When Dane Reynolds drops a new clip, it gets everyone psyched. Dane has proven himself to be one of the most entertaining surfers in the world to watch, and this new clip is definitely no different.

In the words of the man himself…

“some NEW S*** from marine layer to keep the stoke alive! it’s mostly b sides from loaded, not many people know, but i tore my mcl 6 wks ago today, and the dr gave me 6-8 wks recovery time, so ‘FEED’ is a celebration of sorts, cause yeah, you’ll be seeing me on the slopes pretty damn soon. oh yeah, and also, there’s a small cameo from now (Noa) Deane. he came and stayed at my house for a few days in Jan. rad.”

Now sit back, relax and get ready for some mind blowing power surfing! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Catching Up With Laura Enever

Here at SurfStitch we’re Australia’s #1 For Surf and Fashion, so who better for us to talk with than professional surfer Laura Enever, one of Australia’s most stylish girls, both in and out of the water. Narrabeen’s Queen has recently released a new quarterly series called ‘I’m Laura’ and we wanted to find out what it’s all about.

We got her on the phone from Iceland.

IM LAURA {a new beginning} from IM LAURA on Vimeo.


Laura, you’re in Iceland! Bit different from your usual tropical trips…

I had a break in competition and really wanted to go somewhere completely different. Basically I spun a globe and Iceland was it. I booked my ticket a week before going!

How is it surfing over there?

So, so cold! Well only if you don’t have the right gear! I only brought along a wetsuit with a hood. The first day I surfed I wore some socks to keep my feet a bit warmer, but my hands were frozen and I lasted about ten minutes! Some locals we met leant me booties and gloves, it made all the difference!

Tell us about your new documentary series.

At the end of 2012 I was feeling a bit run down and a little lost so I decided I wanted to do 2013 differently. In January I set some goals not only for my surfing but for myself personally, I wanted to make this year an unforgettable one. For a while I had this idea about making a reality series that was honest, raw and real and not just about the competition but about life and the pure joys you can find. I met Stefan from Good Cheer Productions in January and instantly realised that we had the same ideas… That’s when I’m Laura came about. Stefan is so creative and has put the series together in a way that’s even better than I ever imagined.

Why quarterly instead of more frequent web clips?

We originally planned on having six episodes but after filming episode one on the Gold Coast and realising just how much time it takes we decided four episodes would fit better with my training, travel and competition. We have so many great ideas but want to take each episode one at a time and see where it leads.

 What has been your highlight of 2013?

My highlight of this year has definitely been travelling to Brazil for the Billabong Rio Pro, I had the most amazing time there. And then of course Iceland has been an unforgettable experience. It’s the most gorgeous, surreal place I have ever seen.

 What are you most looking forward for the remainder of the year? 

I’m just taking everything day by day. It sounds pretty crazy but even though I haven’t had the best results this year, it is already turning into the best year of my life. I’m just doing what makes me happy, trusting myself, learning from mistakes and having good times. I’m looking forward to spending some time back in Australia before heading off to the next contest in France.


 Who or what inspires you style-wise?

I love looking at all of the trends from the international runways as well as reading fashion blogs for ideas to then create my own style. I’m so lucky that Billabong have such amazing collections to work with! I really enjoy dressing up and having a lot of fun with fashion.

What are you three favourite Billabong items available on Surfstitch right now?

 I’m absolutely in love with everything in the Billabong Surf Capsule range!!! I love how fashion forward the suits are! I’m really into lots of colour and clashing prints and patterns at the moment so I’m loving the stripes of the Seeker Mixed Bag Cropped Jean, the Peddler Jean and the State of Mind Skirt for a little bit of Boho chic!


See more of Laura at http://imlaura.tv

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Russian Rally Driving

Y’might know Ken Block from the Youtube clips where he thrashes rally cars around exotic international locations, but what you may not know is that Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes, and a self confessed action sports addict. After netting millions during Extreme sport’s glory days the adrenalin junkie decided he wanted to try his hand at stunt driving, and so he did. His latest clip’s filmed entirely on GoPros sees KB tearing around a Russian ski resort terrorizing skiers.

