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Glass Animals are a new band on the block, they have been friends since the age of fourteen but have only recently collaborated as a group to create their debut album. The English, indie rock band from Oxford all decided that it would best if their musical careers held off for a while, whilst they completed their university degree and planted their feet on the ground. Yet in 2013, they got in contact with an English Music producer and since then they have released 2 EP’s and 3 singles. Their new album contains so many different sounds and warrants your ears to the time of their life, thus why we have chosen it for SurfStitch’s ‘Featured Song’.GLASSANIMALS006-as-Smart-Object-1-copy1-760x506

The ‘Featured Song’ this week is their track ‘Pools’. The journey of this song is quite adventurous, as the intro progresses their is a tribal influence that sets the scene. Throughout the song it layers jungle percussion and electronic elements, then the front man Dave Bayley introduces his harmonising vocals that just bring the sound and song together. The chilled and up beat vibe that glass animals have integrated into the song gives listeners an ear pleasing sound.

Rumoured to be playing at this years Falls Festival, Glass Animals are a band to look out for, for the future! Enjoy this weeks ‘Featured Song’, for tour dates and their up and coming songs checkout their official website.

If you enjoyed this song, you can buy their album on iTunes or available on CD. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest songs and albums here at the SurfStitch Blog.

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The Black Keys…  Is there really much more to say? The rock duo are back with their eighth studio album ‘Turn Blue’, and have never sounded better. The album is full of catchy tracks, funky bass lines and the usual lyrical talents from the duo, certain aspects which helped it make Album of the Week here at SurfStitch. The album was released on May 12, 2014 and has had its reputation spreading like wildfire. The duo take inspiration and influence from many musical avenues including psychedelic rock, funk, blues and at times faster rock and roll, breaking into their new sounds while still wearing their originality and uniqueness on their sleeves.

‘Turn Blue’ is the fourth occasion The Black Keys members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have teamed up with producer Danger Mouse, also known as Brian Burton. Danger Mouse has no doubt been a factor in the bands success, with their last project together being the 2011 release of ‘El Camino’, which was the highest commercial success the band has seen at that time in their careers. Rather than taking control, Danger Mouse this time worked very close with Auerbach and Carney, putting their three great minds together and coming up and one epic album. Danger Mouse not only played back up keyboard through the entire album, he also help The Black Keys duo write each of the 11 songs featured on ‘True Blue’. Don’t get confused though, The Black Keys is still a two man band and at the moment have no news regarding the recruitment of a third.


The album hit number one on charts in  Australia, Canada and also the United States, something The Black Keys had never experienced prior to the release of ‘Turn Blue’. In the States, it narrowly beat Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’, selling 164,000 copies in the first week. To date, ‘Turn Blue’ has sold over 328,000 in the United States and many more worldwide.

The recording of the album fell around the time Dan Auerbach divorced from his wife, with influences drawn from this life changing event breaking into ‘Turn Blue’. Though not in your face, the feel of this life event is evidently present, but at no time kills the albums vibe or atmosphere. The band recorded the album from July 2013 at Sunset Sounds in Hollywood, with smaller recording sessions taking place at other several smaller studios across the United States.BK

Enjoy Track 4 off ‘Turn Blue’, this week’s Album of the Week at SurfStitch, by The Black Keys. Though the album was released on May 12, this track known as ‘Fever’ was the chosen hit single released earlier in March to give us all a quick taste of what was to come. Enjoy!

Find out more about The Black Keys by checking out their official website or their Facebook page. Keep those eyes on the SurfStitch Blog and also our Facebook page as we bring you latest from the music world! Stay tuned…

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U.S. punk-rock group The Gaslight Anthem are back, and it’s their hit new single ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin” that takes the cake and also the ‘Featured Song’ this week at SurfStitch. The band are out of New Brunswick, New Jersey and formed in 2006, generously sharing their musical talents with the world ever since. The new track features explosive vocals, catchy guitar riffs and strong lyrical engagement, having not gone over the top and keeping it perfect and simple, news audiences are very excited about. ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin” was released on June 24 and it is the first taste listeners have had of the much anticipated fifth studio album, named ‘Get Hurt’ scheduled to be released on August 19, thanks to Island Records.

