Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t about one-week fads or being good when you can. It’s about a total lifestyle change, where your health is the number one goal. Take a look at some inspiration, the SurfStitch Active Lifestyle Rules to live by, a fun, two simple and nutritious recipes and some exercises that you can do daily to keep fit, even if you’re time poor. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-8 RULES TO LIVE BY 1. Forget the scales. The change to a fresh and healthy lifestyle isn’t about your weight or the size of your waist – it’s about how you feel, fueling your body with nutritious foods and staying active. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-7 2. Hydrate, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking water is crucial to your blood, your organs, your digestion, your skin and so much more. 8 cups of water a day is widely recommended, but if you’re sweating excessively or working out, you will need more! For extra electrolytes and hydration, try organic coconut water. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-13 3. Eat, always. Skipping meals helps nobody, and will actually do your metabolism more harm than good. Just replace the foods that contain unhealthy products such as simple sugars and saturated fats with foods that have plenty of fibre and nutrition so that you always feel full. Check out our recipe for breakfast on the go as just one of the nutritious and filling recipes you can take with you on the go! 14_Active_InstagramPosts_ABD2 LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-11 LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-1 BREAKFAST ON THE GO (NO COOKING INVOLVED!) Ingredients:

  • 1 cup organic Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1/4 cup ground Chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup granola
  • 1/2 cup Chopped strawberries
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 cup raspberries


  1. Mix yoghurt and honey in a bowl. Put one third into a tupperware container.
  2. Layer a dusting of ground Chia and then 1cm of granola.
  3. Layer another third of the yoghurt mixture.
  4. Layer Chia and granola in the same quantity.
  5. Layer the final portion of yoghurt and then cover in berries.
  6. Put the lid on and take it with you! Don’t forget a spoon.


Keep your core strong and get your heart rate going every day with these two quick and easy exercises! Perfect whether you’re travelling, home or don’t have much time.

Leg Raises

  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air and your arms out straight beside you
  2. Slowly raise your legs (straight) to a 90 degree angle and hold for 2 seconds
  3. Lower your legs slowly until they are 5 centimetres above the ground and hold for 2 seconds
  4. Repeat 5 sets of 10 reps



  1. Lie down on your stomach
  2. Lift your body up using your toes and forearms
  3. Keep your back straight
  4. Hold for 30 seconds. For an extra challenge, increase your time by 10 seconds every week


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Time to Skate ||

It has come that time in winter that staying out of the water would be advised, unless the surf is pumping and you have your wetty prepared. If you haven’t already tried skateboarding, now would be a good time to pick up a board and give it your best shot.

We can’t help you with your skills to skate but we can certainly help you look your best at the skate park. From completes to accessories, SurfStitch have it all. Simple or busy designs, the fastest bearings to the loosest trucks.

tumblr_n8govsToaB1r31wzpo1_1280skate 1Sector Nine Bambino Cruiser Skateboard – Bamboo | Zoo York Zoo York City 8-0 Complete Skateboard – White | Vision Street Wear Cruiser MG 8-5 Skateboard – White tumblr_n8gp1osXgp1rkfygeo1_500 tumblr_n7wovaN10a1r58olso1_500 tumblr_n8gq1v4cVy1rjzbk4o1_500 wheelsMaple Blank 52MM Wheels – Blue  | Plan B Stencil 52MM Wheels – Multi | Spitfire Street Burners 54MM Skate Wheels – Redtumblr_n8h43cVNwK1t4gw13o1_500 tumblr_n8hn1iHPj11s2pzrno1_500 tumblr_n8iamwI0dI1sk13lco1_1280 tumblr_n8gj937Nas1rnips5o1_500 tumblr_n8hn1iHPj11s2pzrno1_500decksVision Street Wear Gator  2 10-25 Skate Deck – White | Chocolate Jerry HSU Chunk 8-0 Skateboard Deck – Red | 5Boro 5Bit Pro Series Willy Akers 8-25 Skateboard Deck – Natural tumblr_n8ig4zIEQb1qhzla1o1_500tumblr_n8ictmU6lh1sf0v9no1_500

Or this could more your style of skateboarding ….tumblr_n8hov0azvL1s6w1c4o1_1280

Image sources: tumblr and others unknown. 

