Ready for some feel good beats for the weekend? We have been enjoying the electro and rhythmic sounds of the 2014 released album ‘It’s Album Time’, by Todd Terje all week here at SurfStitch. So much so, that it is this exciting album that takes the title of Album of the Week!

Terje has been praised by many European music critics and claimed as one of the best DJ’s in Europe (huge title, we know), and ‘It’s Album Time’ is the first full length studio album from the Norwegian artist, DJ and producer. The album brings some of his most exciting work to date and the upbeat tempo’s will keep your head bobbing without you even realising. With a bunch of influences and themes present, including disco, jazz, funk, lounge bar, surf instrumentals and plenty of other unique Terje sounds. ‘It’s Album Time’ put Terje on the map once again and has so since being released in April this year. The album jumps from what almost sounds like deep house music to upbeat funky tones, setting a fun and vibrant atmosphere just perfect for the weekend! Although 4 of the 12 tracks have made appearances prior to the album’s release, it’s almost hard to realise, as each track flows so well into one another and the distinction proves hard to acknowledge. TT

Excitement has been building from fans for over 10 years, all waiting for an album release from Terje since the first single dropped. He knows how to build a hype sensation and that is exactly what occurred when finally releasing ‘It’s Album Time’ early on in the year. Terje uses a mix of synthesizes, percussion, trumpets and many other musical talents to create the exciting sounds on ‘It’s Album Time’. The album cover art also proves quite interesting, full of quirky cartoon metaphorical meanings. It was designed by Bendik Kaltenborn, who also designs for New Yorker Magazine.

The album features the hit ‘Inspector Norse’, a track winning several awards including Song of the Year in 2012 by Mixmag. Clash also rated the album 8/10, with reviewer Matt Oliver stating “Its encased plasticity doesn’t mask any novelty. Athletic brightness betters gaudiness while wearing ’80s fashions well, banging out rhythms with fingers that’ve have just come from the cake bowl. It’s album time, and Terje feels epic”

With the upbeat sounds of this album, you’ll be ready to go for the weekend! Whether you are chillaxing at home, having a BBQ on the beach or cruising for a surf or coffee, let the sounds of Todd Terje and his album ‘It’s Album Time’ take the stage and get to set for a weekend full of good vibes, excitement and adventure!

What’s all the fuss you say? Enjoy hit track 12 ‘Inspector Norse’ of ‘It’s Album Time’ by Todd Terje. If you aren’t a fan yet, you soon will be.

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The Sound of Salzburg

Apart from the fact that I have had the Sound of Music soundtrack running through my head constantly for the past three days, I absolutely love Salzburg. The city is situated on the Salzach river, and like most of the smaller cities we have been to, it’s very beautiful. However, Salzburg has the extra charm of being in the mountains, creating an absolutely stunning skyline. And yes, the hills are alive with the sound of music! (Sorry, I had to!!)

We arrived late afternoon to Salzburg so a few of us just wandered the streets for a while before realising that one amongst us (Gemma) hadn’t seen the Sound of Music. Conveniently, our hostel plays the movie every night promptly at 7pm. Can you guess how we spent our first night in Salzburg? That’s right, watching the awesomeness that is the Sound of Music (much to Lauren’s dismay!).

Next day Lauren and I did our own mini walking tour to check out the sights of the city. We walked through the Mirabell gardens – in which Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children frolic around merrily singing Doe a Deer etc. Great scene. The gardens are very beautiful and pop out right across from Mozart’a old residence. We walked through the old town and saw Mozart’a birthplace and  tried a delicacy called Mozart’s Balls. I wasn’t a fan. They’re marzipan balls covered in chocolate. Unfortunately the ones we had were a bit old (hehe). Next up was the steep trek up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which took 600 years to build. The path up showed Lauren and I just how unfit we are, but the view from the top was worth it. You get an incredible panoramic view of the river and surrounding town on one side, and on the other, a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alps. After the hard slog to get up the hill, we rewarded ourselves with a beer and an apple strudel at a cafe on the top of the mountain – pretty nice spot to sit and relax for a while! Had some more authentic Austrian food (aka more schnitzel and beer) at a yummy local restaurant called Die Weisse for dinner, with a group of Busabout buddies. Plus 2€ pints at happy hour in our hostel – always dangerous!image

