It’s Wednesday! That’s right, that time again to draw a winner for the ‘Winter Wednesdays’ competition! For your chance to win, visit our Facebook page and follow the prompts! Get in before it’s too late and take advantage of the fresh Australian powder before Summer comes back around!

Congratulations to this week’s winner of the ‘Winter Wednesday’ competition:

Ben DjekovicThredbo1

Stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog every Wednesday, as we announce the winner for that week!

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The unbelievable Nyjah Huston has won Stop 2 of the Nike SB Street League of Skateboarding, held at the Gallen Centre in Los Angeles over the weekend. Despite having a bad wipe out early in the day on Saturday during the practice runs and claiming he would not skate the remainder of the event, Nyjah came back to prove to himself and others, what he was capable of. The 20 year old lived up to his standard of pulling off unbelievable technical tricks, wowing audiences and judges alike.Nyjahwinnike

After a fall injured his wrist and leg during Saturday’s practice run, Nyjah said getting out of bed the following day almost did not happen. When asked how he felt on winning, he said “I seriously have no idea, today was definitely a stressful one.”

Friends and other professional skateboarders Chad Ortiz and Torey Pudwell placed in at second and third at the second Street League event, though could not match the technical antics Huston continued to throw through his competitive campaign. The win sees Nyjah pocket $100,000 in prize money and after also claiming victory at Stop 1 of the Street League only 2 weeks ago, he is now in the running to take the entire competition series as the Super Crown Championship of the Nike SB Street League of Skateboarding is held next month.

It was not as simple as people may think for Huston to take the win, despite his successful run of 2014. All competitors showed impressive displays of different tricks, with the leading position changing repetitively between the final three competitors. While Ortiz and Pudwell secured some great combination scores, it was Nyjah taking things to the next level, going for a huge backside kickflip over the manual pads and into the flats. Breaking his front truck completely off his board after a few attempts, it was thanks to the kindness of Aussie team mate Shane O’Neill and a borrowed board that would help secure the landing of this trick. The completed trick saw Nyjah gain first place and secure one of only two 9 point scores in the entire event.nyjahwinnike1nyjah2

Another stand out performance was that from Australian style master, Shane ‘Nugget’ O’Neill. Although not making the top three, O’Neill took out second place in Diamond Life After Party ‘Best Trick’ session, pocketing a sweet $1,500 with a nollieflip crooked grind, nollieflip out on the 20 foot ledge. Though not winning the second stop in Los Angeles, O’Neill is also eligible to take out the Super Crown Championship next month, along with Nyjah and six other competitors.

What’s on everyone’s mind is ‘Will Nyjah continue to lead the score and take out the Street League Super Crown Competition next month in New Jersey?’ Only time will tell. Below are the top 8 contenders to take the win of the Super Crown Championships next month. If you’ve seen these guys before, its clearly anyone’s game.Supercrown*All imagery by Nike and Cory Williams

Be sure to stay tuned on the SurfStitch Blog for all the latest news and information from the Street League of Skateboarding, presented by Nike SB. To browse all the latest styles and colours from Nike SB, check out the extensive range here on SurfStitch!

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It’s not here yet, and early morning temperatures wouldn’t suggest that it’s on the way, but we here on the Gold Coast (who are lucky weather-wise to say the least) can see the tell-tale signs. Having passed the shortest day, the length of the sun being up in the sky is increasing, we’re piling on less snow gear for our morning walks (ha ha) and we’re seeing plenty of brand new Summery arrivals dropping on SurfStitch.

Get your Summer dresses, accessories and swimsuits ready, because it’s nearly here… Summer is coming! Enjoy some Summer inspo to get you in the mood, and shop some of our favourite ‘it’s nearly here‘ pieces!




Zulu and Zephyr The Zulu Tri Cup Bikini | Neontide Mercury Sun Underwire Bra Bikini – Sunset Red | Rusty Bubble Bikini – Strawberry




Stone Fox Swim Bambi Separate Top – Tahiti | Stone Fox Swim Hudson Separate Pant – Tahiti | Stone Fox Swim Mia Separate Top – Birds | Stone Fox Swim Tucker Separate Pant – Birds




Stussy OG Swirls Tee | Lioness Hurricane Love Womens Lace Top – White | Rip Curl Pineapple Xpress Tank – White




Rhythm Picnic Party Dress – Sky | Finders Keepers Simple Life Dress – Leopard Bright White | Finders Keepers Simple Life Tee Dress – Hibiscus Black



Imagery from JLD Newsletter, Popsugar, Camille Styles, Shop Style and others unknown.