The groups new album is said to be the biggest change the band has seen to date, with new musical deliveries and potential to ‘rock the boat’ a little for their fans all over the world. When asked about the new rhythmic style, Fallon told Rolling Stone Magazine that it was ‘completely different than anything we had ever done before. Instead of going that extra step of just adding some organ or some background vocals, this time we actually really changed up a lot of the sounds.’25notepicGAS

Fallon delivers strong themes with his specific use of words ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin”, though the upbeat sounds put a mellow feel on the atmosphere. Though the main chorus may consist of lyrics like ‘All my friends want to get into heaven’ and ‘I wish you were here’, it is important to realise the song is no downer, if anything, it gets stronger and more engaging as it progresses. These are the techniques the group use to relate to their audiences, and so far it has worked perfectly with interaction levels through the roof, everyone keen to grab a glimpse of The Gaslight Anthem.

Please enjoy this week’s Featured Song, ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin” by New Jersey punk rock group The Gaslight Anthem. If you want more information on the band, visit their official website or their Facebook page.

Like what you heard? ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’ is available for digital download through iTunes or available also on CD. Be sure to keep up to date with all things music here on the SurfStitch Blog, as we bring you new featured artists and songs week by week!

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Breaking out of the Santa Barbara area in Southern California and into the ears of reggae-rock lovers worldwide, Rebelution’s new album ‘Count Me In’ is definitely an album leading modern day reggae music into the world of tomorrow. The fourth studio album from the group demonstrates how down to a tee Rebelution have their music game, and furthermore, how they continue to stay at the top of the ladders on worldwide reggae charts. ‘Count Me In’ was released on June 10, 2014, and has continued to blast through headphones, car stereos, radios and computers all over the world since the moment the first track was played.

If you haven’t heard of the group before, Rebelution is 4-piece roots and reggae-rock group, bringing the fun loving beats of these genres into the present day. Since forming in 2004, the group have taken the reggae world by storm, and now 10 years down the track, it is obvious Rebelution continue to stay true to their roots. Their superb mixes of reggae, roots and rock are all elements that make each track so easy to listen to, with attractive trumpet sounds and drum beats just adding to the flavour. ‘Count Me In’ no doubt draws inspiration from other Southern California reggae rock bands such as Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-Stars, though lead vocalist Eric Rachmany puts the Rebelution feel on things with this calming, yet at times energetic lyricisms and vocals. Each track on ‘Count Me In’ lives up to Eric’s self expectation and ability to use metaphors and descriptive lyrics, all while keeping it all sounding so peaceful and simple. It’s amazing.

When explaining how Rebelution had grown since forming, Rachmany said “We still have the same energy as we did as a young band, if not more. The more experience we had doing this, the more inspired we became.” He then continued with  “Rebelution is a great example of four friends who got together to play music for the fun of it, and still do that today. We just play music that we really enjoy.”reb1

The 11 Track album is simple to play from start to finish, the full length being no longer than 40 minutes. The bouncy, upbeat feels of the guitars and drum beats is that classic sound of reggae, with engaging lyrics keeping things simple, yet allowing listeners to think and relate all at the same time.

Though still still recording under their own label 87 Music, the band have also teamed up with rock label Easy Star Records, at first leaving fans sceptical on whether the bands sounds and musical ideas would change. Not the case at all for the four friends from So-Cal. If anything, ‘Count Me In’ seems almost more mellow than their 2012 release of ‘Peace Of Mind’ and their 2007 album, “Courage To Grow’, both which featured some more up tempo melodies.  RebelutionCountMeIn_zps7d3939d4

When it comes down to it, Rebelution simply want to spread the message of happiness and positive living and that is exactly what this new album does. Enjoy Track 8 off this week’s Album of the Week, ‘Count Me In’ by reggae-rock group Rebelution. You’ll be hooked instantly, with the sounds and easy going vibrations ready to prepare you for the weekend!

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This week the Featured Song at SurfStitch goes to German duo Milky Chance and their re-released 2013 hit, ‘Stolen Dance’. The strong engagement from acoustic, electronic, folk and reggae elements are all contributing factors that help make Milky Chance so interesting, as each new hit spreads the group’s name further and further around the Globe. Milky Chance is made up of friends Clemens Rehbein as vocalist and musician and Philipp Dausch as DJ, and when asked what genre of music they play, the usual response is ‘Folktronica’ or ‘Laptop Folk’. Either way, the German duo will lead you and other listeners in and keep you hungry for more, with the deep vocals of Rehbein and attractive bass and drums sounds almost seeming hypnotising.