Next day we went out to the worlds largest ice caves – the Eisriesenwelt. These caves are over 40km long, and are incredible. They are natural limestone caves located in the Hochkogel mountain, which is part of the Austrian alps. Inside are 700 stairs upwards (meaning 700 more downwards) which takes you only along the first kilometre of the caves. As the mountains are limestone there is a fairly constant flow of water in the summer time, which due to the temperatures inside the cave (0 degrees!!!!!!) constantly freezes, thus causing the caves to constantly evolve. Your guide (you can choose between German or English, sorry everyone else!) takes you through the pathways and lights up certain ice formations with strips of magnesium – it burns brightly so you can get a better look at the formations, and it brings out the beautiful blue-green colours in the ice. At one point in the cave, there was a section of ice that was 25m thick! We were especially lucky as our tour guide had a surprise for us: when we entered one particular section of the caves, the Alexander Von Mork Cathedral, which measures 70 metres by 47 metres, our guide whipped out a saxophone (something he prepared earlier) and played us a tune. It was amazing due to the excellent  acoustics. Very cool as we were the first group he had done this for! This room is called the Alexander Von Mork Catherdal, because he is buried there. Whilst Anton Von Posselt-Czorich first discovered the caves in 1879, he was forced to abandon his exploration of the cave due to the huge wall of ice in his way. Alexander Von Mork then rediscovered the cave, and further explored it’s full depth. He died in 1914 in WW2, but had previously asked for his ashes to be kept in the caves – hence the cathedral is where the urn containing his ashes resides. We weren’t meant to take photos, but Lauren managed to get a sneaky one when our guides back was turned to give you an idea of what a part of it looked like – definitely doesn’t do it justice, especially as this was one of the less spectacular parts of the cave.image

For those venturing to the caves, I would suggest gloves and a beanie and about twenty jumpers….ok well maybe just three or four…. It was so cold inside that when we came out, my iPhone didn’t recognise my fingers heat signature, due to the lack of heat in my hands. Cold!! It is definitely worth it, but doing the caves is a full day trip – you have to get out there (about 40km outside Salzburg), then trek up the mountain, wait in a very long line to catch a 3 minute cable car into the fog, the walk some more, and then wait for a tour guide. There isn’t any natural light in the caves so every fifth or so person is equipped with a candle lamp…I’d suggest trying to get one as it slightly warmed my numb hands. Even Lauren was cold and she’s not a sook like me.

A quick fun fact: a hill becomes a mountain when it is over 1000 metres high. I had been curious as to when a hill became a mountain, so now you know!

The rest of Salzburg involves heading up to the Eagles Nest and also checking out the Red Bull hangar before catching the bus to Munich!

Until then! :)

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Feature: Bags and Accessories

Bags define style, each for a different occasion and each helping put the last piece of your outfit together, giving it the finishing touch you were looking for all along. Whether travelling or simply going out for a coffee or surf, we’ve got the right choice for you at SurfStitch with our extensive range of bags and accessories. From handbags to backpacks, duffle bags to travel bags on wheels, you’ll find what you are looking for with all the latest designs at your doorstep. Read more and find your inspiration now!

Every woman needs at least one handbag. Perfect for everyday life, a handbag is a fashion symbol. Match them with another item of your outfit to create a link between colours or make it the lone stand out accessory, a handbag should be there with you catching all life’s moments, while also carrying those important daily essentials!StatusAnxiety1 StatusAnxiety2Bags1

Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Tan | Status Anxiety Passing Moment Bag | Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Black

Backpacks make life a lot easier with their simple over the shoulder designs and styles. From different men’s and women’s styles, to some designed for a specific purpose, a backpack is perfect for a full day of activities or as an extra set of hands for your life adventures!Herschel2Billabongvolcom1Bags2

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Duffle bags are cylinder shaped bags that are perfect for that weekend away without the big travel bags. Duffle bags are generally slightly bigger than backpack and are surprisingly full of room most of the time, allowing all your necessities to be with you, while still providing the convenience of throwing it over your shoulder.duffle1Bags4

Burton Westrick Duffle Bag | Volcom Vacations Weekender | Herschel Duffle Bag

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If you are packing all your items away and getting ready for a big trip, a travel bag is the perfect bag for you. With pockets for all products and needs, wheels and a heap of room, the travel bags at SurfStitch are something you cannot look past to take alongside your adventures!D1Bags6

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Like what you see? Well get ready for more! Whether you are after a little bag to throw over your shoulder, or a bag to throw your life into as you see the world, be sure to browse all bags now at SurfStitch and get your desired one today!