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In Bruges

Our last day in London was spectacular weather and involved a lot more walking – Lauren (travel buddy for the duration) and I had a £10 lunch in a park on South Bank under London eye before heading off to meet some friends of mine from my Vietnam Contiki. We met them in Hyde Park before strolling around the more fancy parts of town – Mayfair (all I could think of was Monopoly!), Regent street, around the SoHo area and towards Convent Garden. I would definitely suggest Covent Garden to any London visitor. The two friends we were with are from England – not specifically London, but closer than we are to it – so they were able to show us the areas we probably wouldn’t have gone to on our own, including Covent Garden (which isn’t actually a garden). There were lots of cool markets, both food and clothing, with street performers and lots of people just milling about. After having a good look around there we went to meet oh with another friend from Contiki for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Cay Tre – very yummy and reasonable prices! Whilst we knew the address of the place, it did take us a few trips up and down Shaftesbury avenue to find the right side street – not that I minded as Shaftesbury avenue is mentioned in Harry Potter…. :)

But now we have officially started our Busabout section of our tour! We arrived to Paris at about 7pm after a roughly 8 hour bus ride from London (in which the older man sitting across the aisle from us did not stop staring at us – creepy! (But also solid effort for maintaining this for 8 hours)). The bus is a good option if you’re on a tight budget (which we are!). Whilst it’s longer than the train or plane, it is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper! Apparently there is a bit of a heat wave happening in Western Europe at the moment because it was 35 degrees that evening in Paris, and yet again, no air con! Next morning was a 5 hr bus ride to Bruges, in which we watched the move ‘In Bruges’ (it was weird,..). We arrived in the afternoon and immediately fell in love! Lauren described it as quaint, and she was spot on in my opinion! The cobblestone streets, the winding canals and the gothic architecture all combines to make a beautiful town. Not to mention that Belgium is famous for its chocolate, beer, waffles and apparently French fries dipped in mayonnaise – you can be sure we will sample all of these local delicacies. Call it cultural eating. In fact within half an hour of arriving we had already picked up a waffle from the street vendors – apparently these are the best (and cheapest!) places to get them – for only 3€! Bargain! And yes, it was delicious. This particular waffle came from a man in a van opposite the City Hall (Burg).

Belgian Waffles!

Our first full day involved a bike tour around the outer borders of Bruges. The company we went with was called QuasiMundo, and they run multiple bike tours and normal tours around Bruges – I would highly recommend it! Our tour guides were Jana and Joss (pronounced yana and yoss) and they were hilarious. It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery – but it is also the best way to get around. I’m not the most competent bike rider, but the wide streets make it easier to avoid running into things, as I am very likely to do. Although Bruges is beautiful, we booked one too many nights here – I think an ideal amount is two or three nights! However, I would definitely suggest our hostel – it’s called The Bauhaus, and it’s got good rooms and a great atmosphere!

My final quick tip for today that I would suggest for the frequent traveller is to invest in a good set of earphones before you jet off. I would doubly suggest noise cancelling ones , because when you’re on that noisy bus or noisy hostel room, it’s nice to have the option to not hear some things! The ones I’m using at the moment are Marley - they’re super comfortable, cancel out any noise around me and as an added bonus (and my good deed for the day) are Eco-friendly!

Next stop is Amsterdam so – until then! :)

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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! Don’t stay curled up inside for the rest of the weekend! Get on down to your local beach, take a paddle or a dip in our big beautiful ocean and enjoy the remainder of your weekend! If you can’t get down to the water, not too worry! We’ve  got you covered with some of our favourite empty shots going around!  Jack5Jack6willem2jack7Jack1Willem4jack5 jack6WIllemwillem3

*Images by Willem Ungermann and Jack Sheard

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ITEM OF THE WEEK // Rain jacket

Rains blue jacket is this weeks item of the week, for the simple fact that it is a rain jacket. Rain jackets have always be considered cheap and most of the time a one off thing. But now Rains have introduced a rain jacket that is stylish comfortable and attractive, which means that it isn’t limited to just going out the in the rain.

This jacket offers high quality rain protection at an affordable price that will keep everyone warm and dry as well as their wallet.

Either long or waist length, you will be able to find a colour and a length for you. These jackets can be worn wherever and whenever. SurfStitch have these jackets in various colours and for various showers!