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner

As mentioned previously, Lauren and I and two friends from Sydney (meet Ellie and Fliss) ventured into the red light district of Amsterdam, and it was….an experience. We didn’t quite know where exactly it was but knew we were heading in the general direction, we turned down a side alley and then BAM, naked ladies in windows. Well not completely naked, but I did see a lot of side boob. It was quite surreal walking up and down the canals, just casually checking out the girls in windows standing under red lights, some looking seductively at the men (and women) passing by, others looking ridiculously bored…. I don’t know what was worse! Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and all the girls have to pay taxes and have access to health care etc, but it was still very strange seeing how casual it was (especially when we saw men walking in and out of the girls roons – gross). Unfortunately photos are strictly banned so I can’t share this with you!

As expected, the ten hour bus ride to Berlin was uneventful, although we did pass a car on fire (no one was in it!). Lauren and I arrived in Berlin at about 6.30pm, checked into our hostel and then went for a wander around the main stretch near us – we’re staying right near Alexanderplatz and the Fernsehturm building (aka TV tower) so had dinner there and headed towards Brandenburg Gate. We passed the beautiful Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island (lots of museums in one area) and then made it to the Gate – which is huge, and beautiful! Modelled after Athens Acropolis, what once represented the division of Berlin and Germany, now represents the reunification of both. It’s a stunning entrance/exit to the Tiergarten, which are equally beautiful. We then walked through the Holocaust Memorial to those Euroepan Jewish people who were murdered in WW2. This memorial consists of 2711 concrete columns varying in size from knee height to towering above your head, all in rows on an undulating surface. In an ironic twist to the memorial, it turns out that the anti-graffiti paint that the columns are painted in comes from a company that is a subsidiary of the company that provided the killing gas to the concentration death camps throughout WW2….interesting fact!

On a happier note, our first full day was beautiful and sunny and yet again we walked so much I was convinced my knees and ankles were about to explode! We started off by heading to Mauer Park where there were the weekly Sunday flea markets – there’s anything and everything here so if you’re in Berlin on a Sunday, you should definitely check these markets out! As we’re on a budget and it’s still early days of our trip, we decided to do Berlin on our own and not join any tours. Luckily, a guy we met in Amsterdam told us about Trip Advisor City Guides app – free to download and has maps for cities all over the world! You download the app and then download the cities you want and it has things like top attractions, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and the best – suggested itineraries! So we had a look and followed one of the itineraries for Berlin – the walking tour of the Berlin Wall! I 100% recommend any traveller downloading this app – I think it’s by far one of the more useful ones! This itinerary took us to the Berlin Wall Memorial, a border crossing on the river and a memorial to those who were killed whilst trying to escape via the river Spree, walked us along the memorial line of where the wall once stood, back to the Brandenburg Gate, to the Soviet War Memorial (did you know 25 million soviets died throughout WW2??!!), to an original watchtower of the wall and finally to Checkpoint Charlie. We also added in the old HQ of the SS and Gestapo, both found at a place called the Topography of Terror. Here you’ll find a long stretch of the wall still standing and a huge amount of information about WW2, the Cold War, Nazi Germany, the Berlin Wall and more. It was an absolutely huge day, full of information, most of which is quite sad, but it was a fantastic way to enter into a city.

Berlin Wall

Next up was a visit to the Reichstag. Warning! Anyone wishing to visit the Reichstag must express their interest via online application! Luckily Ellie and Fliss, who we’ve kept crossing paths with, mentioned this to us so we just hopped online and within 24 hours and two emails later we had been approved to visit. Apparently our friends approval took a bit longer so if you know you want to visit maybe just get organised and apply earlier. If you don’t apply online, you can still do it in person at the visitors office, however, you will have to wait in long lines, and you can’t book in for the same day – most likely one or two days later. The Reichstag building (now used by the Bundestag) was well worth a visit – it’s free of charge (as are many things in Berlin – thank you Germany!)  and you also get an audio guide for your walk up and around the dome, which explains all the things you can see in the 360 degree view from the glass dome. We also visited the Deutsches Historisches Museum (€8, or €4 if you’re a student), which is a museum dedicated to (predictably) the history of Germany! The first floor is dedicated from 1918-now, and focused primarily on the struggles Germany faced post WW1, Hitler and his rise to power, WW2, the division of Germany into East and West, the Cold War and the subsequent reunification. Again, very interesting but very sad. The other exhibitions focus on Germany dating all the way back to the Middle Ages and beyond. We were in the lower levels for a very long time, so by the time we got ton the upper levels we were a bit museumed-out but if you’re interested in that history then definitely worth a visit.