‘Stolen Dance’ was originally released in 2013 under the groups own label, with the song going massive on YouTube. This lead to increased touring and more exposure of the song, topping charts in countries it officially wasn’t even released in yet, such as the United Kingdom. In May this year, the single was re-released on a 4-Track ‘Stolen Dance EP’ album by Lichtdicht Records and Republic Records, its success only continuing to grow after attention was bought back to the great song. Just by listening to ‘Stolen Dance’, listeners can immediately realise that the mix of guitar riffs and electronic beats go together hand in hand, proving far from overwhelming.stolendance1

‘Stolen Dance’ is available through iTunes and also on CD on the bands full album – Sadnecessary. For now however, it’s time to sit back, relax and listen to this week’s Featured Song, ‘Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance. It’s perfect for a quiet Tuesday afternoon!

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Foster The People – Supermodel

Foster The People are so much more than a group of guys with ‘Pumped Up Kicks.’ Their recent performance at Splendour In The Grass has concreted this firm into our minds, as we explore the band in a whole new light. The three gents (and two in-studio musicians) from Los Angeles have been taking the musical world by storm since forming in 2009, playing to fans all over the globe and spreading the goodness that is Foster The People.FTP4

Their new album, ‘Supermodel’ takes this weeks ‘Album of the Week’ here at SurfStitch. In 2012, Foster The People front man Mark Foster initially made statements telling the world a second album would be ready by 2013. By the time June 2013 rolled around, no album had hit the shelves. Although playing 4 new songs at the Firefly Music Festival in the same month, the band reassured people their new album would be ready by November. Still nothing. March 2014 finally saw the much anticipated release of second album from the trio, with the happy go lucky sounds of Foster The People once again blessing eardrums everywhere and sending fans crazy.

When describing ‘Supermodel’, Mark Foster said ‘This record still has the joy that our first album did, but it’s been thrown into a pit and forced to dance among wolves’. He continued telling Rolling Stone Magazine that ‘In the first record, I was looking at my vision for the project through a piece of opaque glass’, and that the next album (Supermodel) will be, ‘a clearer picture of what I’ve had in my head when it comes to that vision.’

‘Supermodel’ was released in March, 2014, and has continued to reach wider and broader audiences worldwide. The album leaves their previous work behind, as the new indie-rock, positive music becomes addictive and leaves listeners wanting more and more over the entire 12 tracks. As part of the release of their hit single ‘Coming Of Age’, the band used an interesting technique as a promotion method to spread the word that their new work was not far off. A seven story mural of the album cover was painted over 10 days in Los Angeles, the result and video clip being an amazing time-lapse of the mural coming together. It’s interesting things such as this that make Foster The People such an enjoyable and hyped up band. It’s not just the music, it’s also the members.

7-31-2014 4-24-32 PM

Want a taste of Foster The People? See how the mural came together and check out the hit single ‘Coming Of Age’ below.  If you want more information on Foster The People, be sure to check them out on their official website, or on their Facebook. Let’s all hope they come back to Australia soon! Keep your eyes on the SurfStitch Blog for all the latest music news and featured artists!

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Featured Song

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Phantogram are a duo out of Saratoga Springs, New York who formed in 2007 and never looked back. Their hit 2009 single ‘When I’m Small’ is this week’s ‘Featured Song’ here at SurfStitch. If you saw them at last weekend’s Splendour In The Grass festival, you know how dynamic and engaging the duo’s music can be, and ‘When I’m Small’ is a true appreciation of the amazing sounds they make.Phantogram2

The band are known to play a mix of genres. Whether it be trippy urban styled beats, or more electronic influenced, or even style completely unique to themselves, Phantogram are definitely a band to keep an eye on. The duo was originally named ‘Charlie Everywhere’ and it is profoundly evident they know how to attract audiences through their music. ‘When I’m Small’ is Track 2 on the bands 2009 album ‘Eyelid Movies’ and popularity for the song only continues to grow through to the current days of 2014. The attractive guitar riffs will have you hooked from the beginning, not to mention the amazing melodic singing tones of Sarah Barthel. The duo come together so well each time they perform, whether in the studio or not, and ‘When I’m Small’ signifies this creative musical relationship perfectly.