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Billabong Pro Tahiti: Day 1

Today saw a heap of action at the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti, as the event was finally given the tick of approval to begin with a huge swell and plenty of big rides going down on the opening day of competition. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the day we have all been waiting for was today, with one of the most anticipated events on the World Championship Tour living up to all expectations, with Mother Nature cooperating and putting on a perfect display of conditions for competitors.empty

The excitement started from the very get go, with 11 time World Champion Kelly Slater in the water first, up against Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Zietz and Glenn Hall. With pumping 6-8 foot and the sometimes even bigger conditions, not one competitor of the first heat of the event waited, all paddling in to the Teahupo’o line-up and getting a short barrel under their belts. It was Slater who led after this opening exchange, and continued to stay hungry, paddling into his next one and leaving with the contests first 9 point ride. Hall and Zietz did not throw the white towel in early, but were unable to catch the 11 time World Champion and were both knocked to the elimination Round 2.

“Right when we pulled up I saw a couple of bombs,” said Slater. “I was excited to get in the heat and get going. It was nice to get out there and get a little lineup. I’m so excited that I’m shaking. I’ve got to calm down. It’s going to be a good week.”

The excitement was far from over as Heat 2 hit the water. The crowd roared as local French Polynesian Michel Bourez paddled into position, up against Australian Matt ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson and Brazil’s Raoni Monteiro. The Tahitian was eager to prove who was boss, and finally took the lead over Monteiro after following two heavy wipe-outs. Wilkinson posted a score of 6.00 with a nice forehand barrel, though couldn’t catch the local and was pushed to Round 2 with Raoni Monteiro.

“I was really stressed out there because it’s kind of big and I didn’t surf during the free surf,” Bourez said afterward. “I didn’t realize how big it was going to be.”Wilko1

Taj Burrow hit the water next with American Brett Simpson and fellow Aussie Adam Melling. Taj struck first, though was unable to escape the heavy barrel, as Simpson and Melling did almost immediately after. It was Taj to come back laughing though, as he suprised spectators and judges with the deepest take off of the contest, resulting in a huge barrel and clean exit, scoring a 6.83. Melling followed, though wasn’t so lucky and snapped his board. Simpson continued to chase Burrow and came close, though it was the Australian tour veteran who advanced directly to Round 3.

“Today is so beautiful and I wanted it so bad,” Burrow said. “It feels nice to spread out and take your time and figure out where you want to be.”Taj

Heat 4 was up as reigning World Champion Mick Fanning hit the Teahupo’o line-up with Mitch Coleborn and Alejo Muniz. With the swell continuing to rise, Fanning was eager to push the competition to new heights. He begun by scoring a 8.83 with a huge long tube, then followed up with a mid range score of 6.00, giving him an early lead over the other two surfers. Muniz and Coleborn eventually struck, though it was short lived as Fanning fired back with an explosive 9.03, putting the others in a combination situation. Within the last 5 minutes, the reigning World Champion locked in for another 9 point ride, finishing on a near perfect score of 18.16. Fanning advanced directly to Round 3, pushing Coleborn and Muniz to elimination in Round 2.

“This morning I saw some really big thick west ones and I got tumbled,” Fanning said. “It’s straightened up a bit and conditions are just flawless. You can’t ask for anything better. It’s so clean and perfect.”