4JAC-BLU-RAINS-1_400X500Rains Jacket – Blue 

tumblr_ms747pc2GJ1qkblplo1_1280 tumblr_mycwedejs51rew7eho1_500 tumblr_mycwfpf3Vi1rew7eho1_500 tumblr_n056va8Raq1s3mh3po1_1280

Also available in women’s!tumblr_n78pq3q8BN1rz0vjho1_500

Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown.

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SurfStitch Swim Preview 14 Has Landed

As we wait for the weather to heat up, brand new drops from the biggest and best brands in swimwear keep turning up. We’ve done you all a favour and put them together on display on incredible models Kate and Zoe, styled to perfection and shot on the sunny Gold Coast.

Follow us from dawn to dusk with your first look at Summer swimwear that’s new to SurfStitch, with the SurfStitch Swim Preview 2014. Get a taste for what’s to come with some of our favourite shots from the campaign, plus the full video. Check it out!

Love what you see? Shop the entire campaign here.






Shop Swim Preview 14

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London Baby!

After a gruelling 24 hours of no sleep and constant travelling, I finally arrived in London! And much to my pleasure, it’s been sunny and hot every day so far (hopefully I haven’t jinxed it for the next 24 hours). Like the true party animal I am, after arriving at my hostel in Victoria (it swaps about 9.30pm London time), I promptly fell asleep. Raging first night in Europe!!

As a European first timer, I’ve found starting with London very nice – everyone speaks English, everyone drives on the same side of the road (but they walk on the righthand side – confusing!) and, after being initially intimidated by the tube system, I’ve discovered that it is incredibly easy to get around! I would definitely suggest investing in an Oyster card, or if not, a weekly tube pass – saves you money in the long run, and makes it far easier and faster getting on and off the tube.

As I’m limited on time in this beautiful city, I’ve jam packed my days with all the touristy things I can possibly fit in! Yesterday involved the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Oxford street, Parliament House and. Big Ben.  Unfortunately I was not aware that most of the big tourist places that you might want to see charge through the teeth to let you in.

The London Eye is a definite tourist trap – one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It costs £21 and takes over an hour between buying tickets and completing the full rotation, but it really was a spectacular view. Probably not something I’d do twice, but I definitely don’t regret doing it.

Getting an Eye-ful

The Buckingham Palace was quite cool to see, but then again I’m a bit of a fan of the royal family (yes, I watched the wedding, and the mocumentary on Kate and William the night before). I would suggest timing it for the changing of the guard, just adds a bit more excitement to the whole experience.  As it’s such a beautiful city, my days have been filled with walking – we walked all around the city, all the way down Oxford st ( did you know there are 6 Zara’s and 4 H’n'Ms on the one road? Ridiculous.) across Hyde Park, which included a spot of paddle boating, and then a slow walk back to our hostel.

Day two was spent primarily by myself and again, involved more exercise than I have down for a very long time! I started my adventure by getting the tube to the Tower of London. I initially was hesitating as to whether or not I should go in, as it costs £22 ($40 Aussie), but eventually I bit the bullet and went – again I would definitely recommend it. You can join a tour for free with one of the beefeaters, but it just chose to wander around by myself, and I’m glad I made that decision. I was able to walk around at my own pace, stop where I wanted to, skip what I didn’t want to see. All along the walls are bits and pieces of English history mainly surrounding past kings and queens. The Crown Jewels were my favourite part- one of the diamonds weighs over 530 carats! My suggestion for how to spend a day in London (if it’s not raining!) would be to start at the Tower of London, walk over the Tower Bridge (I was thinking of the Spice Girls movie the entire time), and stick to the Queens Walk which takes you along the Thames River side. I walked through the Borough Markets – really good street food, cheap and easy (I had a strange looking Indian dish which was delicious!), Sticking to this walkway takes you past the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, and if you duck across the Millennium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral. I chose not to go into St Paul’s, purely because it costs £16 and I had preferences over this, but from what I hear it is spectacular. From there you can either catch the tube back into Westminster, but as it was such a beautiful day, I chose to walk along Southbank. It’s a bit of a trek, but it was well worth it. Apparently London is having a heat wave (it’s about 27 degrees), and everyone has come out to enjoy the sun – I even saw someone sun baking on the banks of the Thames!