Shop Snow Gear now: http://www.surfstitch.com/home/snow

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Back In Black.

SurfStitch brand Lee contracted LA skater, filmaker and photographer Mike Piscitelli to shoot their AW 13 wear. And so, with the help of models Cole Mohr and Cora Keegan the following tale of late night rock and roll and anarchy was created all covered in tattoo’s, glitter, torn fabric and of course, the colour black.

Take a look behind the scenes with the video below and don’t forget to check out the new Lee range available on SurfStitch!


Shop these looks here.


Shop these items here.

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( Chromatic )

( Chromatic ) is a new film from Analog that you’ve heard much noise about. Chris ‘Chippa’ Wilson and Nathan Fletcher are the stars, Riley Blakeway is the director. It’s concise (a blunt 22 minutes) and has a 90′s surf film charm to it. There’s no frills. Filmed in Oz, Cali, France, Fiji, Central America and Hawaii, there’s hammers from credits to credits. As Riley says, “because the surfing’s so gnarly in this, especially with bigger airs and bigger waves, I just kinda wanted to let the surfing do the talking. I cut the bullshit.” And the kid ain’t wrong – the surfing is all meat, no fat. Dive in, the water’s warm.

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Dion Agius in a Dubai Wave Pool!

Deep in the Middle East, in a desert mountain range, there is an oasis.  A wonderfully blue oasis.  There are Russian models, a Lamborghini and a perfect man made wave with electric blue water. Heaven on Earth! Perfect for a Globe conceptual short film with Globe conceptual surfer Dion Agius. When the tempo kicks halfway through, you’ll feel it. The frontside varial and air-revs with Kerrupt-style grab are of particular note. Ten points for music, too. Joe G creates magic again. Also captured by DJ Struntz, Beren Hall and Grady Archbold. Watch out for the whole story in Stab Magazine issue 59.  Out now!

Dion has been extraordinarily busy of late, alongside Kai Neville (film auteur) and Mitch Coleborn (Volcom surfer) they have created an eyewear brand. Its name? EPOKHE. Its aim? To exist as something that is theirs, to do whatever they want with. The shades themselves, from what we have seen, are of excellent taste.  Dion wandered into our office the other day, we took some shots, and had a chat.  Just below the second video (which are some out-takes from the wave-pool session), are the photos, he is wearing a Globe tee-o (which will be available in February), and the EPOHKE sunglasses will be available early November.  How exciting!  Enjoy it, friends.


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Strange Chronicles in Strange Places!

Tonino Benson stars in Strange Chronicles in Strange Places. The title should be an indicator that there’ll be no divulging of location. But, ‘Nino kinda kills! Doesn’t it make you wanna roll somewhere tropical?

Air Reverse monotony rating: One skull

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Kolohe Andino and Nick Rozsa!

Kolohe Andino’s been land-striken with an ankle injury for a little over two months now. You might’ve forgotten how amazingly the kid surfs (but probably didn’t). This clip, from Lost, should serve as a very good reminder. It was filmed around San Clemente in June, just before Kolohe hurt himself. There’s some really amazing combos in here. We really hopes to see Mr. Andino back in the brine real soon.

Did you know that, after taking a magnificent coke dive, Nick Rozsa boomerang’d with a digital triumph in the form of Homegrown? Neither did we! Until we read Stab Magazine Issue 59′s bio of Rozsa that is. He and filmer/editor, Chris Papaleo, dominated online for some time with the series, and have now launched a new clip set in the form of Harvest. Above is Harvest Y, but you can check out Harvest X here and keep your eyes glued here for Harvest Z.

Oh, and here’s a Salty Beards clip from Mexico.

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Kustom Airstrike – Webisode 4 / 4

Yes!  Here it is. The fourth webisode of Kustom’s Airstrike webisode series. Obviously this is the best one, the climax, the epitome! Matt Meola was injured by this point of the trip, having bounced off the reef (using his skull to break the fall), but his absence is very noticeable.  However, Ryan Callinan, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer and John Florence (and especially that last man) push the limits of what is an acceptable height for aerials. Check out the Kustom Airstrike site here.  The only sad thing is, this is the last episode.  We weep.

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