Albee Layer and Matt Meola’s The Isle

You might’ve been waiting for this. It’s Albee Layer’s double oop!  A coupla months back Stab Magazine ran an article about it, but the footage was sealed up in a code-protected safe, until very recently. It’s been released in the latest episode of Albee and Matt Meola’s series, The Isle. While the spin happens at around 8:30, might we suggest watching the whole clip and allowing the suspense to build? The rest of the clip is actually excellent.

When Stab asked Albee what the rotation is exactly, he said: “That’s the thing with surfing, every rotation is different. On a half pipe you come up straight and come down whatever way. I think it’s more of a 540 than a 720. You do a 720, but the 540 is actually done in the air. I have a feeling people are gonna argue that for a while.”

And argue you shall!

You can read the full interview here on Stab!  It ain’t bad.

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Shane Dorian and Super Crew welcome Jaws Back

Yesterday, the first real swell of this year’s Hawaiian winter season hit. And Jaws was on. It wasn’t as big as it can get, but it was definitely as perfect as it gets. Over the last coupla seasons, a certain team of men have fallen outta love with tow ropes. So, when phones, swell charts and social media lit up last night, paddle step-ups were waxed. One of the men who left his tow-board sheathed was Shane Dorian. You might know him as one of the Momentum generation’s biggest stars. Or, more likely as waterman of the year. Or, perhaps even as the star of that gritty new hunting knife ad. Either way, Shane’s performance had Albee Layer saying via social media: “Wave of the year @shanedorian I just got speechless”, as well as his pal, Matt Meola, who commented: “Biggest wave ever paddled @shanedorian.” Stab asked Shane to take us back into the zone with him…

Stab: Opening day!
Shane Dorian: That was the first real swell of the year, for Hawaii! I had some new boards and I’d missed that swell in Fiji, so I really wanted to try and make myself go the next swell that looked like it had a lot of potential. And, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. It was so good, such a good afternoon. It was really big for paddling. Big and scary, f’sure. It was beautiful, for most of the session it was glassy like Indo. Just perfect, really. There was a huge crew, a lot of great guys out there. Almost too many to name. There was Ian Walsh, Mark Healey, Billy Kemper, Kai Barger, Tom Dosland, Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Nathan Fletcher, Makua Rothman… pretty much everyone you can name, all the best paddle guys were out there charging.

If this were 2010, would this session have been all tow? No doubt about it. In years past, there would’ve been 30 jetskis out there. Especially cause it was perfect, perfect jaws.

So, there’s a new standard in big wave surfing? I think once you catch a really big wave on your own paddle power, you’re hooked. It’s hard to go back to the jetski if you don’t really need one. There’s certain waves that still require a jetski obviously, but once you paddle into a really big wave, the feeling you get is like nothing you could ever get with a jetski.

What were you riding? I rode a John Carper 10’6″ quad. He made me a coupla really good new boards that I wanted to ride and that was my first time on that board. It felt really great. For a coupla years, paddling Jaws, I’ve been riding the same kinda 10’6″ quad. I really like the quad setup. I don’t think they’re for every break, but they go a lot faster than thrusters, for me. They don’t track very much at all and they just go really fast.

“I think once you catch a really big wave on your own paddle power, you’re hooked. It’s hard to go back to the jetski if you don’t really need one.” – Shane Dorian

What was the highlight? My last wave was definitely the best wave I’ve ever caught. It had it all, it was big, scary, gnarly, it had a spooky drop with a little Shipsterns bump in it at the bottom. I almost ate shit. There was a whole lot going on, it was just so exciting and really fun. I was screaming my head off. It wasn’t the deepest barrel but it was pretty good. There were just so many good waves ridden. Makua Rothman got a really, really big paddle wave, and so did Greg Long. Pretty much everyone that was out there got bombs.

Having that many pals in the lineup’s gotta lighten the vibe? It’s sick when everyone knows what they’re doing, too, y’know? When there’s a lot of good surfers out there and you’re watching guys kill it. When you’re watching guys put their heads down, take the really big ones and make it, and surf really well, it gets you fired up. There was definitely a lot of that going one. Guys like Matt Meola and Albee, Makua, Ian, Healey, it was the cream of the crop out there.

What do you think about when your head’s down, digging in? It happens so quickly. I try to make the best decisions. For me, my number one goal is to not let my ego take over. I don’t wanna choose to go on a wave for anything except wanting a good ride. I don’t want it to come from a place like, I need to do this ’cause it’s my job or some bullshit. I want it to be ’cause I want to do it. So I just try to listen to that when I’m out there. If the wave feels like I’m ‘sposed to ride it, I go.

Is that an easy trap to fall into? Just going because there’s a million people in the channel and you wanna be the hero? I think it’s human nature. Especially with men, y’know, we have our egos. Its human nature to get all psyched and wanna get a big one, especially when you see other guys getting good ones. Everybody has their day, their opportunity.

What do you eat the night before and morning of a huge swell? We went to Ian Walsh’s mum’s house last night, she made us an amazing baked chicken with mixed greens, it was an incredible home-cooked meal. Then today, we knew the swell wasn’t really gonna get going until after lunch, so we basically just hung around the house and, I was nervous, so I was eating all day. I don’t like being hungry and I knew we were gonna surf til dark, so I pretty much stuffed myself silly with cereal and… just food, I ate so much.

What was going on up in the rafters? We parked right in front of Jaws, on the cliff, and that’s where everyone was gathered, hanging out drinking beers and smoking joints, cruising and watching the show. It was a really cool vibe. After I came in from the session, someone handed my a cold Stella Artois and I don’t think beer ever tasted that good.

