Vans Metallica Edition

MetallicaVansVans have always had their roots deep in the music culture, so when they teamed up with influential rock band Metallica it was a sure fit. The footwear capsule created by one of the greatest rock bands of all time consists of Sk8- Hi shoe, laceless and slip on’s designed by each of the four band members. The sneakers feature album art from Metallica’s classic album “Kill Em All” and you can purchase the Vans/ Metallica collaboration at SurfStitch. This is one collaboration made in rock heaven!


Shop the whole Van’s/ Metallica range or choose from our favourites.

      Sk8 Hi Metallica Kill Em All Shoe | Escuela Metallica Robert Trujillo Shoe |        Laceless Metallica Lars Ulrich Shoe | Classic Slip On Metallica Kill Em All Shoe

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David Gonzalez in Possessed To Skate

This clip blew up last year and played a massive part in David Gonzalez being awarded Thrasher mag’s coveted Skater of the Year, putting him in the company of Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds and Danny Way. If you haven’t seen it hit play, and feast your eyes on one of the most face melting parts ever put together…

David Gonzalez Possessed to Skate from VIVE_SKATEBOARDING on Vimeo.

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At SurfStitch we tend to attract staff with a bit of an adventurous spirit. We just love being outside – barefoot wandering, feeling the dirt in between our toes, saltwater hair, wind on our faces. With quite a few staff working out of SurfStitch HQ on the Gold Coast we have a mix of surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders which means that any given month someone could be shredding in Japan or island hopping in Indonesia, fuelling their wanderlust.

We wanted to share a little bit of our outdoor lifestyle with you.

Meet David from Customer Service:

“Skateboarding for me these days is more an excuse to turn a typically mundane task into an enjoyable activity in itself. Filling the gaps between home -> surf -> coffee -> work. The walk/drive may seem like chore but if you’re ripping and weaving between obstacles on the way; you’re living the saying ‘happiness is in the journey, not the destination’.  Be warned: if you’re choosing your destinations wisely, you may develop a facial imbalance because the muscles used to frown will be fairly unused.

Start your next adventure now with some of our iconic skate brands.


Vans Sk8 Hi Shoe – Black 2 Vans Authentic Shoe – Navy 3 Vans Old Skool Shoe – Black

Penny Completes and Penny Nickels shop here!


Obey Lightning Tour Raglan Tee 2 Obey Font Crew Fleece 3 Obey Was Here Crew Fleece

Keep an eye out on SurfStitch New Arrivals for some new exciting skate brands!

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Accessories: Gift With Purchase.

For today’s accessories post I am going to address, possibly the best kind of accessory, a free accessory! That’s right, SurfStitch are currently running out a whole new range of Gift With Purchase products to reward you for shopping…Now that’s my kind of reward! Check out the exciting goodies you can pick up.


Buy any full priced swimwear and enter the code FREESUN to score yourself a pair of Perv sunglasses. If you’re not a bikini wearer and you want to score these shades, just spend over $60 site wide and enter the code SUN and they’re yours to take home also!


If you spend over $80 site wide we’ll throw in a free bikini for the girls and a free tee for the guys.


Spend over $100 and you get to bag a free pair of Skull Candy earphones. Just enter the code SKULLP at checkout.


Looking for a big, beautiful beach towel this Summer? Spend over $150 on SurfStitch and we’ll send you this one for FREE, just enter the code WRAPPED at checkout.


Check this out! If spend over $180 on SurfStitch you’ll get, not one but THREE free gifts in the way of a pack containing a SurfStitch towel, a Keep Cup and a pair of Perv Sunglasses. Simply enter the promo code SUNSHINE at check out.


And now the big one…If you spend over $450 you’ll score yourself a free sector 9 skateboard when you enter the code SKATE at checkout.


For the full range of Gift With Purchase offers and details check out our promo page here. Majority of promo’s will run while stock lasts.




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For The Love Of Vans.

They’re the iconic footwear label that skateboarders everywhere bashed the pavements with before making a long standing reign in the fashion industry as the go to shoe for casual cool. The most famous use of Van’s, for me, is in my all time favourite movie Lords Of Dogtown where the street rat skatey kids wore nothing else and the more beat up they got the better they became.

The celebrity set have taken on quickly as well with the iconic footwear almost being worn like a badge that says “I’m not here to impress anyone” and “I value comfortable cool.”

Kristen Stewart.

Gavin Rossdale

Adam Brody

Kristen Cavallari

Nikki Reed

Vans have far surpassed the classic Authentic’s in your basic blue’s, red’s, black’s and grey’s and have moved on to creative a wild and wonderful collection of colourful collaborations and styles. So whether you’re fashion forward or just keen to stick to the basics, Vans will always be the footwear label to deliver every time.


1. Vans Era Doren Shoe- Multi Stripe $99.95. Shop Men’s or Women’s

2. Vans Chauffeur Shoe- Navy Tan $79.95. Shop Men’s

3. Vans Sk8 Hi Slim Shoe- Orange Hawaiian $109.95. Shop Men’s or Women’s


1. Vans Authentic Shoe- Black $89.95. Shop Men’s or Women’s

2. Vans Classic Slip On Shoe- Black/ White Checker $89.98. Shop here

3. Vans Authentic Shoe- Navy $89.95. Shop Men’s or Women’s

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And the winner is…..


Can you believe it? Just this morning, Mr. Tony Hawk (the Don of skating!) dropped in on Mr. John Florence’s midday coffee at Lofty Bean in Encinitas, and handed him a Kustom shoebox with $50, 000 cash in it. Would you be pleased? The 19-year-old Hawaiian’s winning ticket was big and perfectly-stuck frontside stalefish spin. In a decision made by you, the people, John beat Chippa Wilson, Ryan Callinan, Matt Meola and Albee Layer. Spending 10 days on a boat with the sole purpose of innovative surfing is good. Landing the best air and scooping $50k is better. Congrats, dear John.

For more Airstrike related vision and sound, go here.

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SINCE 66 By Vans.

How do you fit 46-years into 7 minutes? Well it seems Eliot Rausch has done a bloody good job trying!

Released on International Surfing Day, this new mini-doco by Vans, titled Since 66, encompasses the core ethos that has guided the brand since the beginning.

Featuring the insights of many members of the Vans family including Steve Van Doren, Ray Barbee, Steve Caballero, Leila Hurst, Keith Morris, Stephen Murray, Tony Alva, Russ Pope, and Christian Hosoi, it’s definitely worth a look.

SINCE 66 from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

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Kilian Martin. Altered Route.

Courageous. Innovative. Original. Skateboarder Kilian Martin and filmmaker Brett Novak join forces to present Altered Route, one hell of a skate film! Martin turns skating into an art form while ‘doing his thing’ at an abandoned water park.


Kilian Martin: Altered Route (a Skate Film) from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

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