Feature: Bags and Accessories

Bags define style, each for a different occasion and each helping put the last piece of your outfit together, giving it the finishing touch you were looking for all along. Whether travelling or simply going out for a coffee or surf, we’ve got the right choice for you at SurfStitch with our extensive range of bags and accessories. From handbags to backpacks, duffle bags to travel bags on wheels, you’ll find what you are looking for with all the latest designs at your doorstep. Read more and find your inspiration now!

Every woman needs at least one handbag. Perfect for everyday life, a handbag is a fashion symbol. Match them with another item of your outfit to create a link between colours or make it the lone stand out accessory, a handbag should be there with you catching all life’s moments, while also carrying those important daily essentials!StatusAnxiety1 StatusAnxiety2Bags1

Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Tan | Status Anxiety Passing Moment Bag | Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Black

Backpacks make life a lot easier with their simple over the shoulder designs and styles. From different men’s and women’s styles, to some designed for a specific purpose, a backpack is perfect for a full day of activities or as an extra set of hands for your life adventures!Herschel2Billabongvolcom1Bags2

Herschel Little America Backpack | Volcom Vacations Backpack | Billabong Gardenia BackpackRC1sandqvist2herschel7Burton1Bags3Burton Tinder Backpack | Rip Curl F-light Backpack | Herschel Retreat Backpack

Duffle bags are cylinder shaped bags that are perfect for that weekend away without the big travel bags. Duffle bags are generally slightly bigger than backpack and are surprisingly full of room most of the time, allowing all your necessities to be with you, while still providing the convenience of throwing it over your shoulder.duffle1Bags4

Burton Westrick Duffle Bag | Volcom Vacations Weekender | Herschel Duffle Bag

herschel3Bags5Rains Duffle Bag | Nixon Holdem Duffle Bag | Herschel Novel Overnight Bag

If you are packing all your items away and getting ready for a big trip, a travel bag is the perfect bag for you. With pockets for all products and needs, wheels and a heap of room, the travel bags at SurfStitch are something you cannot look past to take alongside your adventures!D1Bags6

Roxy Long Haul Travel Bag | Billabong Wanderer Traveller | Hurley Roller Cargo Travel Bagp083_SpitRollerBags7

Dakine Carry On Roller | Burton Drifter Roller | Billabong Commute Carry On

Like what you see? Well get ready for more! Whether you are after a little bag to throw over your shoulder, or a bag to throw your life into as you see the world, be sure to browse all bags now at SurfStitch and get your desired one today!

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Brand Feature || Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co, is a company founded in Vancouver, Canada. Herschel is home to 30 residents today, the three generations that were born and raised in this town have today shaped a company that focuses on delivering the finest quality of backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories.

Their company is dedicated to the highest of quality which makes their products such a timeless item to own. Checkout their full product range at SurfStitch.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-1 bag 1

Herschel Supply Co Suede Series Heritage 21L Backpack – Woodland Camo |  Herschel Supply Co Heritage 21L Backpack – Malibu Bone Navy |  Herschel Supply Co Jasper Backpack – 18L – Black SeafoamHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-17 HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-71 josh-clark-bagaccessHerschel Supply Co Hank Wallet – Seafoam Black  | Herschel Cypress Ipad Sleeve – Red Navy  | Herschel Heritage Computer Sleeve 13′ – BlackHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-14lookbook-sp14-9 access 2Herschel Survey Backpack – Khaki | Herschel Supply Co Columbia Satchel – 6L- Navy Red | Herschel Supply Co Market Plus 11L Tote Bag – Army Navy Neon Orange Rubberlookbook-sp14-10 lookbook-sp14-15

Image source: Herschel Supply Co

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A Bag for Every Occasion

There is always going to be a bag for every occasion, if you are travelling light or heavy, adventuring to the beach or even going to work. You will come across an array of bags in your life time, so picking the right bag for the right occasion is essential.

One of the most versatile bags, is unarguably the duffle bag. Overnight stay, to carry on baggage or just to pack in the day’s items. It can be held by the handles or worn over the shoulder making it quite a mobile bag. Here are some styles that will help your bag blend in or stand out.

Bag 3

 Nixon Pipes Duffle Bag – Black Black Wash | Herschel Supply Co Novel 39L Duffle Bag – Navy Red Woodland Camo| Herschel Supply Co Cotton Canvas Duffle Bag Washed Navy Navy KhakiBag 4

Rip curl Daisey Gear 48L Bag – Black  | Volcom Vacations Weekender Bag – 37L – Tan | Nixon Pipes Duffle Bag – Seaweed Paradise


Backpacks and beach bags can have virtually any use and are fitting for any occasion. Travelling to the beach or taking it university, these bags can carry anything from your laptop, to your swimmers and even your packed lunch.

bags 5

Nixon Origami Backpack – Khaki Black | Nike SB Rpm Backpack 26L – Med Base Grey | Hurley Compact 2.0 15L Backpack – Black 2 | Rip curl That Stripe Beach Bag – Black


Travel bags; the last thing you will want when travelling is not fitting enough into your bag. Also, identifying your bag can be a nightmare on busy travel days too, so here are some stand out bags that will help you distinguish your bag from the rest!