Heat 5 saw an all Australian heat, as 2012 World Champion Joel Parkinson came up against defending event champion Adrian Buchan and veteran ripper Nathan Hedge. Hedge finished runner up in the trials, proving himself worthy of a Wildcard position for this contest, something he lived up to right away as he drove through the opening barrel of the heat, locking in a score of 9.27 and taking the lead early. Parkinson and Buchan answered soon after, locking in score in the 9′s for themselves and making the atmosphere explode with interest. It was Buchan who showed his pure display of brilliance and proved to the crowd why he won the event in 2013. When asked about his high score of 9.97, Adrian said “It felt wrong taking off, I got a good pump in, for some reason I just hung on. It lifted me backwards and forwards, and I got a big projection off the foam ball. I was just shocked when I came out.”Parko1

Current World Number 1 Gabriel Medina hit the water next with other wildcard nominee and local charger Taumata Puhetini and Mitch Crews. It was quite a quiet heat until the 21 minute mark when all three surfers had a wave score locked in and were looking for another when Mother Nature answered. The wildcard began showing his local knowledge through a display of smooth rides at his home break over the next few minutes before Medina sat in one of the bigger waves of the competition, holding his arms high as the Tahitian monster barrelled over him. Medina and the wildcard battled it out toward the end, though it was the World Number 1 who progressed through to Round 3.

Miguel Pupo, Dion Atkinson and Adriano de Souza were to battle it out next in Heat 7 of Round 1. Pupo did not muck around, catching three waves within the first 10 minutes, taking the lead over the other surfers for the first fifteen minutes. Atkinson wowed spectators and judges in a big barrel following one by Pupo, as his foot slipped off and he regained composure and exited the tube cleanly for a 8.33. This stroke of luck saw Atkinson take the lead and send the Brazilians to Round 2 for elimination.

It’s been a long week waiting for this swell,” Atkinson said. “It’s pretty perfect and those are the best waves I’ve had out there by a mile. It’s good fun on your backhand and I’m stoked I got some scores.”

Everyone knows how good C.J. Hobgood can be at this wave, and it was his turn to prove it in Heat 8 against Nat Young and Tiago Pires. Young however, was the one to assert his lead early, taking two waves with one rewarding him with a high score of 9.67. C.J. struggled to find his place in the line up, having to pull off a few monster bombs that hit the reef, though gave a late comeback attempt with a score of 8.27, which unfortunately was not enough to overtake Young for the win. C.J. will have to try once again with Pires in Round 2 as Young advances to Round 3 directly.

“It’s a really difficult wave,” Young said after the heat. “It’s a lot of timing and positioning. Whether you’re goofy or natural, you have a better chance of winning if your takeoff is smart.”natyoung

Heat 9 saw Californian ripper Kolohe Andino up against Freddy Patacchia and Aritz Aranburu. Aranburu proved his skills learnt from Spain’s infamous left hander, Munduka, and overtook Andino for the lead around the halfway mark. Both Patacchia and Aranburu could not match the antics of Andino and were pushed to Round 2 as the American advanced.

I think everyone’s intimidated, even if they don’t admit it,” said Andino. “We saw Kevin Bourez get messed up the other day and it was half this size. With that said, I still would have been pissed if I lost this heat. It’s important to avoid that Round 2. I’m stoked that I dodged that and survived.”

Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson and Jadson Andre met next in Heat 10 of Round 1. Andre opened the heat, dropping into an insane bomb and standing tall for the spectators to see before Wilson followed suit, also clocking in a good score and take the lead with a 7.17. Kerr finally struck after 18 minutes of sitting and waiting, locking in a 7.93. It was Jadson Andre who in the final minutes took the lead yet again with an amazing deep barrel ride and clean exit, resulting in a 9.17.

“I was watching every heat and I didn’t know if it would be a high scoring heat or a medium one,” Andre said. “I just tried to get waves and saw Kerrsey and Julian getting bombs. I’ve been training here a lot and I was just lucky to get a wave. I am stoked to get that first heat win, but I really need a big result here and prove I can hang with the top guys.”

Heat 11 saw the destruction of Travis Logie and Bede Durbidge, as Owen Wright conquered, despite not exiting a tube. It was Burbidge who led the heat with only a 5.40, until Wright pulled into a bomb and although he did not make the wave, he pulled the necessary scores needed to pass Durbidge for the win.

“I think it was a pretty big set, it’s hard to tell because there was so much water behind it,” said Wright of his wipe-out during the heat. “I just went for it. As soon as I got to my feet, I looked up and it was a straight close-out… I enjoyed the pounding afterwards.”

