The unbelievable Nyjah Huston has won Stop 2 of the Nike SB Street League of Skateboarding, held at the Gallen Centre in Los Angeles over the weekend. Despite having a bad wipe out early in the day on Saturday during the practice runs and claiming he would not skate the remainder of the event, Nyjah came back to prove to himself and others, what he was capable of. The 20 year old lived up to his standard of pulling off unbelievable technical tricks, wowing audiences and judges alike.Nyjahwinnike

After a fall injured his wrist and leg during Saturday’s practice run, Nyjah said getting out of bed the following day almost did not happen. When asked how he felt on winning, he said “I seriously have no idea, today was definitely a stressful one.”

Friends and other professional skateboarders Chad Ortiz and Torey Pudwell placed in at second and third at the second Street League event, though could not match the technical antics Huston continued to throw through his competitive campaign. The win sees Nyjah pocket $100,000 in prize money and after also claiming victory at Stop 1 of the Street League only 2 weeks ago, he is now in the running to take the entire competition series as the Super Crown Championship of the Nike SB Street League of Skateboarding is held next month.

It was not as simple as people may think for Huston to take the win, despite his successful run of 2014. All competitors showed impressive displays of different tricks, with the leading position changing repetitively between the final three competitors. While Ortiz and Pudwell secured some great combination scores, it was Nyjah taking things to the next level, going for a huge backside kickflip over the manual pads and into the flats. Breaking his front truck completely off his board after a few attempts, it was thanks to the kindness of Aussie team mate Shane O’Neill and a borrowed board that would help secure the landing of this trick. The completed trick saw Nyjah gain first place and secure one of only two 9 point scores in the entire event.nyjahwinnike1nyjah2

Another stand out performance was that from Australian style master, Shane ‘Nugget’ O’Neill. Although not making the top three, O’Neill took out second place in Diamond Life After Party ‘Best Trick’ session, pocketing a sweet $1,500 with a nollieflip crooked grind, nollieflip out on the 20 foot ledge. Though not winning the second stop in Los Angeles, O’Neill is also eligible to take out the Super Crown Championship next month, along with Nyjah and six other competitors.

What’s on everyone’s mind is ‘Will Nyjah continue to lead the score and take out the Street League Super Crown Competition next month in New Jersey?’ Only time will tell. Below are the top 8 contenders to take the win of the Super Crown Championships next month. If you’ve seen these guys before, its clearly anyone’s game.Supercrown*All imagery by Nike and Cory Williams

Be sure to stay tuned on the SurfStitch Blog for all the latest news and information from the Street League of Skateboarding, presented by Nike SB. To browse all the latest styles and colours from Nike SB, check out the extensive range here on SurfStitch!

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Jack Fardell is leading the new generation of hungry Australian skateboarders. His skills and unbelievable ability to pull off some of the best tricks in sport are only a small justification of this, with Jack making the move to skate hub San Francisco to only further his opportunities. The release of exciting new clip presented by Spitfire Wheels showcases the Gold Coaster’s skills, and due to being available for stream since only last week, the worldwide skateboarding community has been in awe.

Fardell’s controlled mix of both street skating to pools and big bowls is what makes him so exciting to watch. Before making such a major appearance in the international scene, Jack would tear apart the world famous Pizzey Bowl, and in the saying that, the rest of the skatepark that comes with it. Though originally focusing on pure street skating, Fardell soon learnt to adjust and throw in more and more influences of vert skateboarding, with another huge bowl (Elenora) only a stone throw away from his old house. His ability to take full advantage of all skate environments was no doubt a main contribution to Fardell taking out the Slam Magazine 2014 Skater Of The Year in March, an award that all young Australian skateboarders one day wish to hold. To further his success, Jack has also graced the cover of Transworld Magazine in February this year.jackpizJackElenoraJackframeJack2

Since making the move to San Fransisco late last year, Fardell has only opened his game to more opportunities. It’s a well known fact that skateboarders from all over the globe move to the United States to chase their dreams, as this is the Mecca of skateboarding worldwide. Jack not only made the move to America, but also to the city that boasts some of the best skateboarding spots on the planet. The video shows these amazing spots, and Jacks ability to tear them to shreds.

Watch the latest clip ‘Hit and Run’ presented by Spitfire Wheels.

Like Jack’s style? Shop some of his sponsors: Hurley, Spitfire, Independent, Globe and Anti Hero

*Imagery by Rome Tori, Dave Adair, Hurley and unknown.

