In Bruges

Our last day in London was spectacular weather and involved a lot more walking – Lauren (travel buddy for the duration) and I had a £10 lunch in a park on South Bank under London eye before heading off to meet some friends of mine from my Vietnam Contiki. We met them in Hyde Park before strolling around the more fancy parts of town – Mayfair (all I could think of was Monopoly!), Regent street, around the SoHo area and towards Convent Garden. I would definitely suggest Covent Garden to any London visitor. The two friends we were with are from England – not specifically London, but closer than we are to it – so they were able to show us the areas we probably wouldn’t have gone to on our own, including Covent Garden (which isn’t actually a garden). There were lots of cool markets, both food and clothing, with street performers and lots of people just milling about. After having a good look around there we went to meet oh with another friend from Contiki for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Cay Tre – very yummy and reasonable prices! Whilst we knew the address of the place, it did take us a few trips up and down Shaftesbury avenue to find the right side street – not that I minded as Shaftesbury avenue is mentioned in Harry Potter…. :)

But now we have officially started our Busabout section of our tour! We arrived to Paris at about 7pm after a roughly 8 hour bus ride from London (in which the older man sitting across the aisle from us did not stop staring at us – creepy! (But also solid effort for maintaining this for 8 hours)). The bus is a good option if you’re on a tight budget (which we are!). Whilst it’s longer than the train or plane, it is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper! Apparently there is a bit of a heat wave happening in Western Europe at the moment because it was 35 degrees that evening in Paris, and yet again, no air con! Next morning was a 5 hr bus ride to Bruges, in which we watched the move ‘In Bruges’ (it was weird,..). We arrived in the afternoon and immediately fell in love! Lauren described it as quaint, and she was spot on in my opinion! The cobblestone streets, the winding canals and the gothic architecture all combines to make a beautiful town. Not to mention that Belgium is famous for its chocolate, beer, waffles and apparently French fries dipped in mayonnaise – you can be sure we will sample all of these local delicacies. Call it cultural eating. In fact within half an hour of arriving we had already picked up a waffle from the street vendors – apparently these are the best (and cheapest!) places to get them – for only 3€! Bargain! And yes, it was delicious. This particular waffle came from a man in a van opposite the City Hall (Burg).

Belgian Waffles!

Our first full day involved a bike tour around the outer borders of Bruges. The company we went with was called QuasiMundo, and they run multiple bike tours and normal tours around Bruges – I would highly recommend it! Our tour guides were Jana and Joss (pronounced yana and yoss) and they were hilarious. It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery – but it is also the best way to get around. I’m not the most competent bike rider, but the wide streets make it easier to avoid running into things, as I am very likely to do. Although Bruges is beautiful, we booked one too many nights here – I think an ideal amount is two or three nights! However, I would definitely suggest our hostel – it’s called The Bauhaus, and it’s got good rooms and a great atmosphere!

My final quick tip for today that I would suggest for the frequent traveller is to invest in a good set of earphones before you jet off. I would doubly suggest noise cancelling ones , because when you’re on that noisy bus or noisy hostel room, it’s nice to have the option to not hear some things! The ones I’m using at the moment are Marley - they’re super comfortable, cancel out any noise around me and as an added bonus (and my good deed for the day) are Eco-friendly!

Next stop is Amsterdam so – until then! :)

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ITEMS OF THE WEEK: Comfy Cardigans

Cardigans are a much needed winter essential in everyones wardrobe,  so it’s lucky we’ve just loaded up our site with lots of different styles and colours this week!

The best part about cardigans is that styling them up is a super easy task even for those who need guidance with putting most their outfits together. We suggest trying a grey cardigan with a your favourite pair of blue jeans, or for one of our favourite winter looks, try a printed cardigan with some denim shorts!

Check out our range here.

0f15fb35f46b1b6b5f7f63a3f124ffc4 1e7c247550e7e419315f57bf94a46eac 83cc7eb5f7e5a8229ae214fbf9b36c1b 2843ddec34e04b2ef0acf4684fb7be5b 31408ef251be2486746cd4b97b08a9cf    f2475934b85b19fe1b29ee711a0ceaea fed9956c5337ada832c811ac67dd4a227337b144d1370d9017d9175fd38b935a 12669f05d692571caa1306685d37aab4 c648e2e1176e7f4381c600b07bf47691 f39091962a8a71f1e1c54bf7c8185be2 f62892b17908e8b4f4e914df14ad9104a4af0150b83729bcd2eafb86061a22fe

6-2-2014 6-13-08 PM Tigerlily Edith Cardi                                          Wite Log Cabin Cardi

6-2-2014 6-13-40 PM

StyleStalker Cuddle Cardi                                   Billabong Traveller Knit


Images sourced from stockholmstreetstyle, theyallhateus, google, and other.

