The 2012 Kustom Airstrike – Webisode 2

Guess what, pals?  Webside Two is here!  And, it’s better than the first.  The 2012 Kustom Airstrike (led by film auteur, Kai Neville) is heading for a glorious climax.   Following the high-flying antics of John Florence, Ryan Callinan, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer and Matt Meola, this series (which is gaining digital steam) is progression in video form.  Wouldn’t dive in expecting a 100 percent make rate though.  But, the commitment!  And the disregard for physical health!  And, the height!!  That’s not to say some amazing things aren’t landed, though.  John lands two aerials, just after the two minute mark, which are kinda scary. Chippa throws in a mean backside roter with a lot of extra sizzle.  And there are many other wild ol’ spins, and some mind-blowing inversions.  Reckon you can guess who is going to take the $50K cheque at the end?  Just click play, we know y’wanna!

Check out the Kustom Airstrike site here.

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Unreal 24 Hours

The last 24 hours has been great.  A+ clips are dropping everywhere, and it is making your friends here, well, at least a little ecstatic.  Here are our top five!  Oh, and they ain’t in order.  

Sterling Spencer certainly has a knack for getting inside people’s heads. For those who dig his humour, this may be some of his best work. In this ep of Hi, How Are You? Sterling overdubs Occy’s crowd mingling, Mick Fanning’s warm-up routine, and manages to get some of his own surfing in. And, it’s really, very good surfing.

Alex Gray, a relative unknown, packs some steam train barrels and has cross-shore sizzle to boot.  His most recent clip contains footage from down in the wave haven of Mexico, doesn’t it make you wanna book a flight?  Check out Alex’s site, Turkey Melthere.

Laurie Towner, in this modern age, is almost a media recluse.  He pops up every so often but makes no attempt to hustle society and online portals.  Every so often we see him in the middle of a thick swell at well-known rhino-chasing spots, but lately he is been rather silent.  However, he appears!  Here Laurie is surfing near his home, at an almost Box-esque slab that he has absolutely dialled.  This vid is cut by Caleb Graham really well, we love it!

One of the better trailers we have seen, ( Chromatic ), is a new film from Analog, featuring Chippa Wilson and Nathan Fletcher, directed by auteur Riley Blakeway. Stylistically, it’s the unofficial evolution of Chippa and Riley’s last venture, NOW, with equal parts of brave dog/air beast Nathan and wizard/technician Chippa. Filmed over the course of a year in Australia, California, France, Fiji, Central America and Hawaii, this is our first peek of what’s to come in September. If this trailer doesn’t have you pumped both to go surfing and for the movie itself, not much else will. Between Nathan storming through Cloudbreak and Chopes, and Chippa’s roters/airdrops/bigspins, we’re expecting hammers from opening to end.

Have you heard of Kai Otton?  He has got an aerial game!  Riding small, fun-looking waves may not be the best training for Chopes but it is productive none the least.  And fun!  Y’seen turns like the ones at clips-end? We haven’t seen many.

Now tell us you didn’t enjoy that!  It was great, wasn’t it!

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Kustom Airstrike: Webisode 1

Webisode One of the highly-anticipated Kustom Airstrike trip has been sent live.  It certainly is not a let-down, and it is certainly worth a view.  Y’don’t believe us?  Click play.  And, watch out for John John’s atmospheric backside reverses.  And, watch out for Chris ‘Chippa’ Wilson’s turbo-speed, stalefish spins.  And, watch out for Matt Meola’s flat-landed full-roters.  And watch out for Ryan Callinan’s Kerrupt flips.  And, watch out for Albee Layer’s sizzled-out, inverted rotations.  Actually, watch out for every second, for this is a clip that keeps you on the tip of your toes.  Please, press play.  This is better than your average, and we’d hate for you to miss it.

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Golden Optimists!

Right here is five minutes of really fun surfing footage, titled Golden Optimists.  It was filmed on Australia’s East Coast and features Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall and Dean Brady.  Nat Lanyon, the auteur behind the scenes, captures and bottles up the crisp cold and golden light of winter in Australia.  Exciting colours and exciting surfing, so dive on in!

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Electric Wilderness, and Daze at Sea!

It’s a scary time for surf DVD’s, and we feel for the directors of them!  Mostly because, fo’ free, you can get legally-downloaded digital shorts.  And they always feature surfings best!  And the quality is amazing!  And the soundtracks are grand!  And they psyche you up, and make you laugh, and make you smile!!  What more could you want?

There are two brill’ examples right here.  The first, Electric WIlderness, was shot during a trip to Northern Sumatra.  It features Conner and Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny, and Dillon Perillo, and the surfing is really, very pleasing. It is a Young Wise Tails production with Ryan Perry at the helm (with a little help from Adam Klevin).  Did we mention it has a soundtrack that is a sweet ol’ mix of Travis Tyge, Ben Pecorari and Valient Thorr?

The second example, Daze at Sea, is a Billabong production directed by Victor Pakpour.  It is a well-directed, considered flick documenting the Billabong team over the last year or so.  Think Joel Parkinson, Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Wade Goodall, Ian Gentil, Laurie Towner, and many others.  Ain’t that a superb collection of wave-riders?

We suggest that if you have a little time (or even if you don’t), you press the ‘Full Screen’ button, then hit ‘Play’ and enjoy the show.  Oh, and there are download links just below the vids, so if you wanna keep these little babies forever, click away.

Download Electric Wilderness

Download Daze at Sea

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Innersection Round-Up + Otis and Friends

You have heard of Innersection, right?  Of course y’have.  It’s Taylor Steele’s baby where a hundred thou is thrown at the best section.  It is a swell idea that is certainly bringing out the goods, but if you didn’t put down some coin and buy the DVD you may not have seen any sections.  Have a look-see at these, Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Jamie O’Brien, and Matt Mccabe in fine form, here for your viewing pleasure.  And pleasurable they are.

