SurfStitch Swim Preview 14 Has Landed

As we wait for the weather to heat up, brand new drops from the biggest and best brands in swimwear keep turning up. We’ve done you all a favour and put them together on display on incredible models Kate and Zoe, styled to perfection and shot on the sunny Gold Coast.

Follow us from dawn to dusk with your first look at Summer swimwear that’s new to SurfStitch, with the SurfStitch Swim Preview 2014. Get a taste for what’s to come with some of our favourite shots from the campaign, plus the full video. Check it out!

Love what you see? Shop the entire campaign here.






Shop Swim Preview 14

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Audio // Mayhem

Whether your a baseline junkie, a Sunday vibes person or just someone that enjoys listening to music on the go, SurfStitch have the range of audio accessories for you!

If you’re after records or record players, there is something for you. Crosley’s products have been around for nearly a century, innovating and diverging into new ventures. Their latest product recaptures those old vinyl’s that hold the crisp sound of your favourite 90′s hits. These now preserved memories can be re-incarnated and you can flash back to your finest hours as a teen.

tumblr_myc5q5QkLJ1s8lxtlo1_1280 Untitled-1Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable – Red | Crosley Ranchero MP3 And Radio – Black  | Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable – Blue

tumblr_n61q6kOejP1tbxnu5o1_1280tumblr_n61prxwltN1sryuyho1_1280 Pictured Above:  Inertia Music The XX – XX – Vinyl


Universal The Beatles – Abbey Road – Vinyl | Inertia Music Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost – Vinyl | Inertia Music Beirut – The Riptide – Vinyl 

On the run portable speakers are a must for desks or even just for the lazy afternoons sipping on your favourite cider and even for the baseline junkies. Kakkoii have innovated a cool and durable design that belts out a massive 85 dB sound from just a Bluetooth connection.  Also, Nixon’s exciting range of portable speakers, can last a whole day from just one charge.


Kakkoii WOW Speaker – Black | Nixon Blaster Portable Wireless Speaker – Surplus Black | Kakkoii WOW Mini Speaker – Blue 

Now, Headphones or Ear buds. The choice is yours, but here is a range of products that we here at SurfStitch have for your eargasms to begin.

For the Headphone lovers, SkullCandy are pushing the limits when it comes to their range of headphones. They have your favourite basketball teams to even headphones that have a removable earphone to use as a speaker. Marshall provide for the quality lovers of music, with their love for music production and sound, they are leader in the sound department.

tumblr_m3cs3mMHkC1qmbr23o1_500 tumblr_m8ddntHolM1ryug0no1_400tumblr_lyfniwqEDn1qk300yo1_500tumblr_n6o6xjsQdV1qiswuzo1_500headphonesSkullcandy Hesh 2 Kolohe Headphone – Kolohe Maroon Chrome | Marshall Major Headphones – Pitch Black | Skullcandy Cassette Headphones – Black Black

For the Earbud lovers, Marshall have a great quality sound perfect for your recording sessions in the garage as well as your jam outs! Nixon have a crisp clean design and sound also Marley have entered the audio race with their cool, Jamaican designed ear buds.

tumblr_n7ocvjpD7a1to5xfco1_500EarbudsMarshall Minor Earbuds – Black | NixonEncore Earbuds – All Black  | Marley Smile Jamacia Mic Earbuds – Fire

Images sourced from: Tumblr and others unknown. 

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Travel Essentials

Before any amazing trip can begin, comes the truly frustrating process of packing. No matter how long I go away for, be it a few days, weeks or months, I always manage to over pack.

Luckily, due to a combination of having to pack many bags and having my family lend many helping hands, I’ve managed to squeeze everything into my pack that I think I will need or use over the next four months.


Now of course when people travel we all have the items that they “can’t leave home without”- which is definitely true. My staples are things like moisturiser (I’m a bit of a fiend), face wipes, my Kindle, Lonely Planet, sun cream, locks for my bag, camera and of course, the right adaptors! However, whenever I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel, there are always a few items that I take along with me in order to make my trip a bit easier.

-Speakers. I love listening to music, and rarely have a silent moment so speakers are a must for my travels. Obviously for ease of packing and movement, small lightweight are preferable, but there are so many brands out there that you can take your pick. SurfStitch has some great options, including Nixon and Kakkoii Speakers.

-Handbag. Now I don’t mean one of those Mary Poppins you-can-fit-anything-and-everything-into-this-bag kind of bag – I mean a good, small to medium sized over the shoulder bag, preferably with a few different compartments. I personally wouldn’t carry a money belt – I find them uncomfortable (and ugly) and I always feel like if I wear one I may as we’ll wear a sign strapped to my face saying “I’m a tourist: you can try rip me off!”. Probably not such a concern for European countries, but a definite one for Asia and South America.

I have found that over the shoulder length strap gives me the extra security when I’m out of a night or just in more crowded places – you can pop it over your shoulder and have the bag sitting in front of you, making it far more difficult of anyone to slip something out of it. In fact, when I was in Vietnam over the summer, it was because I had my bag over my shoulder that a near robbery was only a near one and not a successful one! The compartments are a personal preference as I tend to carry lots of bits and pieces with me, so it just makes them easier to find.