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Hats for Days

Can one person ever have enough hats? No…no they cannot!

They are a multipurpose and transeasonal fashion accessory, they easily add a nice touch to a simple outfit, great for those days you can’t be bothered brushing your hair, and even better for those days you feel like hiding your face. You can wear them to the beach in summer and you can wear them on a rainy day in winter, and this is why you can never have enough…. well, thats just my excuse anyway!

We have a a pretty extensive variety of hats for men and women on, check them out here. Lady’s, don’t be afraid to shop in the fella’s category and vice versa, as most of the hats are unisex!

0c996cdbd1b7b152a7b9ff4f97f2b044 7aab19b2ecead2d5e414fe2414b5fbe8 22 b7a904cf9cf83b5edb89e353f5f46a22 katyfbs new-little-hippie-hat1 Polo_City_2014_fallen_broken_street_straw ROAR FINAL #112 Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 11.36.50 AM SU14-Life-M-Floyd-01SU14-Life-M-Tiller-018ee63b3446641d15c1898d665aa72b90 Blog-FF-Cassidy-Brixton-05 5-20-2014 6-03-27 PM

FallenBrokenStreet The New Little Hippie Hat | FallenBrokenStreet The Dingo Hat5-20-2014 5-57-46 PM

Brixton Messer Fedora Hat | Brixton Gia Hat5-20-2014 6-03-57 PM

 FallenBrokenStreet The Dingo Hat | Rythm Pocket Hat


Images sourced from Brixton, FallenBrokenStreet and 



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Inspired by your favorite pair of jeans with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll flair are the recently released Converse Destroyed Denim range.

These beaten up and worn in looking Connies are the perfect accompaniment to your Winter wardrobe. Pair with jeans and a tee for a casual look or a dress or a denim skirt for a street sports luxe flavour.

Look 4

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Destroyed Denim Shoe 

Look 1

Billabong Dream Lover Tee | Wrangler Hi Mini Skirt | Flex Fit The Black Leather Cap

Look 3

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Destroyed Denim Hi Shoe 

Look 2

Converse Chuck Patch Hooded Fleece | Wrangler Strangler Jean

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Talulah pieces are instantly recognisable by their feminine and floral feel and classic silhouettes.

Worn by some of my favourite Australian ladies Megan Gale, Rebecca Judd, Jennifer Hawkins and Carrie Bickmore.

Kelli Wharton’s timeless designs evoke sunny days at the races or late afternoon cocktail parties. Whatever the occasion you are sure to stand out wearing a Talulah maxi dress or classic cap sleeved after dark dress.

Check out Talulah’s Autumn showcase at the Melbourne Fashion Festival with all these prints now available on SurfStitch.

DJs vamff1 vamff6 vamff8 vamff11 vamff15 vamff-1024x681

Painterly Abstract Print

Talulah Bring Me To Life DressTalulah All My Heart Dress

Waves Print

Talulah Floral Charm PrintTalulah Dance With Me Dress

Blue Vision Print

Talulah Dream Of You Dress |  Talulah Light My World Skirt |  Talulah Twinkling Lights Dress

Floral Check Print

Tigerlily Correze Leather Biker Jacket | Talulah Tomorrow’s Dream Dress | Sol Sana Sonny Boy Boot | House of Harlow Serene Serpentine Collar Necklace

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One of the original 80s counter culture brands, Stussy has been the standard uniform for the misfits – skaters, punks and hipsters – the Stussy Tribe.

Stussy are one of the best at translating urban streetwear in to wearable pieces. Their street culture influence and sports luxe styling has been perfectly blended in their Winter 2014 offering.

Check out some of our Buyer’s Stussy hero pieces from our Winter campaign shoot.


Stussy Snake No4 SS Hoody


 Stussy Snake No4 Crew Fleece | Stussy Worldwide 1980 Tee


Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat


Stussy Coco Embroidery Oversized Muscle

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Vintage never sounded so good.