Originally starting off as school friends, members Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have now grown the band to where they want it to be, touring internationally and playing some of the biggest shows of their careers. The song even featured in both a Gillette commercial in the United States, and also in the opening episode of MTV’s hit show ‘Skins’.

We hope you all enjoy this week’s Featured Song, ‘When I’m Small’ by New York duo ‘Phantogram.’ If you missed them over the weekend at Splendour in the Grass, the track is available for download through iTunes. If you want to learn more on Phantogram, visit their official website, or check out their Facebook page. Keep up to date with all new music information, featured tracks, artists and so much more here on the SurfStitch Blog!

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Splendour in the Grass 2014

Well ladies and gentlemen, time to face that devastating time of year yet again, as Splendour in the Grass has now concluded for 2014, and thus will not be returning for around 365 painful long days. This past weekend saw thousands upon thousands of festival goers hit the North Byron Parklands in Northern New South Wales for an unbelievable time of watching live acts, making new friends, doing it rough camping and everything else in between. Nicknamed Australia’s Coachella, Splendour in the Grass provides people with a two day, three night excuse for good times and of course great music.Splendour4Splendour7

The festival defied the laws of nature, flushing any rumours of rain down the pipes as the sunshine continued over almost the entire event. Splendour in the Grass sees so many performers that there is truly something for everyone’s ears. From the rock set of Interpol, to hip hop artists and even electronic atmospheres, Splendour in the Grass has something for everyone. Though a few minor pull outs from London Grammar and Two Door Cinema Club changed the schedule last minute, things could not have gone smoother as Friday’s acts began with a boom. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino impressed fans at his Sydney performance only days earlier, and Splendour crowds were eager to watch the young actor, director and now musician tear apart his hip hop set. Gambino delivered an amazing performance, now being headlined as the leader of new age rap. If you are curious of where you have seen that face before, Glover stars in the hit comedy sitcom, Community.

It was the much anticipated performance of Outkast, however, who headlined the first night on Friday, which continues to see people talking. The awesome combination of Andre 3000 and Big Boi took to the stage and raised crowds to a new level, playing a mix of both new and older hits. From ‘Ms Jackson’ to ‘Roses’ they kept the huge audience partying for close to two hours, not missing a beat and putting to rest any rumours of an average performance earlier this year at the Coachella festival in the United States. After Friday’s performance, it’s safe to say Outkast have boosted their fans even further, with nothing but great reviews from everyone involved, some even claiming Outkast to be the stand-out performance of the 2014 festival. Splendour in the Grass saw the recently reunited group play the only show in Australia, with people calling it a ‘once in a lifetime’ performance.Splendour5Splendour6

After a night of camping and partying to Outkast, festival goers awoke on Saturday for Day 2 of Splendour in the Grass. Saturday’s line up saw many popular names hitting stages all over the festival grounds. Australian up and comers Sticky Fingers showed their new musical talents, as well as the sounds of Little May. Bigger names that graced Saturday’s stages included Violent Soho, 360, the Jezabels, Foals and City and Colour, all putting on incredible sets and engaging with the the large crowds. Foals were said to almost steal the show from Friday night’s Outkast performance as their set was simply incredible.

As well as being there to see all your favourite artists play sets, Splendour in the Grass has so much more than music. Arts and crafts are abundantly present, as well as chill out zones, mini shopping stalls, foods of all types, and huge inflatable items, one being Lionel Richies famous head, just for something different. An Armish community was even present at the event, building barn doors and hanging out washing, which keeps us all thinking… what’s next?!splendour3

The toll of Splendour In The Grass started to show on some people by the time Sunday morning rolled around, with exhaustion levels being clearly evident on some patrons faces. To others, a quick shower and the remainder of the clean clothes supply was enough to get excited for the final day of the famous festival. Sunday’s line-up included Hilltop Hoods, First Aid Kit, Foster the people and the amazing Lily Allen, not to mention everyone else in between. Though clearly tired, the crowds did not stop their explosive party behaviour, dancing and loving every second of each set.