Kai Otton, the exciting John John Florence and powerhouse Jordy Smith battled it out next in the Teahupo’o line up, all set to finish Round 1 with a bang. Jordy and Kai traded small scores while Florence waited for the big tubes he is so well known for.  With 16 minutes to go, Florence took one of the steepest drops of the event so far, grabbing rail and dragging stabilising for a huge tube and an impressive score of 8.83. Kai struck back, almost mirroring Florence’s attempt and rewarding himself with a score in the 9′s, though remained in second position. Jordy was caught inside and eventually picked up by the brave Tahitian Water Patrol. He was unable to catch the scores of both other surfers and joined Florence for elimination Round 2.

“The two days we had practice was all John talk. I think the whole world was talking about him so I was pretty nervous coming up against him,” admitted Otton.jordy

Round 2 began with the prediction of running up to four heats. The two man heats of elimination Round 2 begun with Joel Parkinson up against wildcard local Tuamata Puhetini. There was no waiting for the wildcard as he locked in two scores early on in the heat after back to back barrels. Parko waited over ten minutes before locking in his first worthy ride as he locked in two scores of 7.40 and a 9.00 to take the lead. Puhetini pushed himself to his limits at his local playground, though came up second best after a second one made it apparent he was unable to continue. We will keep you updated on his condition.

Heat 2 of Round 2 then saw runner up wildcard and all round charger Nathan Hedge up against the one and only Adriano de Souza. The Brazilian scored best after the opening exchange, though Hedge showed nothing but determination to once again prove himself in at the world famous reef break. Hedge mucked around with some smaller waves, though eventually blew everyone away with an absolute killer barrel, riding it deeper than ever and clocking in with the contest’s first 10 point ride. Hedge will now advance through to Round 3 as Adriano de Souza is sent packing earlier than he would have wished.8-19-2014 5-16-13 PM

Tune in tomorrow as we bring you the most up to date action news from Stop # 7 of the ASP World Championship Tour, the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti! For more action from day one, check out the incredible highlights below!

*Imagery by ASP, Pat Stacy, Kirstin Scholtz, Tim McKenna, Unknown

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Glorious Grünau

Last time I touched base Lauren and I had our last few days in Vienna. For those travelling to Vienna, I think two full days would be enough – although it was a beautiful city, you can see pretty much all you want to in two days, and then if you have some extra time, you can check out the amusement park or also head to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which is only an hour away by train. 

As I mentioned, Lauren and I headed to Bratislava for her birthday.  Whilst it is only an hour away, and easy to get to, we had some issues – hopefully those taking this route can learn from our (stupid) mistakes. All issues aside, we had a lovely (and memorable) day – the castle is beautiful and you get a panoramic view of both Slovakia and Austria (I think we were looking the right way!!) and the old town is nice just to wander around too.

Number one: when buying tickets from the electronic ticket sale booths, remember that Bratislava is not in Austria, and thus will not be found under the ‘national cities’ option. This will save you the hassle of a) missing the earlier train and b) running around the train station like headless chooks trying to figure out why the trains don’t run to Slovakia, even though there are signs everywhere listing the next train to Bratislava.

Number two: upon returning to Vienna (which when written in German, is written as Wein) get on the right train. Context: the train we initially wanted to catch returned directly to Vienna, but was cancelled at the last minute. We then went back to the departures board only to find that this train ran once an hour. Naturally we asked a “helpful” ticketing lady, who kindly told us we could get on another train in half an hour at 5.15 that eventually went to Vienna. Feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, we hopped on this train, ignoring the feeling that something was off. The smiling ticket checking man promptly kicked us off 40 minutes into our trip at a rundown train stop in the Slovakian countryside with no one  and nothing around us, as this train did not go to Vienna, and he didn’t know why we were on it. Greeeeeaaaatttt. Laughing at our foolishness (well I was silently cursing the ticketing lady) we patiently waited until another train came by that would take us back to Bratislava, where if we were lucky, we could catch the next train back to Vienna. As a birthday treat for Lauren (and me!) this next train back to Bratislava looked exactly like the interior of the Hogwarts Express, thus making it worth the delays. Long story short, it should have taken us an hour to get back to Vienna, but it took us nearly four. Well done to us!