Crosley first started out manufacturing radios in the 1920s and now in 2014 Crosley Radio continues to expand its product line creating vintage-inspired electronics incorporating the latest technologies such as iPod docks, Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities.

Transport and listen to the soundtrack of your life with rich warm sounding vinyl and Crosley’s epic fully transportable turntables.

With cute retro styling and at an affordable price Crosley turntables are perfect for the beginner audiophile.

record stack


Records1922_380x485 Records11954_620x456 you-are-what-you-listen-to


Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable


Crosley Ranchero MP3 Player + Radio


Crosley Collegiate Portbale USB Turntable

Some of our favorite vinyl records on SurfStitch. We also asked around the office for staff opinions on what records just sound better on vinyl.

  • Hotel California – The Eagles
  • The Wall – Pink Floyd
  • Naturally – JJ Cale
  • Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin
  • Blue – Joni Mitchell
  • Mezzanine – Massive Attack


 The Beatles – Abbey Road | The Natinal – High Violet | Rodriguez – Searching for Sugarman | Tame Impala – Innerspeaker | Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made The Radio | Bon Iver – Bon Iver | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Haim – Days Are Gone | Cat Power – Moon Pix

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Vanishing Elephant offers classic shapes with a fresh twist – modern prints and colours. Your go to brand for pieces that will fit in seamlessly to your wardrobe.

A highlight of their latest collection is the footwear. Brogues and riding boots for the women and desert boots and derby shoes for the men. Look 2 Vanishing Elephant Metallic Derby BroguesLook 1

Vanishing Elephant Riding BootLook 3

Vanishing Elephant Classic Derby Leather ShoeLook 4

Vanishing Elephant Classic Desert BootHooded Anorak LS HenleyLook 5

Vanishing Elephant Hooded Anorak JacketVanishing Elephant Elasticated PantVanishing Elephant Long Sleeve Henley3-18-2014 8-20-34 AM Look 6

Vanishing Elephant Hooded Anorak JacketVanishing Elephant Yardage TeeVanishing Elephant Pinafore Dress 

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With the likes of Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Tanner Gudauskas and many more, Captain Fin Co. is a steezy, eclectic, new age take on the classic fin. Jazzy prints, bold colours and contemporary art designs make this brand a mind blowing colour force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking to stand out in the line up, you’re on the right track.

Wave: Mitch King- Photography: Pat Vaughan

If you’re into carving concrete lines and mongo footing down Santa Monica boulevard (or probably just your local neighbourhood) , hitting the slopes or getting real in the surf, Vans has you sorted. Vans have been creating sticky soles and effortless sports attire since March 16th, 1966. Like a wine, getting better with age, they continue to be the forefront of the skate, surf and snow industry with their classic style and simplistic vibes.

Sometimes it takes two to tango, so Vans and Captain fin co, have done just that and teamed up to create one of the freshest surf/skate collaborations we have seen yet. Check out the Captain Fin Co twist on a classic Vans tee, here. And not to mention, the ultra lightweight, durable Vans/Captain fin co. Costa Mesa Sneaker.. perfect for those arvo sessions in the bowl.

vanscollabVans/Captain Fin Co. – Anchor Tee                        Vans Captain Fin Co. Costa Mesa Shoe     



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Cult Australian brand Ksubi first got their start as a denim street wear label. Ksubi have since ventured into accessories an eyewear.

Ksubi Eyewear has a distinct vintage and subculture influence and has been seen on famous faces such as Nicole Ritchie, Beyonce, Pip Edwards and Cassie.

Bellatrix Sunglasses - Beyonce

Beyonce in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesBellatrix Sunglasses - Diana Enciu

Diana Enciu in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesBellatrix Sunglasses - Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesSkeleton Sunglasses Cassie

Cassie wearing Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses

Skeleton Sunglasses from Inside In Inside Out blog

Skeleton Sunglasses from Inside In Inside Out blog

Batcat Pip Edwards

Pip Edwards wearing Ksubi Batcat Sunglasses

Shop the styles on


The Ksubi Skeleton SunniesKSS1301683GLD-KSUBI-1

The Ksubi Gemini SunglassesKSS10808011BLK-KSUBI-1

The Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesLACERTA

The Ksubi Lacerta Sunglassesbatcat

The Ksubi Batcat Sunnies


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