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This Saturday the 19th of July see’s the ‘Make It Count’ skateboard competition hit Geelong, presented by our friends at Element. The event is part of an international series, with other rounds of competition being held all over the globe, including Europe and both North and South America’s. With a heap of great prizes on offer, this opportunity is huge for skateboarders everywhere, and now it’s Australia’s turn to show the rest of the world what we’ve got! Here’s a few images from last years Global Final!element1element2

In the words of Element:

‘Make it count is a series of amateur skateboarding events throughout the world designed to seek out new talent and promote the element message of social awareness, environmental stewardship, and positivity. Rather than a cash prize, the overall winner is awarded unforgettable memories, a taste of culture from around the world, and a newfound vision for a career in skateboarding…truly an experience of a lifetime.’

To learn more about ‘Make It Count’ visit their website here. Watch the awesome highlights from the Global Final of last year’s ‘Make it Count’ Competition! If that was a year ago, it’s scary to think what this year’s event holds! Enjoy!

* All imagery by Element

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Sheckler, Harris and Mendoza Shred Australia

Ryan Sheckler is no lost name is skateboarding. From being known in the skateboarding world since he pretty much started to walk, to later achieving huge contest wins and even his own TV shows, the Sheckler name isn’t being forgotten by anyone any time soon. Ryan recently made the trip Down Under and linked up with Corbin Harris, Goldy shredder Mikey Mendoza and the crews at Oakley and Red Bull for plenty of fun in the sun. The clip is apart of the Red Bull hosted ‘Sheckler Sessions,’ which give society a sneak peek into the lifestyle of the professional skateboarder, while mixing in a healthy amount of skateboarding to go with it. shekdouble                                                              Imagery: Craig Barrett/Sam McGuire

Check out this clip of Ryan Sheckler’s trip to Australia. Who knows? It might even help with your skate spot checks and give you the insight on a few new ones to go check out!

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Nyjah Huston has taken won Stop 1 of the Nike SB Street League Skateboarding!

Nyjah Huston has wowed other competitors and audiences, yet again being crowned winner of Stop 1 of the Nike SB SLS (Street League Skateboarding) World Tour of Skateboarding in Chicago, presented by Monster Energy.

Though trailing, the 19 year old was able to gain composure and lock in a near perfect Backside 360 Kickflip Lipslide, followed by a Nollie Cab Lipslide, proving to judges he was hungry for victory, and he was taking it. The win locks Nyjah in with a place in the final event, the Street League Super Crown and a sweet $20,000 pay cheque.


streetleague1 Where the magic happened – Nike SB Street League Arenastreetleague2

Huston, known in his younger days for unbelievable skateboarding abilities and dreadlocks almost reaching the ground, has proved himself in the skateboarding world, giving the biggest names in the sport a run for their money. Born in only 1994, Nyjah has had successful years in the Street League competitions, first winning the event in 2010. If you haven’t been already, be sure to keep a close eye on him!

We here at SurfStitch congraluate Nyjah Huston on his win! Keep up to date with all the latest from the Nike SB World Tour of Skateboarding on their website, or here on the SurfStitch Blog. Stop 2 of the SLS will be held in Los Angeles on the 27th July, with all 23 competitors eager to take out the prestigious event and steal the spotlight from Huston.

Like Nyjah’s style? Check out some of his sponsors here: Element Skateboards, DC, Asphalt Yacht Club, Stance Socks and Diamond Supply Co.

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Nitro Circus Australian Cap City Tour 2014

The world’s most exciting live action sports shows have returned to the shores of Australia for the Cap City Tour of May, 2014. The Nitro Circus Crew bring back their outrageous death defying stunts filled with action packed performances, all lead by the main man himself, Travis Pastrana. The Australian Tour started in early May, and has already blessed lucky audiences in Perth and Brisbane with their great shows, exciting audiences of all demographics and backgrounds. The final leg of the Australian tour see’s the team hit Sydney, followed by Melbourne for some epic nights of entertainment later this month.

For those who are unaware, Nitro Circus is a ‘family’ of around 40 extreme sport riders from all over the world, including BMX, FMX, skateboarding and a whole other range of one -of rideable contraptions. Up and running for close to 10 years now, Nitro Circus has proved so entertaining that they have already gained interest for their own TV series and even a  movie, helping them reach audiences worldwide and become leaders in the action sports industry.


In South Africa in February, we out-sold the cricket, the nation’s number one sport, and had our biggest ever show in Johannesburg in front of 35,000 fans” said Nitro Circus CEO Michael Porra.This will be the biggest show in the history of action sports, anywhere in the world”, referring to the 2014 Australian Cap City Tour and first show in Perth.

The Nitro Circus Crew  offer audiences such a unique experience, most say it cannot at all be missed. All members engage the crowd through every aspect of their performances and sure do offer the audience things never seen before. This year’s Australian Tour contains a few ‘world first’ stunts and new additions to the set, including bigger ramps and manoeuvres, which often break world records. The team have already broken new records on the tour so far, the other day completing the first ever 4 person backflip. That’s correct, 4 riders on one motorbike, completing a backflip. Crazy!