Next day was more amusing as we visited the worlds oldest amusement park – the Viennese Prater. The votes are in: it was awesome. You don’t pay entry, and you only pay per ride, so it can either work out to be a cheap day, or a very very expensive day. We managed to keep the cost down as we only went on a few rides – but a few friends of ours spent a lot of money (worth it). There are a lot of rides, but most notable were the worlds oldest ferris wheel – which we didn’t go on because it moved so slowly you couldn’t actually see it moving – and the worlds tallest chain carousel – stands at 117m! Last evenings were spent wandering around Shwedenplatz and having drinks at the hostel bar.

We left Vienna bright and early at 8am to make our way to a town at the base of the Austrian Alps called Grünau Im Almtal. If you come to Austria, summer or winter, you must come to Grünau. The place we stayed at is called the Treehouse Backpacker Hotel and it was fantastic. It’s family run by a couple – Heidi and Gerhard – and it’s like you’re a guest in their house. Home cooked meals for every meal, good beer, comfy beds, breakfast included (they have vegemite!!!), free wifi, warm blankets, TV room, games room,a fire pit, bike hire, horse riding, archery and of course, the location is spectacular.  The house is situated on a small river (the Alm river) which is crystal clear. Our Busabout guide told us as we were coming into the town, that the myth is that the water is so pure that if you drink it, your virginity is restored. He then said he stays away from it because it took him so long to lose his in the first place! Hilarious.  But in all honesty you can drink the water straight from the river because it is so pure – it’s delicious!image

Our first afternoon was spent trekking to a nearby waterfall – about 90 minutes each way. A group of 5 of us went, and we found A waterfall, but we’re not quite sure if it’s THE waterfall we were told about… We had to do quite a bit of bush bashing and river crossing to get there. The water is so cold it was painful! Some boys jumped in the river pool out the back at night whilst naked… Hooligans! We had about 15 people staying there so we all piled into the TV room and watched movies together – a nice change of pace after 5 weeks of travel!

The next day Lauren and myself plus Holly, Brigid and Emma (Busabout friends) and Bob and Alex (2 American travellers) hired bikes for the day and made the 24km ride out to Lake Almsee. Apart from the fact that I was impressed that I managed to ride close to 50km on a bike (which was the worst bike in the world), I was absolutely blown away by the scenery. It’s like something of a photoshopped post card!! Again, the water is so clear you can see the bottom no matter what depth, but it also is very blue (confusing). It was so picturesque there were even swans swimming around on the lake. Incredible.image

Apart from being a bit sore the next day, the bike ride is an absolute must if you visit Grünau. We had friends who did the archery and loved it, and then other friends who climbed nearby mountains and loved it too (although they did psyche themselves out about being eaten by either bears or wild cats!). It is a town that you can visit in any weather. In summer there are only about 2000 people living there, but when winter rolls around the population spikes to over 10000. If you’re into your snow sports, then Grünau would be an ideal location. At the Treehouse Hotel they offer special deals for ski passes and accommodation so if you’re interested, definitely check out the website – it seems very very cheap! The only slight downside to the Hotel is the lack of power points in the rooms – there are some, but it can get difficult when everyone wants to charge something. This is where my power board comes in handy, but also if you have one – Brunton Heavy Metal portable charger. All you have to do is charge it up and then plug it in to whatever device you need to charge – has come in handy in rooms without easy access points!

Our last night was spent sitting around a camp fire drinking beer with the grout who had stayed. My only regret is that I wish we spent more time there! I will definitely go back in my lifetime!