- Power board. This is a bit of a strange suggestion, but these days we travel with so much technology – iPods, phones, Kindles, lap tops, cameras and more! More often than not, hostels will provide only one (if that!) power outlet per bed. So to make sure you can charge everything at once and make sure you can take that perfect photo or listen to your favourite song, use a power board! Doesn’t have to be a huge one – I’m taking one with four outlets – more than enough!

- Travel Wallet. Travelling is the perfect time to purge your wallet of all those extra cards and receipts that you just don’t use anymore. Again, SurfStitch has some great options, with Burton being my favourite, but it really depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a smaller size, I find that a small card holder is ideal- the only down side is that it doesn’t have any space for coins. If this is what you are after, i’d go for Bellroy- SurfStitch offer a heap of different sizes, all super compact and made from leather too, which is always nice.

My final word of wisdom is when you’re packing and you run into the inveitable situation of trying to decide between two tops or trying to squeeze in that extra pair of shoes. The solution: rolling and stuffing undies!  Rolling everything saves so much more space and also keeps some clothes looking less crinkles – which when you’re living out of a bag for months is quite nice. Just to further maximise your space-to-clothes ratio, saving packing your unmentionables until last and then fill all the gaps in your bag with underwear! Stuff them in shoes (helps flats keep their shape girls!), squeeze them down the side- any space you can see, fill it with undies!

Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful for you! I know everyone has their own packing secrets – feel free to share some!

Next post will be from London- until then!!

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Accessories: Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid cameras are up there with the coolest accessories available. Regardless if you are surfing, working, travelling or just simply hanging out, polaroid cameras give you the ability to snap up life’s special moments, right as they unfold. Not only are they there to snap up your favourite memories, they also include the printed hard copy, something that since the smart phone, has been almost forgotten.

polaroid1 polaroid3TUMBLR

No matter the occasion, there is never a dull moment when your polaroid camera is by your side. Not only are they a heap of fun to use, they also give photos an interesting retro feel. There are no ‘do-overs’ like people have become immune to with modern day photography, polaroids simply capture the moment then and there.


Why stop at snapping the perfect picture? Polaroids give you the ability to make creative displays and collages for the world to see! Ditch the phone screen and bring real photos back with some creativity!

polaroid8FLICKRpolaroid9FLICKRpolaroid11TUMBLR* All imagery Tumblr, Flickr and Unknown

Want the ability to snap polariod’s without them costing you an arm and a leg? Never fear! SurfStitch have you covered!


Check out all the latest polaroid cameras, film and camera accessories at SurfStitch and begin snapping, creating and loving your own polaroid collage collection!

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Womens Trend: Wistfully White

Maybe it’s because the low Winter temps are making us dream of a Summer sunshine, or maybe it’s because this colour accentuates your tan and brings a new element of sophistication to your wardrobe, but we are currently crushing on the colour white.

Top to toe or with other colours and textures thrown in the mix, wistful whites will have you thinking of Summer in the South of France! Add a fedora and a mens style leather watch to your white dress or complete for that Euro Summer look. Take a look at some wistfully white inspiration we’ve come across and shop our favourites.




Three of Something Gradient Cami – White | Jaggar LA Pant – White Denim | Converse Womens Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Shoe – White




Minkpink Sleepless City Tunic Dress – Off White | Windsor Smith Fend Leather Sandal – White | Minc Collections The Pendulum Necklace – Silver




Billabong Secret Moon Top – White | Zulu and Zephyr Ethereal Skirt – White | Birkenstock Womens Arizona Sandal – White



Imagery from Harpers Bazaar, WhoWhatWear, La Dolce Vita Blog and others unknown.

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If you’re looking to add some sparkle to an outfit… we’ve got you covered! 8 Other Reasons is a stylish and affordable jewellery brand that will add a little excitement to any outfit.

Check out the full range here. 

6-12-2014 3-48-39 PM

8 Other Reasons Easy E Ring Set                   8 Other Reasons Survivor Cuff

6-12-2014 3-48-57 PM

8 Other Reasons 8 Degrees Body Chain           8 Other Reasons Survivor Ring Set

6-12-2014 3-34-40 PM6-12-2014 3-38-46 PM 6-12-2014 3-37-46 PM 6-12-2014 3-37-34 PM 6-12-2014 3-36-52 PM 6-12-2014 3-36-18 PM 6-12-2014 3-35-59 PM 6-12-2014 3-35-44 PM


Images sourced from


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Winter’s here: Beanie Season

The official Winter season (rather than fashion’s version of Winter) has now set in, and we’re all going to be feeling the chill as the temperatures drop. Now is the perfect time to prepare with your trusty early-morning loving and bad-hair day best friend, the beanie.

Go for neutral colours such as various shades of grey and beige, or with black for a versatile piece, and pair with your hair out and your best Winter wardrobe. It’s a cute accessory addition to your wardrobe and as mentioned – let’s you get lazy with the upkeep of your ‘do!