By Elliot Struck

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And the winner is…..


Can you believe it? Just this morning, Mr. Tony Hawk (the Don of skating!) dropped in on Mr. John Florence’s midday coffee at Lofty Bean in Encinitas, and handed him a Kustom shoebox with $50, 000 cash in it. Would you be pleased? The 19-year-old Hawaiian’s winning ticket was big and perfectly-stuck frontside stalefish spin. In a decision made by you, the people, John beat Chippa Wilson, Ryan Callinan, Matt Meola and Albee Layer. Spending 10 days on a boat with the sole purpose of innovative surfing is good. Landing the best air and scooping $50k is better. Congrats, dear John.

For more Airstrike related vision and sound, go here.

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Vote Now: The 2012 Kustom Airstrike!

You’ve seen what went down in the Mentawais during this year’s Kustom Airstrike boat trip. Now it’s time for jury-duty. Voting has officially opened and it is up to you to decide who takes home the $50, 000.

These clips aren’t the only ones you can vote on, though. There’s plenty more over at the Airstrike site (link at the bottom) – each surfer has four different entries. This is just a little taste. Who do you think’ll be cashing the cheque?


John John (Frontside Full Rotation Air Reverse)


Albee Layer (Backside Full Rotation Air Reverse)


Ryan Callinan (Kerrupt Flip)


Chippa Wilson (Frontside Stalefish Air Reverse)


Matt Meola (Frontside Full Rotation Air Reverse)






Oh, and we are really, very fond of this here clip of Cory Lopez.  He is kind of, very legendary!  Watch away, pals.

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Kustom Airstrike – Webisode 4 / 4

Yes!  Here it is. The fourth webisode of Kustom’s Airstrike webisode series. Obviously this is the best one, the climax, the epitome! Matt Meola was injured by this point of the trip, having bounced off the reef (using his skull to break the fall), but his absence is very noticeable.  However, Ryan Callinan, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer and John Florence (and especially that last man) push the limits of what is an acceptable height for aerials. Check out the Kustom Airstrike site here.  The only sad thing is, this is the last episode.  We weep.

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Oo-wee Dane Reynolds! And, more!

Oow-ee, a new Dane clip? The waves are mini (just like the filmer!) but it isn’t as if that makes his surfing any less riveting. If celebrating any ounce of recent footage that features this man is wrong, then we don’t wanna be right. This one’s called entitled and is soundtracked by Tyvek’s Bicycle Fantasy 1. Here is the link!






Oh, and you want some more clips for your Sunday viewing pleasure?  Dive in, here.  Have a great weekend!

Matt Meola, and Albee Layer!

Gabriel Medina!

Evan Geiselman!

Clay Marzo!


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The 2012 Kustom Airstrike – Webisode Three

Did you enjoy the first two Kustom Airstrike webisodes?  Y’just wait until you see this one.  This instalment is tilted a little more towards the traditional side of surfing.  There are barrels!  And turns!  Featuring the same all-star cast, you know them, John Florence, Ryan Callinan, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer and Matt Meola, this is probs worth a re-watch.  There is one more episode to follow, so don’t be too sad.  Head over to the Airstrike site here, if you wish.  Oh, and by the way, whilst it errs on the traditional style of surfing, there is a lot of innovation in here as well, don’t fret.  Did you see Chippa’s grab-rail?  Oo-wee!

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The 2012 Kustom Airstrike – Webisode 2

Guess what, pals?  Webside Two is here!  And, it’s better than the first.  The 2012 Kustom Airstrike (led by film auteur, Kai Neville) is heading for a glorious climax.   Following the high-flying antics of John Florence, Ryan Callinan, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer and Matt Meola, this series (which is gaining digital steam) is progression in video form.  Wouldn’t dive in expecting a 100 percent make rate though.  But, the commitment!  And the disregard for physical health!  And, the height!!  That’s not to say some amazing things aren’t landed, though.  John lands two aerials, just after the two minute mark, which are kinda scary. Chippa throws in a mean backside roter with a lot of extra sizzle.  And there are many other wild ol’ spins, and some mind-blowing inversions.  Reckon you can guess who is going to take the $50K cheque at the end?  Just click play, we know y’wanna!

Check out the Kustom Airstrike site here.

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Kustom Airstrike: Webisode 1

Webisode One of the highly-anticipated Kustom Airstrike trip has been sent live.  It certainly is not a let-down, and it is certainly worth a view.  Y’don’t believe us?  Click play.  And, watch out for John John’s atmospheric backside reverses.  And, watch out for Chris ‘Chippa’ Wilson’s turbo-speed, stalefish spins.  And, watch out for Matt Meola’s flat-landed full-roters.  And watch out for Ryan Callinan’s Kerrupt flips.  And, watch out for Albee Layer’s sizzled-out, inverted rotations.  Actually, watch out for every second, for this is a clip that keeps you on the tip of your toes.  Please, press play.  This is better than your average, and we’d hate for you to miss it.

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Albee Layer’s Spectrum Mix

Albee Layer, a member of the Kustom Airstrike troupe, the last man to win Innersection, the man who’ll be the first to stomp a 540 (probs), the man who doesn’t seem to care at all about the industry, or his body.  Yup, you know who he is.  His aggressive (like, 100%!) approach to everything he does is so exhilarating to watch, it is so full of charm!  Oh, and Albee’s Hawaiian charm extends far beyond the water as well.  Albee’s musical taste tends to change genres, dabbling in the darker end of the spectrum at times. These, right here, are effective pre-surf sounds.  So don’t hesitate, appreciate!  Don’t fear the clip, either.

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