Autumn and Winter wardrobe!

Check out some of our inspiration and shop our favourites.

Neutral wools





Billabong Daily Edition Knit | Elwood Ollie Cardi – Oatmeal Marle | Spare Open Cardi – String


Ladakh Rocky Road Cardi – Taupe Black | Jorge Outcast Cardi – Stone | Living Doll Cozy Cardi – Salt and Pepper

Tribal prints




Billabong Anabelle Knit – Black | Tigerlily Ariege Crecian Rug Cardi – Antique | O’Neill Queen of Thieves Cardigan – Rust


Tigerlily Victoire Cardi – Indigo | Billabong Nomad Reversible Cardi – Black | O’Neill Queen of Thieves Cardigan – Black

Imagery from fabfashionideas, womenfashiongalaxy, cleverlyyours and others unknown.

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Hawaiian Carissa Moore has defended her event title, facing off with Tyler Wright in the final day of Women’s competition at the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. Moore and Wright would battle it out in powerful 4-6 foot conditions at the Margaret River Main Break, keeping spectators, including thousands of online viewers, on the edge of their seats.


Carissa Moore wins the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro for 2014 – Photo by ASP

ASP Head Judge Rich Porta detailed, “We’re looking for power, we’re looking for unique lines and of course innovation where opportunity presents itself.”. This was the morning announcement as conditions were checked for competition, and the women certainly did not disappoint. The day saw many amazing heats go down, with some exciting and surprising results. Semi Final 1 saw 5 times ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore face off with Carissa Moore. This only ended in disappointment for Gilmore as the Hawaiian threw out a display of forehand manoeuvres, securing both a 7.50 and an 8.33. Though it was close, Stephanie was unable to regather first place as the heat finished with Moore scoring 15.83 to Gilmore’s 12.67, knocking the World Champ from the competition.


Carissa Moore in Semi Final 1 – Photo by ASP

Semi Final 2 was a battle between the Aussies with Tyler Wright facing off with Sally Fitzgibbons. The vibe from the beach was very enthusiastic, as Sally got out to an early lead, tearing apart the open right handers of Margaret’s Main Break. Her performance however was not strong enough for Tyler Wright, who destroyed sections with an amazing display of powerful surfing. The heat concluded with Tyler scoring 15.83, to Fitzgibbons 12.67, eliminating Sally from competition. This now saw Wright, like Carissa Moore, advance to their first Final of the year and also an exact rematch from the 2013 event where the two had previously met.

As the wind picked up, Wright opened the Final on the grinding right hander with a mid-range score, acquiring first points on the board. Carissa fought back conversely with an explosive display of forehand turns, impressing judges and resulting in a 7.50. Both Wright and Moore were trading first and second positions for some time throughout the heat, before Wright secured an 8.00 to regain the lead. It was the final few minutes, however which would decide the winner of competition. An exchange of waves saw Carissa gain a 6.87 to Wrights 6.10, then an immediate back up with highest score of the heat, an 8.23. This ensured victory for the Hawaiian and saw her take home her second consecutive Margaret River Pro Title. “It’s a very challenging wave here at Margaret River and I’m constantly learning so I’m thankful to be able to win here again. I love this place and I love Western Australia”, said Carissa. “It feels good to be up there at the top of the rankings with Stephanie and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the events unfold.”.


1st Place Carissa Moore (left), with runner up Tyler Wright – Photo ASP

Many may have thought this same result 2 years in a row would cause an upset between the two finalists, though this is not the case. “Carissa just nailed it, she’s so strong and she’s the coolest human.”, said Tyler. This year sees 10 events on the women’s World Tour, the most ever held. Bells Beach is the third and next stop of the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP Women’s World Championship Tour, with all the competitors hungry for a win as they have another chance to prove themselves to each other and to the world. We here at SurfStitch congratulate Carissa Moore on her win, and all the other female competitors on their efforts. Stay tuned for the latest action from the men’s competition, as we wait to see who will be crowned champion in the next coming days.

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NEW BRAND: The Horse

The newest addition to the SurfStitch brand family is high quality leather goods label, The Horse. With clean, sophisticated design and a passion for all things leather, our new range of unisex watches to hit the site from The Horse are the perfect addition to your collection.

For the ladies: pair with dainty jewellery and everything from denim jeans and cotton shirts to girly dresses and feminine prints.

For the gents: pair with your short sleeved shirt and walkshorts or with a more refined outfit such as chinos, long sleeves and leather boots.




Shop the range on SurfStitch


The Horse Unisex Leather Watch – Brushed Rose Gold WalnutThe Horse Unisex Leather Watch – Matte Black TanThe Horse Unisex Leather Watch – Black Vegetable Tan


The Horse Unisex Leather Watch – Gold White BlackThe Horse Unisex Leather Watch – BlackThe Horse Unisex Leather Watch – White Tan

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