Lily Allen closed the festival as everyone joined together to say goodbye to Splendour in the Grass for another year on Sunday night. It’s always a sad time when a festival comes to an end, especially when it’s Splendour. Lily, much like every other artist did not disappoint, closing the 2014 festival with a bang. Her voice and performances are simply amazing, and with the inclusion of a Byron Bay/hippie style dress and outfit, it all came together just perfectly.Splendour9

In all, there are too many artists to mention as all played such great sets, hence why they are invited to the Splendour in the first place. Whether it was the performances from Rufus, Ball Park Music, Art vs. Science or the bigger names like Outkast and Lily Allen, the festival never fails to put on a great atmosphere, keeping all festival goers coming back a year later to do it all again. Until then, its recovery time…


If you were unable to attend Splendour In The Grass this year, you have close to a year to organise yourself. The great mix of camping, time with friends and some of the best music acts in the world makes for an unbeatable weekend and is an event that is highly recommended. For more information and to keep up to date on next year’s event, check the official Splendour In The Grass website, or stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog.

*Imagery by Mark Metcalfe & Unknown

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Modern Baseball – You’re Going To Miss It All

Modern Baseball’s ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is an amazing mix of indie-rock and it is with great excitement that the 2014 album takes ‘Album of the Week’ here at SurfStitch. If you’ve heard some of their earlier stuff, you’ll know exactly what we mean by mix of indie-rock and other music styles. The album features anything from slow tempos to faster indie-punk music, while still throwing in other surprises here and there, making ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ such an exciting album. Released on February 17th this year, the album is only the second full recording album by the four young college students from Philadelphia. It hit #97 on the Billboard 200 and its indie-punk sounds continue to reach new audiences all over the world, with Modern Baseball playing a huge European tour later this year to simply meet demand. ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ features 12 different tracks, all with their own feel, helping ensure something for everyone.

Though the captivating rhythms, catchy chorus and matching drum beats might initially be attractive aspects to continue listening, the deep lyrical meanings hold strong value for most, reminding listeners of life during their 20′s, or getting others ready for these years if the audience is a little younger. A time when relationships are coming and going for some, new responsibilities in life are expected and new opportunities and changes hit life everyday. Modern Baseball have once again been clever in mixing the good times with the emotional roller-coaster that is these years in life, with younger audiences relating directly, and older audiences reminiscing on these times in their own life.


‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is a great album full stop. It’s one you can put on, listen to from start to end and manage to not skip one single track. Modern Baseball seem have taken influences from many different bands and musicians, combining them all for an awesome combination that is their own. Some of the faster tunes hold strong similarities to older Blink 182 music, while the slower tracks sound a little like Kings Of Leon or Weezer, although still remaining completely unique.

A language warning is recommended for this album. Although not in every song, there are a few words some may find offensive that slip through the cracks. Enjoy Track 4 from ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’,  called ‘Apartment.’

If you like the new sounds from Modern Baseball, you are not alone. ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is available on iTunes, Vinyl and CD for your listening convenience. For more information on Modern Baseball, check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you are lucky enough to be travelling to Europe later in the year, be sure to check out their tour dates so you can catch plenty of the hit tracks off ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ live in person!

Enjoy the music and be sure to keep up to date with everything else here on the SurfStitch Blog

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Like indie rock music with a catchy tune? What about some fun lyrics and great use of instruments? If these aspects are right up your alley, then look no further. This week, it’s Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On’ that takes our Featured Song, and if you haven’t heard it before, you are in for a treat. The track is a main driving factor in the success of their 2004 album ‘Good News For People Who Love Bad News’ with ‘Float On’ being rated as one of the best songs of the year, worldwide. This brought unheard of audiences to the Modest Mouse scene, who originally were quite a specified fan base.

A mix of their own indie sounds, ‘Float On’ has put Modest Mouse on the official map and has itself, been very successful. The track got all the way to #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts, and was played almost on repeat on MTV when music was their main focus. While the song is catchy and really engaging, the humorous lyrics can often be forgotten. Modest Mouse front man Isaac Brock sings these in his quirky upward tone, a prime example being “a fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scam, It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand.’

‘Float On’ is not only a headline song for Modest Mouse at every show, it has also been cemented as a great ‘Summer anthem’ for listeners all over the globe. If you are keen to get the positive vibes flowing, go no further than this amazing tune! Want more information on the band? Check out their official website here or have a scroll through their Facebook page! Be sure to keep up to date with everything music here on the SurfStitch Blog!

While we all patiently wait to see some of our favourite musicians and bands at Splendour In The Grass this coming weekend, be sure to check out this weeks Featured Song, ‘Float On’ by Modest Mouse below.

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