After making you way back into the heart of London, I would definitely recommend entering Westminster Abbey. It costs £18, but it is truly amazing. The sheer size of it alone is spectacular, but when combined with the incredible stain glass windows, intricate sculpture on the roof and the amazing names of people who are buried in the abbey, the experience is one that is not to be missed. Some of the names of people who have been buried that I saw include; Shakespeare, Chaucer, Isaac Newton, the Brontë sisters and many many many more. Again, it depends what sort of history you are interested by, but it truly is a spectacular place.

Now I know I said I was doing Europe on a budget, and I am, but sadly London has already blown that initial $100 a day (maximum) goal that I had. Accommodation isn’t the cheapest, and all of these tourist attractions eat my money up like nothing else.  Whilst I was debating about what site to see and what to miss, I decided just to bite the bullet – how many times will I be in London? Maybe I won’t get another chance like this to see the sights! So I just sucked it up and paid the entrance fee. So sadly I can’t give you money saving tips right now, except that the street food I’ve seen so far has been delicious and cheap.

My final quick tip before leaving you is this; load up a map of the city you’re in on a wifi network, and then use it out and about in the city. Both my sister and friend   Michelle here in London suggested this to me, and it was an excellent idea. I was unaware that GPS didn’t use data (make sure you’re data roaming is turned off of course). I was able to navigate my way around London without looking like a complete geek by getting my foldable map out every two minutes!

So that’s all from me at the moment! Still trying to get into the swing of things over this side of the world, but hopefully should be in tune very soon!

Next stop is Paris, but only over night, and then onto Bruges, so will probably post from there!

Until next time :)

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Audio // Mayhem

Whether your a baseline junkie, a Sunday vibes person or just someone that enjoys listening to music on the go, SurfStitch have the range of audio accessories for you!

If you’re after records or record players, there is something for you. Crosley’s products have been around for nearly a century, innovating and diverging into new ventures. Their latest product recaptures those old vinyl’s that hold the crisp sound of your favourite 90′s hits. These now preserved memories can be re-incarnated and you can flash back to your finest hours as a teen.

tumblr_myc5q5QkLJ1s8lxtlo1_1280 Untitled-1Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable – Red | Crosley Ranchero MP3 And Radio – Black  | Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable – Blue

tumblr_n61q6kOejP1tbxnu5o1_1280tumblr_n61prxwltN1sryuyho1_1280 Pictured Above:  Inertia Music The XX – XX – Vinyl


Universal The Beatles – Abbey Road – Vinyl | Inertia Music Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost – Vinyl | Inertia Music Beirut – The Riptide – Vinyl 

On the run portable speakers are a must for desks or even just for the lazy afternoons sipping on your favourite cider and even for the baseline junkies. Kakkoii have innovated a cool and durable design that belts out a massive 85 dB sound from just a Bluetooth connection.  Also, Nixon’s exciting range of portable speakers, can last a whole day from just one charge.


Kakkoii WOW Speaker – Black | Nixon Blaster Portable Wireless Speaker – Surplus Black | Kakkoii WOW Mini Speaker – Blue 

Now, Headphones or Ear buds. The choice is yours, but here is a range of products that we here at SurfStitch have for your eargasms to begin.

For the Headphone lovers, SkullCandy are pushing the limits when it comes to their range of headphones. They have your favourite basketball teams to even headphones that have a removable earphone to use as a speaker. Marshall provide for the quality lovers of music, with their love for music production and sound, they are leader in the sound department.

tumblr_m3cs3mMHkC1qmbr23o1_500 tumblr_m8ddntHolM1ryug0no1_400tumblr_lyfniwqEDn1qk300yo1_500tumblr_n6o6xjsQdV1qiswuzo1_500headphonesSkullcandy Hesh 2 Kolohe Headphone – Kolohe Maroon Chrome | Marshall Major Headphones – Pitch Black | Skullcandy Cassette Headphones – Black Black

For the Earbud lovers, Marshall have a great quality sound perfect for your recording sessions in the garage as well as your jam outs! Nixon have a crisp clean design and sound also Marley have entered the audio race with their cool, Jamaican designed ear buds.

tumblr_n7ocvjpD7a1to5xfco1_500EarbudsMarshall Minor Earbuds – Black | NixonEncore Earbuds – All Black  | Marley Smile Jamacia Mic Earbuds – Fire

Images sourced from: Tumblr and others unknown. 

