It’s not here yet, and early morning temperatures wouldn’t suggest that it’s on the way, but we here on the Gold Coast (who are lucky weather-wise to say the least) can see the tell-tale signs. Having passed the shortest day, the length of the sun being up in the sky is increasing, we’re piling on less snow gear for our morning walks (ha ha) and we’re seeing plenty of brand new Summery arrivals dropping on SurfStitch.

Get your Summer dresses, accessories and swimsuits ready, because it’s nearly here… Summer is coming! Enjoy some Summer inspo to get you in the mood, and shop some of our favourite ‘it’s nearly here‘ pieces!




Zulu and Zephyr The Zulu Tri Cup Bikini | Neontide Mercury Sun Underwire Bra Bikini – Sunset Red | Rusty Bubble Bikini – Strawberry




Stone Fox Swim Bambi Separate Top – Tahiti | Stone Fox Swim Hudson Separate Pant – Tahiti | Stone Fox Swim Mia Separate Top – Birds | Stone Fox Swim Tucker Separate Pant – Birds




Stussy OG Swirls Tee | Lioness Hurricane Love Womens Lace Top – White | Rip Curl Pineapple Xpress Tank – White




Rhythm Picnic Party Dress – Sky | Finders Keepers Simple Life Dress – Leopard Bright White | Finders Keepers Simple Life Tee Dress – Hibiscus Black



Imagery from JLD Newsletter, Popsugar, Camille Styles, Shop Style and others unknown.

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Mens Trend || Round Hats

Everyone needs at least one hat. There are heaps of hats that are trending around, though the wider ones are the ones that are keeping these perfect winter days sun rays, from reaching our face. Bucket hats and wide brimmed hats are all the rage and its not hard to see why. So many colours and styles are getting released all over the shop, we love it!

Here at SurfStitch, we can give you all the hat loving that’s needed for your cold winter head!

Hat 1Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat – Blue | RVCA Bucket Delux Hat – Black | Thrills Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat – Sand tumblr_mtlnlq8EcG1rvbv2ko1_500 tumblr_n7uv6dPAKi1t613sro1_1280tumblr_n2edz0obTu1ttaq0so1_1280Hat 2Billabong Zahi Hat – Choc | Rhythm Pocket Hat – Burgundy | Fallen Broken StreetThe Desparado Hat – Black 

tumblr_n21i4lxtZC1rozt9qo1_500 tumblr_n624dhWeD41sffuyjo1_1280 tumblr_n8vf9iBbN81s5kpbpo1_500 tumblr_mr8hz5kTEd1qdmqkko1_500

Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown

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We here at SurfStitch all love our statement pieces that make our outfits pop, and there’s no better way to do it than with a stand-out print! From florals to geometric shapes to indistinguishable shapes, make sure your wardrobe is equipped with printed pieces you love as we head towards the Spring season.

From monochrome to mixed-up brights, the louder your print, the better. Check out some of our perfectly printed inspiration and shop some of our favourite womens printed new arrivals – with everything from dresses to shorts and even footwear to get you started.




Lee Reflector Dress – Reflector | Cameo Alone Tonight Dress – Monochrome Rose | Keepsake Chained Mini Dress – Black Rose Cluster





Billabong Floral Heat Top – Bikini Red | Tigerlily Jurneaux Top – Leopard | Minkpink Gingham Games Games Womens Womens Top





Minkpink Pursuit Denim Short | Zulu and Zephyr Oceanfront Sweat Short | Finders Keepers Atlantic City Short – Hibiscus





Volcom Alexa Pant – Navy | Finders Keepers Begin Again Pant – Leopard | Tigerlily Soraya Pant – Marble






Lipstik Toffee Sandal – Floral | Havaianas Slim Prints Animal Thong – Sand Grey Pink | Vans Womens Old Skool Shoe – Floral

Imagery from Julia Kostreva Blog, Ivana Revic, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Who What Wear, Sincerely Jules, Vogue, Atlantic-Pacific and Everything You Love to Hate.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t about one-week fads or being good when you can. It’s about a total lifestyle change, where your health is the number one goal. Take a look at some inspiration, the SurfStitch Active Lifestyle Rules to live by, a fun, two simple and nutritious recipes and some exercises that you can do daily to keep fit, even if you’re time poor. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-8 RULES TO LIVE BY 1. Forget the scales. The change to a fresh and healthy lifestyle isn’t about your weight or the size of your waist – it’s about how you feel, fueling your body with nutritious foods and staying active. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-7 2. Hydrate, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking water is crucial to your blood, your organs, your digestion, your skin and so much more. 8 cups of water a day is widely recommended, but if you’re sweating excessively or working out, you will need more! For extra electrolytes and hydration, try organic coconut water. LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-13 3. Eat, always. Skipping meals helps nobody, and will actually do your metabolism more harm than good. Just replace the foods that contain unhealthy products such as simple sugars and saturated fats with foods that have plenty of fibre and nutrition so that you always feel full. Check out our recipe for breakfast on the go as just one of the nutritious and filling recipes you can take with you on the go! 14_Active_InstagramPosts_ABD2 LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-11 LOOKBOOK-GALLERY-OF-1 BREAKFAST ON THE GO (NO COOKING INVOLVED!) Ingredients:

  • 1 cup organic Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1/4 cup ground Chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup granola
  • 1/2 cup Chopped strawberries
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 cup raspberries


  1. Mix yoghurt and honey in a bowl. Put one third into a tupperware container.
  2. Layer a dusting of ground Chia and then 1cm of granola.
  3. Layer another third of the yoghurt mixture.
  4. Layer Chia and granola in the same quantity.
  5. Layer the final portion of yoghurt and then cover in berries.
  6. Put the lid on and take it with you! Don’t forget a spoon.


Keep your core strong and get your heart rate going every day with these two quick and easy exercises! Perfect whether you’re travelling, home or don’t have much time.

Leg Raises

  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air and your arms out straight beside you
  2. Slowly raise your legs (straight) to a 90 degree angle and hold for 2 seconds
  3. Lower your legs slowly until they are 5 centimetres above the ground and hold for 2 seconds
  4. Repeat 5 sets of 10 reps



  1. Lie down on your stomach
  2. Lift your body up using your toes and forearms
  3. Keep your back straight
  4. Hold for 30 seconds. For an extra challenge, increase your time by 10 seconds every week


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SurfStitch Swim Preview 14 Has Landed

As we wait for the weather to heat up, brand new drops from the biggest and best brands in swimwear keep turning up. We’ve done you all a favour and put them together on display on incredible models Kate and Zoe, styled to perfection and shot on the sunny Gold Coast.

Follow us from dawn to dusk with your first look at Summer swimwear that’s new to SurfStitch, with the SurfStitch Swim Preview 2014. Get a taste for what’s to come with some of our favourite shots from the campaign, plus the full video. Check it out!

Love what you see? Shop the entire campaign here.






Shop Swim Preview 14

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ITEMS OF THE WEEK: Acid Washed Muscle Tees

This week in our mens and womens new arrivals, we’re loving the acid wash trend coming through on muscle tees! Our items of the week are both charcoal singlets, with a mens muscle tee from Billabong and a womens singlet from Tigerlily.

Worn with denim or leather, this wash is going to be a huge Summer trend, so take a look at some acid washed inspo and shop our items of the week on SurfStitch!


Mens item of the week:


Billabong Custom Muscle – Black


Womens item of the week:


Tigerlily Patrice Tank – Washed Black

Imagery from Vanessa Jackman & Etsy.

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Mens Trend // Stripes

Stripes are having another rapid growth in the mens fashion scene. Stripes have been a female dominated trend for the past couple of seasons, but now we are seeing an injection of stripes into the men’s arena.The stripes are almost becoming a timeless piece of clothing for any man’s wardrobe.

They are jumping onto the newest jumpers, knits and tees, and are not disappointing! The common stripe in black and white or navy and white, creates endless options of outfits. My favourite stripe outfit is a striped navy and white tee, flat blue jeans turned up and a black or navy pair of vans! But why follow my favourite striped outfit, when you can create your own at SurfStitch.


Neuw Damn Strip Tee – White | Billabong Stripes Pack Tee – Navy | Quicksilver Ban Ban Crew Knit – Washed Navy | Burton Stowe Crew Fleece – Night Rider abb3a3101e3d977a6d0f157a127748db tumblr_m7q8g7DAKI1qhiekro1_500 tumblr_maxd4s2nqZ1rdiqtpo1_500 tumblr_mla43qQxgh1qajhjjo1_500tumblr_mp29fwRVDD1qc582uo1_500 tumblr_mqbz4z6FZm1sb8lu4o1_500B&W STRIPEThrills Stripe Tee – Black Natural | Zanerobe Derek Knit – Black Stripe | Quicksilver Ban Ban Crew Knit – True Black | Dr Denim Tob LS Stripe Tee – Dark Greytumblr_mn6idsEiYE1qfajz0o1_1280tumblr_ms9vduUCAJ1qajhjjo1_1280tumblr_mw039shgQ41qajhjjo1_5007dfc01124d7179d6966396c8a12d9efa1d77a04206d0020e14f44fda5942d601

Image Sources: Tumblr & Pinterest


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One of the best things about winter has to be the snow, here are a few images that will make you want to dust off that snowboard,  wax it up and hit the slopes…thank you Mother Nature..