We jumped on the bus the next afternoon and headed to Salzburg. We’ve only been here for a few hours, but already we can see that it too is stunning. I can guarantee there will be many Sound of Music references made (at least on my end – Lauren doesn’t like the movie!). We’re booked in to go and see the Eisriesenwelt (world’s largest ice caves) and also the Kelsteinhaus (aka Eagles Nest) – which was built as a ‘teahouse’ for Hitlers 50th birthday, and is high in the Bavarian Alps. Staying here for four nights with lots to do, with Munich as our next stop

Until then! :)

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Featured Song


Glass Animals are a new band on the block, they have been friends since the age of fourteen but have only recently collaborated as a group to create their debut album. The English, indie rock band from Oxford all decided that it would best if their musical careers held off for a while, whilst they completed their university degree and planted their feet on the ground. Yet in 2013, they got in contact with an English Music producer and since then they have released 2 EP’s and 3 singles. Their new album contains so many different sounds and warrants your ears to the time of their life, thus why we have chosen it for SurfStitch’s ‘Featured Song’.GLASSANIMALS006-as-Smart-Object-1-copy1-760x506

The ‘Featured Song’ this week is their track ‘Pools’. The journey of this song is quite adventurous, as the intro progresses their is a tribal influence that sets the scene. Throughout the song it layers jungle percussion and electronic elements, then the front man Dave Bayley introduces his harmonising vocals that just bring the sound and song together. The chilled and up beat vibe that glass animals have integrated into the song gives listeners an ear pleasing sound.

Rumoured to be playing at this years Falls Festival, Glass Animals are a band to look out for, for the future! Enjoy this weeks ‘Featured Song’, for tour dates and their up and coming songs checkout their official website.

If you enjoyed this song, you can buy their album on iTunes or available on CD. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest songs and albums here at the SurfStitch Blog.

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Ryan Sheckler has defended his title at the Dew Tour Skate Streetstyle event for the third year in a row. Downtown Portland, Oregon shut down as fourteen skateboarders took to the tactical downhill course, all competitors giving it their all. The course consisted of rails, ramps and other odd set ups, including shipping containers, to push the riders to their potential and ultimately crown the deserving winner. Shecklerwin1

Each skater got three attempts at completing their best chosen run of the downhill course. With every competitor being one of the best street skateboarders in the world and them all pushing each other to their limits, you can only imagine the absolutely incredible and technical tricks that were going down. The good vibes continued to flow as it got down to the final three competitors including Alec Majerus, Curren Caples and of course, Ryan Sheckler himself.

Alec was first to complete his final run, opening with a huge nollie feeble grind down the first 10 stair handrail. He managed to continue to keep his feet on the board throughout the run, taking pole position as the other two skateboarders sat at the top of the course ready for their turn. Caples, who we all know has been making a name for himself lately in the skateboarding scene, was next and he also unleashed a whole bag of tricks against his fellow competitors and friends. Caples stayed strong though toward the bottom fell, opening the door for the Sheckler parade to come bursting in. Though falling on similar runs earlier, this was the two time defending champion’s time to shine once again. That he did, completing his run without a fault with an awesome display of perfectly executed manoeuvres that would see him once again take home the title. Sheckler flew through the course and displayed nothing but skill as he linked together tricks we all can only imagine about. From huge kickflip indy grabs, to lip slides, a tweaked 360 air and a huge backside tail slide on the final shipping container, Sheckler proved yet again that he is up there with the best in the world.

‘I really like this contest and the whole idea of it’ Sheckler said after winning and signing autographs. ‘When you are a little kid all you want to do is bomb hills, so to have a downhill contest with a bunch of gnarly ramps on it it just spoke to me, I love skating this event!’

Watch Ryan Sheckler’s final run and be blown away!

Congratulations to Ryan Sheckler from the whole SurfStitch team! Let’s see if anyone can stop him from taking the title four years straight in 2015! Like what you saw? Browse our huge range of skate products here.

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Over the weekend the surfing and skateboarding communities farewelled a beloved pioneer as original Dogtown Z-Boy Jay Adams passed away from heart attack, while on a surfing holiday over the border in Mexico. Adams help transform skateboarding to what it is today, from the flats to the pools, bringing his dangerous, raw surf vibe to the sport along with a group of friends from Los Angeles. The Z-Boys help carve the way for skateboarding today, being some of the first to shred empty backyard pools back in the 1970’s. If it weren’t for these guys, there would be no Tony Hawk or the other household names we all know today.ja3Before the Z-Boys, skateboarding was a much different sport. If you’ve seen the documentary or movie on the Lords of Dogtown, you’ll know that before the pools and ramps, skateboarding was much more like ballet or gymnastics. Rather than build speed and skate more like surfing, skateboarders would do different manoeuvres while staying in the one spot. This all officially changed when the Zephyr team arrived at a skateboarding competition in Del Mar, south of the group’s home of Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Though other crews had already been tearing apart the pools and street spots for years, it was the Z-Boys who displayed their surfer approach, forever cementing the style to skateboarding and changing the sport forever.JA6Jay was always known as a skateboarder, though surfing was a huge part of his life. He travelling all over the world chasing waves and was known to charge in Hawaii and Mexico, continuously pushing the limits even at the age of 53. Although he had troubles with drugs and law earlier in his life, Adams turned all of that around toward his later years, becoming a Christian and visiting schools to inform kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. ja5JA7