Bags 1

Herschel Supply Co Parcel 62L Travel Bag – Woodland Camo Orange Rubber | Burton Wheelie Double Decker 92L Travel Bag – Black Plaid | Burton Fleet Roller 92L Travel Bag – Cerulean Woven STRP

Bags 2

Dakine Split Roller 65L Wheelie Bag – Juno | Rip curl Flight 2 Global Confetti 100L Travel Bag – Navy | Volcom Patch Attack 84L Medium Wheelie Bag Barcelona


Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown

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The Backpack.

Once a primary school necessity, now the ultimate accessory: the backpack is back.

No longer just used for transporting your lunch to and from school, or for your hiking trip, the backpack has been fashionably adapted to the chic-est of outfits, and has replaced the handbags of many, both on the runway and on the street.




For the ladies, we’re loving patterns and leather – paired of course with cute summer dresses, Vans, and your pastel-coloured beach cruiser!






Nautical colours and camels seem to be all the rage for the boys – and Herschel has gotten it right (See below for the featured Herschel Backpack). Even Kanye’s getting into it – with snake skin being his choice (let’s be honest…we’re not surprised).


What we love about backpacks is their versatility – taking a leather backpack along with your more sophisticated and clean-lined outfits (blazers, skinny jeans and the like) and the bright aztec prints and earthy coloured backpacks to be teamed your summer dress, or your shorts & muscle tee on your daytime adventures.  

Shop backpacks at SurfStitch.

1. Herschel Little America Backpack – Taupe. 2. Billabong Fly Away Backpack. 3. Herschel Settlement Backpack.

1. Element Teatime Backpack. 2. Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpack. 3. Billabong Shake Up Summer Bag.

1. Rip Curl Bijou Backpack. 2. Incase Shepherd Fairey Canvas Campus Backpack. 3. Herschel Little America Backpack.

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When A Little Is Just Enough.

The most simple way to re-work an outfit and the greatest thing that can go wrong with one. Right now at SurfStitch we are all about accessories with a superb range of shoes, watches, bags, hats, jewellery and sunnies landing on our door step.

It’s the small finishing touches that can really make a personality shine through, so get to know yours today and start accessorising!

Shop all items featured on this page here


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Hands Down, 3 Best Accessories From Coachella.

Coachella weekend two ended in a bang, with exceptional performances and certainly, fashionable festival style. So it’s time we take it to the next level and get up close and personal with some of the top accessories Coachella has to offer. Let’s be honest…accessories, cross body bags and cute-as backpacks stole the show! Here’s a closer look at some of our standout statement pieces.

One of the key trends at this years Coachella was the boho, vintage look with outfits encompassing floral and Aztec prints, denim cut-offs, fringing and of course, cross body bags. Ideal styling for any festival, the cross body bag is perfect for dancing in the big tents, and is extremely practical!

Practical and trendy, the backpack makes quite the impression at this years Coachella Fest. And it’s no wonder really, with backpacks recently making a regular appearance on the tasteful shoulders of celebs such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Whitney Port and Rachel Bilson.

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Blogger Diary. Bluesfest Day 3.

After 2 days of partying at Blues, you would have thought that we were slowing down, but no, it is quite the opposite! Check out our outfits that we have planned for day three …

This Von Zipper muscle tee is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. Super comfy and slightly baggy, I think it compliments the rest of my outfit well. I have paired this with my Insight shorts, Billabong boots (again I know) and MinkPink bag. My boots and bag have proven to be one of my best purchases yet! I have managed to get three days out of them while changing my outfits up considerably. I have a feeling I may be taking these to California too.

Kia wore Jeans yesterday, I thought she was crazy, but it turned out to be a fair decision as it cooled down a lot last night. She has decided to rock a pair of jeans again today with an oversized Spare Tee, Urge Boots and Zanerobe Sunnies.

Kia was lucky enough to head to Sydney to check out Urge’s offices and their new Winter Range (this is where she picked up her boots). She has told me that the stock that Urge will be supplying SurfStitch will not disappoint. Plenty of Leather Boots, Sandals and Shoes, a recipe for an empty wallet!

Purchasing sunglasses is a very personal decision. One thing that I have found with the Zanerobe range at SurfStitch is that although the styles differ significantly, they seem to suit most face shapes and size.

Which is your fave pair of sunnies?

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Blogger Diary. Bluesfest Day 2.

Check out the outfits that we have put together for today’s festivities.

I am not sure if you can tell, but I am a lover of oversized tees. This ‘I need a Taxi tee’ by Wildfox is one of my all time faves. I have coupled this with my Lee shorts, Army boots, MinkPink Bag, Billabong boots and Zanerobe sunnies.

Kia has opted for Jeans this arvo as she isn’t heading down until later. She has coupled this Rusty jeans with a Wildfox tee, Havaianas and Zanerobe Sunnies.

Which outfit is your fave?

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