For our evening event we headed out further into the Mitte district and had drinks at a place called Die Weinerie Forum (address is Veteranestraße 14) with Sydney friend Fliss. Not only is the wine cheap and yummy, but after 8pm, you pay 2€ to ‘enter’ the wine tasting, and after that you can try all the wines, drink as much as you want, and then pay what you think it’s worth at the end of your night! Bargain! We had some delicious wines for very little money! A good recommendation from Lauren’s cousin.

Plans for the next few days include a visit to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen, and some biking around the city!

Until then! :)

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Featured Song

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Phantogram are a duo out of Saratoga Springs, New York who formed in 2007 and never looked back. Their hit 2009 single ‘When I’m Small’ is this week’s ‘Featured Song’ here at SurfStitch. If you saw them at last weekend’s Splendour In The Grass festival, you know how dynamic and engaging the duo’s music can be, and ‘When I’m Small’ is a true appreciation of the amazing sounds they make.Phantogram2

The band are known to play a mix of genres. Whether it be trippy urban styled beats, or more electronic influenced, or even style completely unique to themselves, Phantogram are definitely a band to keep an eye on. The duo was originally named ‘Charlie Everywhere’ and it is profoundly evident they know how to attract audiences through their music. ‘When I’m Small’ is Track 2 on the bands 2009 album ‘Eyelid Movies’ and popularity for the song only continues to grow through to the current days of 2014. The attractive guitar riffs will have you hooked from the beginning, not to mention the amazing melodic singing tones of Sarah Barthel. The duo come together so well each time they perform, whether in the studio or not, and ‘When I’m Small’ signifies this creative musical relationship perfectly.

Originally starting off as school friends, members Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have now grown the band to where they want it to be, touring internationally and playing some of the biggest shows of their careers. The song even featured in both a Gillette commercial in the United States, and also in the opening episode of MTV’s hit show ‘Skins’.

We hope you all enjoy this week’s Featured Song, ‘When I’m Small’ by New York duo ‘Phantogram.’ If you missed them over the weekend at Splendour in the Grass, the track is available for download through iTunes. If you want to learn more on Phantogram, visit their official website, or check out their Facebook page. Keep up to date with all new music information, featured tracks, artists and so much more here on the SurfStitch Blog!

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Splendour in the Grass 2014

Well ladies and gentlemen, time to face that devastating time of year yet again, as Splendour in the Grass has now concluded for 2014, and thus will not be returning for around 365 painful long days. This past weekend saw thousands upon thousands of festival goers hit the North Byron Parklands in Northern New South Wales for an unbelievable time of watching live acts, making new friends, doing it rough camping and everything else in between. Nicknamed Australia’s Coachella, Splendour in the Grass provides people with a two day, three night excuse for good times and of course great music.Splendour4Splendour7

The festival defied the laws of nature, flushing any rumours of rain down the pipes as the sunshine continued over almost the entire event. Splendour in the Grass sees so many performers that there is truly something for everyone’s ears. From the rock set of Interpol, to hip hop artists and even electronic atmospheres, Splendour in the Grass has something for everyone. Though a few minor pull outs from London Grammar and Two Door Cinema Club changed the schedule last minute, things could not have gone smoother as Friday’s acts began with a boom. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino impressed fans at his Sydney performance only days earlier, and Splendour crowds were eager to watch the young actor, director and now musician tear apart his hip hop set. Gambino delivered an amazing performance, now being headlined as the leader of new age rap. If you are curious of where you have seen that face before, Glover stars in the hit comedy sitcom, Community.