Don’t imagine how cold it might be, imagine the marshmallows toasting in the fire. Not a marshmallow fan? Pop a Lindt Lindor ball in there instead, sooooo good you’ll be wishing you tried it sooner!

Check out some of our snow inspo and shop everything you need for the snow at SurfStitch.









You’ll need these goodies:


Oakley Still Well Jacket – Jet Black | Oakley Still Well Pant – Jet Black


Rip Curl Enigma PR Gum Jacket – Dresden Blue | Rip Curl Bunji Gum Pant – Dresden Blue


DC Shoes Amo 14 Snow Jacket – Methyl Blue | DC Shoes Banshee 14 Snow Pants – Sulphur Spring


Electric EG2.5 Snow Goggles – Bronze Silver Chrome | Billabong Command Wet and Dry Pack – Black | Roxy Ruby Beanie – Sea Salt


Rip Curl Kilalurak Jacket | Rip Curl Split Gum Pant – Crown Jewel


Volcom Activism Ins Jacket – Violet | Rip Curl Split Gum Pant – Black


Billabong Delight Jacket – Mineral | Billabong Paradise Pant – Mineral

Imagery from Rainbow Tourism, Dez Newcomb Photography, Maverick Snowboarding, Wall Paper Hi, Mr Wallpaper, Smith Fork Ranch and others unknown.

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Boots || Men’s Boots

Boots are the perfect partner for all your winter jackets and jeans. The many different styles of boots can be a perfect excuse for any man to build his footwear wardrobe. If your after a chunky and heavier look then the high top, Timberlandsor Dr. Martens are more for you. On the other side of the boot scale, Vanishing elephant and Windsor Smith offer a a more shoe style of boot that is low cut and generally in a elegant suede or leather.

The colder season tends to bring out the heavier fashion, so it is no surprise that boots are trending. Your boots don’t have to be just for a dressy occasion, they can be for casual wear and work wear. Paired with chinos (turned up or down) and a jacket you have the perfect casual winter outfit.

SurfStitch have a range of boots that are fit for building any man’s footwear wardrobe.

tumblr_lztpwjx6pw1r9yt82o1_500tumblr_n1monqPHMX1qajhjjo1_500 Untitled-2

Windsor Smith Harvard Shoe – Taupe | Vanishing Elephant Classic Derby Shoe – Rust | Urge Battersea Boot – Tan Vintagetumblr_masfkhZz8w1rdh5ujo1_500 tumblr_mejhpn9ID71rbws8uo1_500 tumblr_meokdkMXEI1rldsgeo1_500 tumblr_mqbbe5kvvN1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_mvic5ugXvl1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_mxzf7oHAQd1sfedbqo1_500 tumblr_mzmxlryPLt1r66csno1_500 tumblr_mzsdosgfCA1r66csno1_500 tumblr_mzx834sKss1rnuq7zo1_1280 tumblr_n1q0oz1yS91s968deo1_1280Untitled-1Dr. Martens Mens Ali 6 Eye Boot – Brown Rugged Servo Lux | Timberland Earthkeepers Newmarket 2 Leather Boot – Medal Bronze Brown | Vanishing Elephant Hiking Boot – Olive

tumblr_n2ji7zS8r81s8ij7do1_1280 tumblr_n3sil67K9v1siv7q2o1_500 tumblr_n5zosiNTwH1qajhjjo1_500tumblr_n21g4wK8wY1s40eyio1_500 tumblr_n28hffWJEB1s9n6iuo1_500 tumblr_n78d5hjqx51r66csno1_500Untitled-3

Vanishing Elephant Classic Derby Shoe – Black | Rusty Olson Desert Boot – Black | Urge Athos Shoe – Black

Image source: Tumblr 

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Items of the Week: Washed Denim

This week we’re so excited by the launch of our 2014 Denim Guide that we had to choose our mens and womens items of the week from new arrival jeans!

This washed and distressed denim look is a key trend this Winter, and we love this G-Star Raw style in both mens jeans and womens jeans. Paired with a tee and some Converse or even dressed up, this versatile denim is an essential addition to this season’s wardrobe. Check out our inspiration and items of the week.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Denim Guide for your right fit, trend, brand and everything in between!



Our womens item of the week


G-Star Raw Lynn Skinny Jean – Light Aged Destroy



Our mens item of the week


 G-Star Raw Arc 3D Slim Jean – Light Aged

Imagery from Street Style Seconds, Guy Look, Style Snooper Dan and other unknown.

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