The Nitro crew are known to be just damn right adrenaline junkies. In fact, in the last few weeks, leader Travis Pastrana back flipped his motorbike off a ramp landing in a foam pit, all while having his own mother on the front handlebars. A successful and special Mothers Day gift for Mrs. Pastrana that’s for sure. This Tour is the first year Pastrana has performed in Australia since 2011, and audiences are sure to not be let down as the whole team push to go bigger and better each time, especially with the ringleader back in action.

Other stars of the Nitro crew include Aaron “Wheelz’ Fotheringham , a paraplegic athlete who completes the death defying jumps and tricks all while staying seated in his wheelchair. Australian FMX riders Matty McFerran and Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams also perform huge manoeuvres, as well as 20 year old BMX ripper Matt Wyhatt from Victoria.

The Australian Cap City Tour wraps up at the end of this month, with shows in Sydney and Melbourne remaining. Be sure to get along and see the Nitro Circus team go crazy infront of your very own eyes before it sells out! Below are the dates left on Tour, performing at some of the biggest Arena’s in the country:

Fri 23, Sat 24, Sun 25 May – Allphones Arena, Sydney

Thu 29, Fri 30, Sat 31 May & Sun 1 Jun – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

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11 YEAR OLD Keegan Palmer has taken out the Amateur Division of the Red Bull Skate Generation in Brazil, held last week. The Currumbin and Gold Coast local turned 11 in only mid March, and there was no better present than skateboarding with his idols. Competing in international competition and proving himself to the world was just an extra bonus.

The competition is held in the backyard of previous world number one skateboarder and Brazilian, Pedro Barros and is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. It allows for competitors to compete in four separate divisions, giving skateboarders such as Keegan a chance to show their skills and ability to the audiences all over the globe. These four divisions include Amateur, Professional, Pro Master and Pro Legend.



Gold Coast’s Keegan Palmer taking on the world at only 11 – Photo by NewsCorp Australia

It was very exciting being part of such an awesome competition, and winning the amateur section was ­amazing.”

“I went to Brazil last December to qualify for this one and I had to win both the qualifier and the semi-final to make it”.said Keegan



Keegan Palmer in Brazil – photo by NewsCorp Australia

As he said, Keegan travelled to Brazil last December to qualify for the event. He did so with ease, taking out the heats needed in order to qualify for this well-known Red Bull competition. After taking home the win in the Amateur Division, Keegan’s name is now permanently cemented in skateboarder’s minds, not to mention his very own trophy. Keegan and his family travelled to the southern island of Florianopolis in Brazil for two weeks and could not be more pleased with the result.

The youngster already has attracted interest from big name sponsors, including Hurley and Nike SB and although being the youngest competitor at the Red Bull event, no signs of intimidation showed.

Well known Australian professional skateboarder Renton Miller has already stated Keegan isone of the most exciting prospects from Australia for the future’ and many certainly agree. He has the support, skills and determination to take him a long way in the skateboarding world and this is only the beginning.

Now back on the Gold Coast, Keegan is back spending time skating the local parks (two of them for private use) and in the water on his surfboard. “It would be awesome if the Gold Coast hosted an international skating event, but I think we need a better bowl to host it in.” said Keegan. It sure is something we can all sit and wait for.

SurfStitch would like to congratulate Keegan on his amazing efforts in Brazil. We would also like to wish him the very best for his future endeavours as we all can’t wait to see what is in store.

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Vans Metallica Edition

MetallicaVansVans have always had their roots deep in the music culture, so when they teamed up with influential rock band Metallica it was a sure fit. The footwear capsule created by one of the greatest rock bands of all time consists of Sk8- Hi shoe, laceless and slip on’s designed by each of the four band members. The sneakers feature album art from Metallica’s classic album “Kill Em All” and you can purchase the Vans/ Metallica collaboration at SurfStitch. This is one collaboration made in rock heaven!


Shop the whole Van’s/ Metallica range or choose from our favourites.

      Sk8 Hi Metallica Kill Em All Shoe | Escuela Metallica Robert Trujillo Shoe |        Laceless Metallica Lars Ulrich Shoe | Classic Slip On Metallica Kill Em All Shoe

7e6cc6362b5c1e7ce05194fa61737597Images: &

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David Gonzalez in Possessed To Skate

This clip blew up last year and played a massive part in David Gonzalez being awarded Thrasher mag’s coveted Skater of the Year, putting him in the company of Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds and Danny Way. If you haven’t seen it hit play, and feast your eyes on one of the most face melting parts ever put together…

David Gonzalez Possessed to Skate from VIVE_SKATEBOARDING on Vimeo.

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