It was the much anticipated performance of Outkast, however, who headlined the first night on Friday, which continues to see people talking. The awesome combination of Andre 3000 and Big Boi took to the stage and raised crowds to a new level, playing a mix of both new and older hits. From ‘Ms Jackson’ to ‘Roses’ they kept the huge audience partying for close to two hours, not missing a beat and putting to rest any rumours of an average performance earlier this year at the Coachella festival in the United States. After Friday’s performance, it’s safe to say Outkast have boosted their fans even further, with nothing but great reviews from everyone involved, some even claiming Outkast to be the stand-out performance of the 2014 festival. Splendour in the Grass saw the recently reunited group play the only show in Australia, with people calling it a ‘once in a lifetime’ performance.Splendour5Splendour6

After a night of camping and partying to Outkast, festival goers awoke on Saturday for Day 2 of Splendour in the Grass. Saturday’s line up saw many popular names hitting stages all over the festival grounds. Australian up and comers Sticky Fingers showed their new musical talents, as well as the sounds of Little May. Bigger names that graced Saturday’s stages included Violent Soho, 360, the Jezabels, Foals and City and Colour, all putting on incredible sets and engaging with the the large crowds. Foals were said to almost steal the show from Friday night’s Outkast performance as their set was simply incredible.

As well as being there to see all your favourite artists play sets, Splendour in the Grass has so much more than music. Arts and crafts are abundantly present, as well as chill out zones, mini shopping stalls, foods of all types, and huge inflatable items, one being Lionel Richies famous head, just for something different. An Armish community was even present at the event, building barn doors and hanging out washing, which keeps us all thinking… what’s next?!splendour3

The toll of Splendour In The Grass started to show on some people by the time Sunday morning rolled around, with exhaustion levels being clearly evident on some patrons faces. To others, a quick shower and the remainder of the clean clothes supply was enough to get excited for the final day of the famous festival. Sunday’s line-up included Hilltop Hoods, First Aid Kit, Foster the people and the amazing Lily Allen, not to mention everyone else in between. Though clearly tired, the crowds did not stop their explosive party behaviour, dancing and loving every second of each set.

Lily Allen closed the festival as everyone joined together to say goodbye to Splendour in the Grass for another year on Sunday night. It’s always a sad time when a festival comes to an end, especially when it’s Splendour. Lily, much like every other artist did not disappoint, closing the 2014 festival with a bang. Her voice and performances are simply amazing, and with the inclusion of a Byron Bay/hippie style dress and outfit, it all came together just perfectly.Splendour9

In all, there are too many artists to mention as all played such great sets, hence why they are invited to the Splendour in the first place. Whether it was the performances from Rufus, Ball Park Music, Art vs. Science or the bigger names like Outkast and Lily Allen, the festival never fails to put on a great atmosphere, keeping all festival goers coming back a year later to do it all again. Until then, its recovery time…


If you were unable to attend Splendour In The Grass this year, you have close to a year to organise yourself. The great mix of camping, time with friends and some of the best music acts in the world makes for an unbeatable weekend and is an event that is highly recommended. For more information and to keep up to date on next year’s event, check the official Splendour In The Grass website, or stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog.

*Imagery by Mark Metcalfe & Unknown

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This past weekend saw huge crowds draw to the famous area of Huntington Beach, California as the Vans US Open of Surfing returned home for 2014. Nicknamed ‘Surf City’, the area has been the stomping ground for surfing in the United States since blowing up with attention in 1914. The famous beach and pier landmarks have hosted this great event since 1994 and a win here proves to be a sign of pure success, with many going on to make long standing surfing careers. Americans and others from all over the globe flock to the Orange County beach every Summer with the event seeing more and more stand out performances each year, helping shape some of today’s best surfers.vanscrowdUSopenwinners

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the US Open of Surfing and also 100 years of surfing in Huntington Beach. This year sees the event host a Women’s World Championship Tour event, Mens QS series event, Pro Juniors and a few extra fun elements, such as the famous expression sessions. Competitors in all areas of competition are specifically invited individually, another honour that comes with competing at the event.