‘You don’t quit Skateboarding because you get old. You get old because you quit Skateboarding‘ - Jay AdamsJA1Jay will forever be remembered all over the world as one of the original Z-Boys of Venice Beach. Our thoughts go out to Jay’s family and friends during this difficult time.  True legends never die and although he is gone, he will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace.

Imagery: Glen E. Friedman, Kent Sherwood, Unknown

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Feature Brand: Rains

Rains is a brand out of Copenhagen, Denmark taking rainwear to a whole new level. Rains first started in 2011 when two students shared their passion of lifestyle and design. The first collection dropped in June 2012 and since then it’s been taking the fashion world by storm with their unique approach to rainwear. From modern day raincoats, to bags and accessories, Rains has mastered the style of wet weather essentials. Check out Rains on SurfStitch, or draw some inspiration below!

rains8Rains7Rains2Raincoats2Rains Long Jacket – Sand | Rains Long Jacket – Green | Rains Jacket – Blue

The brand bases itself around providing and interpreting a practical modern day version of the raincoat of the highest quality materials. The European wet weather allowed Rains to combine a stylish and functional approach to their products, aiming to change people’s perspective of rainy days and promote outdoor lifestyles, after all Denmark is known to experience 121 days of wet weather each year.

rains4Rains14Rains6rains23Raincoats1Rains Anorak – Black Syke Blue | Rains Anorak – Black | Rains Long Jacket – Black

Australia might not be known for its rain like countries such as Denmark where the brand was created, though that hasn’t stopped the label going huge in the Australian fashion scene. When simply browsing the products, it’s evidently clear how and why this is the case, through great quality materials and leading designs.

rains1Rains13Raincoats3Rains Backpack – Green Sand | Rains Backpack – Black | Rains Travel Duffle Bag – Blue Indigo

Like the look of the Rains collection? See more here at SurfStitch!

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Our favourite sneakers

From us to you, here are some of our favourite sneakers from the past and the present that will shape the future for all of the footwear lovers. These timeless pieces of footwear add a value like no other to your wardrobe. Nothing more satisfying then finding and then having a favourite pair of shoes that no one else has, so here are some sneakers that are our favourites here at SurfStitch!

Old skool vans are an all time classic and are a timeless pair of shoes that will never go out of fashion.

VN-0D3HY28BLK-VANS-1Vans Old Skool Shoe – Black tumblr_nab24pZgUU1tifj2ho1_500

Next are the Macbeth’s that are versatile with any pair of pants or shorts and again don’t look like they are going anywhere in a hurry.


Macbeth Eliot Shoe – Black Cement

Nike have always delivered the goods and once again this shoe doesn’t disappoint, but do Nike ever disappoint. 631044-002-NIKE-1

Nike Lunar Oneshot Shoe – Black Ivory 

Moving into a more formal pair of shoes from Rusty, which are perfect for a night out or just to impress. FCM0123NVB-RUSTY-1

Rusty Olsen Desert Boot – Navy Blue 

Dr. Martens, you either love them or you hate them but with a pair of these you can cater for any situation with their hardy and durable make whilst pulling a fashionable look!


Dr. Martens Mens Ali 6 Eye Boot – Brown Rugged Servo Luxtumblr_nab68h2Fcc1sggz3ho1_500

Here are just some of our favourite pieces of footwear, but everyone is different so checkout SurfStitch’s footwear and create some of your own timeless pieces in wardrobe!

Image Sources: Tumblr 


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