Oh, and we find this little clip of Otis Carey, Benny Godwin, Luke Stedman and Cooper Chapman super dreamy.  How amazing does this place look!  Watch away, friends!

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Dion Agius’ Memphis Soul Mix

“Warren (Smith) and I are doing a cross-country drive through the States for our next Proxy Noise issue and I’m seeing the weird parts of America in all her glory,” says Dion Agius. “We’re eating cheese grits and BBQ while listening to the blues and being road warriors. It’s magical.”

The majority of StabFM mixes are a collection of all-time faves.  However, Dion decided to take a different route, choosing rather to piece together music from a particular moment in time.  ”One of our stops was in Memphis, Tennessee, and it’s oozing with soul. We went to the Stax Museum and had our minds blown by all the amazing music the city had spawned. So, this playlist is a few hand-picked gems that have been swirling around on the drive after Memphis.”  There you have it folks, you will love this mix.  Oh, and you wanna see him surf?  Scroll down a little and press play on “Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven”, it is truly amazing.  Scorching heat, women and surfing is certainly a good combination.

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5teph Gilmore and Alex Gray are here!

Alex Gray seems to be everywhere lately!  This clip documents him surfing (very well, in fact) all over the globe, with a number of appearances from the raw power that is Hawaii and Tahiti.  Alex shows us all just how much grit he has, all to the wonderful sounds of Tame Impala.  And you will love it!

Oh, and did you hear that Steph Gilmore just won her fifth crown in France?  Quiksilver just posted a lovely little video (so cute and washed-out!), to show the kinda surfer she is. We really like her, she is really, very special.  So click play and live!

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My Style, with Noa Deane!

Noa Deane, captured within the crunchy grains of film. Photo by Matt O'Brien

My Style with Noa Deane, 17, Coolangatta..

Even on first glance you will love Noa Deane. Kid’s affable, artsy, skates for fun, has a bowl cut and makes surfing look as fun as you know it can be. So dial into his style!  Have a read!

Shoes: Vans Old Skools. I like how wide they are and that my foot actually fits in them, ‘cause I have ugly, wide feet. Which is actually okay for my surfing. They’re good to skate in, too. Which I’m not any good at, but I’m into it. I ride a Krooked double-kick. It’s 8.25, which is pretty wide, but I’m a size 12 foot.

Skating: Fun little stuff. A coupla little ledges and some little quarters. I love mini-parks. I don’t mind a rail here and there, either, just a flat-bar. I mostly just do backside boardslides. I can’t do lipslides and frontboards are sketchy. You gotta be over your board and committed. I can’t do any grinds. I so badly wanna do a smith, or a feeble, but I just can’t. Front feebles might be the best-looking trick ever. Or, salad grinds.

Clothes: I like pants, not jeans. Like, chinos. I like wearing collared shirts sometimes, but just low-key ones. I don’t wanna try and look like I’m rich or anything, y’know.

Hair: I’ve semi got a bowl-cut right now. I cut it myself at the front then my girlfriend fixed the back. It’s pretty funny, I think.

Party: I don’t care about party setting at all. I really just like it when you can talk with people. No one raging or anything. Just more social than anything, everyone just hanging out, talking and having a good time. If you’re dancing forever, your legs are gonna get tired, aren’t they?

Art: I like using acrylic paint on canvas. I’m not good or anything, but I like painting abstract s***. The other day I painted a little black circle with stuff inside it. I like Alex Olsen’s collages. Have you seen those? They’re f****** sick. And Jean-Michel Basquiat. I like his stuff a lot.

Camera: I’ve got a few, but my favourite is a Canon Snappy. I take photos of anything really, but I like architecture and some landscape. I also like portraits, too. Photos of people can be so good.

Music: I like Nirvana. Grunge, for sure. I listen to the Misfits, too. Then, I like some older stuff, like Neil Young – my mum got me into that. I still like some new stuff though. Like, the Black Keys are pretty cool.

Girl: Well, my girlfriend has brown hair and blue eyes. I don’t know if I really have a style of girl, so long as they’re cool. Just, ah, not weird.

Food: Pub food. And pies! At the pub, I get either the $10 roast or the steak. Or, chicken parmy.

Car: I don’t have a car yet. Or a licence. I’m going to get it this week, actually. But, I have been saying that for months.

Phone: I’ve got an iPhone 4, right now, but it’s smashed. I was on the phone to someone at the Australian Open, Manly, and it just slipped out of my hand. It still works, though.

Cologne: Sometimes. I have French Connection UK. My girlfriend loves it. I mostly just wear it if we’re going out to dinner or something, which makes her happy.

Film: I like anything, really. I watched Trash Humpers the other day. That was sick, but it’s f*****-up and weird. I like watching older movies and weird ones. I hate High School Musical.

Y’all now know that Noa is stylish outside of the water, right? Well watch this here video – it will show you that he also has precious steeze in the soup!  What a mix in his surfing, vicious carves and loopy aerials?  Is there a better combo? We enjoyed this clip, and you will too!  Dive on in!

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Nick Rozsa’s Harvest X.

We followed Nick Rozsa and Chris Papaleo’s Homegrown series religiously, and we can’t say for sure – but we think you did too.  Well, aren’t we lucky!  They have just released a new online flick, Harvest X.  It has enough backside air reverses to make you dizzy, and, as if that and the rest of his wild on-wave behaviour weren’t enough, there is a pretty funky, big ol’ backflip to kick the clip off (not on a wave, howevs – you’ll see what we mean).  Keep an eye out on Nick and Chris’ website, Salty Beards, in the coming weeks for we are certain there will be some A-grade material filtering on through.  You’ll love this, friends.

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