This year, the men’s surfing event will see many world famous World Tour participants including Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson and Kai Otton. Up and comers from all over the world will be also looking to make stand-out appearances to push their surfing careers which always makes for some exciting action. The latest forecasts reveal that around 2-3 foot of swell is expected for the start of competition, with cooperating winds and increasing swell through the days into the start of this week. Let’s hope for spectacular conditions so we can see how the world’s best mix up world class reef and point breaks with the beach break at Huntington!vansbede VansSurfMattBanting

Don’t let the name fool you, the Vans US Open of Surfing is more than a surf contest. As record numbers of spectators continue to participate every year, skateboarding and BMX events are also a part of all the action. Some of the world’s best skateboarders will be going head to head in the prestigious event battling for their share of a $135,000 prize pool. For the first time in years, the skate event in the US Open of Surfing has been switched to an all concrete bowl, taking inspiration from the legendary Skatepark du Prado bowl in Marseilles, France. The main event will feature riders such as reigning Van Doren champion Ben Hatchell, X-Games gold medallist Curren Caples and world known bowl enthusiast Pedro Barros, with women’s events also being held. The BMX event also features 40 of the worlds best riders. Competitors from all over will be competing for $30,000 prize money, and of course, the great honour that goes with winning the Van Doren Invitational. Live concerts previously played a large role in the event, though have been cut back to keep surfing as the main attraction.vans skate1vansskate3

Whether it’s watching the main events, meeting the competitors or looking over to see Steve Van Doren himself flipping sausages for the crowds, it’s obvious that when Vans host an event, they host it right. Perfect combinations of different competitions, good music, good food and all round good times are just some of the factors that separate Vans events from the rest, and the 2014 US Open of Surfing will be, yet again, another prime example of their expertise.

For more information on the Vans US Open of Surfing 2014, visit their official website here or browse our extensive range of Vans products on SurfStitch. Check out the teaser video for this year’s competition, without a doubt this will make you want to get over to Surf City for next year’s event! Keep up to date here on the SurfStitch Blog with all the latest action and results from this year’s Vans US Open of Surfing.

*All imagery by Vans

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This Monday: Enjoy the Little Things

This Monday, enjoy some lovely quotes and shots we’ve come across that help you to appreciate the little things in life that can brighten your day or someone elses! Everyone has their creature comforts, so make sure you fill your day with them.

Whether it’s a hot cup of your favourite tea, sneaking in a morning surf or even just getting a walk in at sunset, everyone has their ‘little things’ and we here at SurfStitch believe it’s important to make time for them!

Enjoy some Monday inspiration and remember this week to…


© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |








Imagery from 100 Layer Cake, Design House of Moira, Tee Spring, Glitter Guide, Free People and others unknown.

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Brand Feature || Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co, is a company founded in Vancouver, Canada. Herschel is home to 30 residents today, the three generations that were born and raised in this town have today shaped a company that focuses on delivering the finest quality of backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories.

Their company is dedicated to the highest of quality which makes their products such a timeless item to own. Checkout their full product range at SurfStitch.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-1 bag 1

Herschel Supply Co Suede Series Heritage 21L Backpack – Woodland Camo |  Herschel Supply Co Heritage 21L Backpack – Malibu Bone Navy |  Herschel Supply Co Jasper Backpack – 18L – Black SeafoamHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-17 HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-71 josh-clark-bagaccessHerschel Supply Co Hank Wallet – Seafoam Black  | Herschel Cypress Ipad Sleeve – Red Navy  | Herschel Heritage Computer Sleeve 13′ – BlackHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-14lookbook-sp14-9 access 2Herschel Survey Backpack – Khaki | Herschel Supply Co Columbia Satchel – 6L- Navy Red | Herschel Supply Co Market Plus 11L Tote Bag – Army Navy Neon Orange Rubberlookbook-sp14-10 lookbook-sp14-15

Image source: Herschel Supply Co

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Mens Trend || Round Hats

Everyone needs at least one hat. There are heaps of hats that are trending around, though the wider ones are the ones that are keeping these perfect winter days sun rays, from reaching our face. Bucket hats and wide brimmed hats are all the rage and its not hard to see why. So many colours and styles are getting released all over the shop, we love it!

Here at SurfStitch, we can give you all the hat loving that’s needed for your cold winter head!

Hat 1Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat – Blue | RVCA Bucket Delux Hat – Black | Thrills Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat – Sand tumblr_mtlnlq8EcG1rvbv2ko1_500 tumblr_n7uv6dPAKi1t613sro1_1280tumblr_n2edz0obTu1ttaq0so1_1280Hat 2Billabong Zahi Hat – Choc | Rhythm Pocket Hat – Burgundy | Fallen Broken StreetThe Desparado Hat – Black 

tumblr_n21i4lxtZC1rozt9qo1_500 tumblr_n624dhWeD41sffuyjo1_1280 tumblr_n8vf9iBbN81s5kpbpo1_500 tumblr_mr8hz5kTEd1qdmqkko1_500

Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown

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