Check out some beanie inspo and shop some of our SurfStitch favourites.



Nixon Pop Beanie – Black | Stussy Schiffer Tall Beanie – White | Roxy Tram Beanie – Bright White



Billabong Bohemian Beanie | Stussy Coco Tall Beanie – Neon Pink | Rip Curl Legend Beanie – Grey Marle



Flex Fit Interlocked Basics Weaved Beanie – Grey | Billabong Spinner Jacquard Beanie – Camo | Volcom Holi Beanie – Pink



Fallenbrokenstreet The Transend Beanie | Rip Curl Amaryllis Slouch Beanie – Ginger | VonZipper Coco Beanie – Dawn



Afends Gone Fishin Beanie – Red Navy Marle | Nixon Kinley Beanie – Black | Rip Curl Yolo Pom Pom Beanie


Imagery from Liz Marie Blog, Fashion Squad, They All Hate Us, Top Shelf Clothes and others unknown.

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Watch Time

Today’s range of watches means there is such a variety dropping into the scene. Whether you wear it for practicality or for style there is a watch out there for you. SurfStich’s range of watches is expanding and still are, understanding that there are many different styles that are being pushed into the surf and fashion scene.

Technology is rapidly pushing the practicality of watches to their limit lately, the inclusion of Nixon’s and Ripcurl’s tide watches have taken off. Surfers can observe the tide and count the waves whilst of course seeing the time of the day. These watches provide durability, flexibility and an extra brain, the rubber series of watches are programmed with over 200 beaches globally.


Nixon Lodown Watch – Matte Black Surplus



 Ripcurl Trestles Oceansearch Pu Watch – Midnight 


On the other hand, the simple incorporation of various browns, golds and blacks for the dress watches make them wearable with any outfit. Timex and Komono offer simply designed watches that compliment any outfit for any occasion. It may be for a dinner, or just for work but looking the part with a classy watch is a must.

Men these are a must to impress the ladies!


Komono The Magnus Watch – Silver Burgundy 


Timex Easy Reader Watch – Black Silver White



Image source:,,

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Hats for Days

Can one person ever have enough hats? No…no they cannot!

They are a multipurpose and transeasonal fashion accessory, they easily add a nice touch to a simple outfit, great for those days you can’t be bothered brushing your hair, and even better for those days you feel like hiding your face. You can wear them to the beach in summer and you can wear them on a rainy day in winter, and this is why you can never have enough…. well, thats just my excuse anyway!

We have a a pretty extensive variety of hats for men and women on, check them out here. Lady’s, don’t be afraid to shop in the fella’s category and vice versa, as most of the hats are unisex!

0c996cdbd1b7b152a7b9ff4f97f2b044 7aab19b2ecead2d5e414fe2414b5fbe8 22 b7a904cf9cf83b5edb89e353f5f46a22 katyfbs new-little-hippie-hat1 Polo_City_2014_fallen_broken_street_straw ROAR FINAL #112 Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 11.36.50 AM SU14-Life-M-Floyd-01SU14-Life-M-Tiller-018ee63b3446641d15c1898d665aa72b90 Blog-FF-Cassidy-Brixton-05 5-20-2014 6-03-27 PM

FallenBrokenStreet The New Little Hippie Hat | FallenBrokenStreet The Dingo Hat5-20-2014 5-57-46 PM

Brixton Messer Fedora Hat | Brixton Gia Hat5-20-2014 6-03-57 PM

 FallenBrokenStreet The Dingo Hat | Rythm Pocket Hat


Images sourced from Brixton, FallenBrokenStreet and 



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They’re a boutique sunglasses brand taking SurfStitch, and the world by storm, with a classic element and a quality design. Add an edge to every look with the right pair of Raen shades for you.

Check out some of our favourites, modelled by the smokin’ hot Sahara Ray. Why will you love these shades? They’re high fashion, highly complementary to the face, they’re handmade and most of all, they’re timeless. Your pair of Raen‘s will last you a lifetime. Enjoy!


Raen Volant Sunglasses – All Black

The Volant in other colours:


Raen Volant Sunglasses – Crystal Front Brindle Temple | Raen Volant Sunglasses – Matte Ivory Front Lynx Temple | Raen Volant Sunglasses – Crystal Rose Front Calico


Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Crystal Rose Brindle

The Arkin in other colours:


Raen Arkin Sunglasses – All Black | Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Calico | Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Crystal


Raen Castor Sunglasses – Brindle Tortoise with Japanese Gold and Manzanita with Japanese Gold

Other styles you’ll love – the Convoy:


Raen Convoy Sunglasses – Black | Raen Convoy Polarised Sunflasses – Brindle Tort Japanese Gold | Raen Convoy Sunglasses – Woodgrain Gunmetal


Raen Castor Sunglasses – Brindle Tortoise with Japanese Gold

Other styles you’ll love – the Luci:


Raen Luci Sunglasses – Black and Silver | Raen Luci Polarised Sunglasses – Joplin and Japanese Gold | Raen Luci Sunglasses – Patti and Japanese Gold


Raen Volant Sunglasses – All Black

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