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Travel Essentials

Before any amazing trip can begin, comes the truly frustrating process of packing. No matter how long I go away for, be it a few days, weeks or months, I always manage to over pack.

Luckily, due to a combination of having to pack many bags and having my family lend many helping hands, I’ve managed to squeeze everything into my pack that I think I will need or use over the next four months.


Now of course when people travel we all have the items that they “can’t leave home without”- which is definitely true. My staples are things like moisturiser (I’m a bit of a fiend), face wipes, my Kindle, Lonely Planet, sun cream, locks for my bag, camera and of course, the right adaptors! However, whenever I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel, there are always a few items that I take along with me in order to make my trip a bit easier.

-Speakers. I love listening to music, and rarely have a silent moment so speakers are a must for my travels. Obviously for ease of packing and movement, small lightweight are preferable, but there are so many brands out there that you can take your pick. SurfStitch has some great options, including Nixon and Kakkoii Speakers.

-Handbag. Now I don’t mean one of those Mary Poppins you-can-fit-anything-and-everything-into-this-bag kind of bag – I mean a good, small to medium sized over the shoulder bag, preferably with a few different compartments. I personally wouldn’t carry a money belt – I find them uncomfortable (and ugly) and I always feel like if I wear one I may as we’ll wear a sign strapped to my face saying “I’m a tourist: you can try rip me off!”. Probably not such a concern for European countries, but a definite one for Asia and South America.

I have found that over the shoulder length strap gives me the extra security when I’m out of a night or just in more crowded places – you can pop it over your shoulder and have the bag sitting in front of you, making it far more difficult of anyone to slip something out of it. In fact, when I was in Vietnam over the summer, it was because I had my bag over my shoulder that a near robbery was only a near one and not a successful one! The compartments are a personal preference as I tend to carry lots of bits and pieces with me, so it just makes them easier to find.

- Power board. This is a bit of a strange suggestion, but these days we travel with so much technology – iPods, phones, Kindles, lap tops, cameras and more! More often than not, hostels will provide only one (if that!) power outlet per bed. So to make sure you can charge everything at once and make sure you can take that perfect photo or listen to your favourite song, use a power board! Doesn’t have to be a huge one – I’m taking one with four outlets – more than enough!

- Travel Wallet. Travelling is the perfect time to purge your wallet of all those extra cards and receipts that you just don’t use anymore. Again, SurfStitch has some great options, with Burton being my favourite, but it really depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a smaller size, I find that a small card holder is ideal- the only down side is that it doesn’t have any space for coins. If this is what you are after, i’d go for Bellroy- SurfStitch offer a heap of different sizes, all super compact and made from leather too, which is always nice.

My final word of wisdom is when you’re packing and you run into the inveitable situation of trying to decide between two tops or trying to squeeze in that extra pair of shoes. The solution: rolling and stuffing undies!  Rolling everything saves so much more space and also keeps some clothes looking less crinkles – which when you’re living out of a bag for months is quite nice. Just to further maximise your space-to-clothes ratio, saving packing your unmentionables until last and then fill all the gaps in your bag with underwear! Stuff them in shoes (helps flats keep their shape girls!), squeeze them down the side- any space you can see, fill it with undies!

Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful for you! I know everyone has their own packing secrets – feel free to share some!

Next post will be from London- until then!!

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Where’s your Wanderlust?

It’s that time of year, when our hemisphere is chilly and we’re all seeing photos of that friend-of-a-friend going to enjoy a European Summer, that our wanderlust gets out of control.

We realise you probably don’t need any more destinations to add to your bucket list, but here are some stunning spots that we’ve come across in our Pinterest travels.

Heading away and needing to pick up some bags or accessories? SurfStitch has everything you need.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Luotuofeng peak, Sichuan, China

Luotuofeng Peak, Sichuan, China


Paris, France

Provence, French Riviera

Provence, French Riviera

Rio, Brasil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Imagery from Leah Joy Hand, Fotourbana, Twist Materialz and others unknown.

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