Marketta Street Style

One of the coolest spots on the Gold Coast to make your dining selection from a wide range of international options, and to enjoy a locally brewed craft beer on a Saturday night is Marketta Street Food in Miami. Wish a buzzing atmosphere, live music and a large number of people in one trendy small space, we thought it’d be an awesome spot to see what Gold Coasters are wearing and to take some street style snaps!

Enjoy some of the style we saw & shop similar styles on SurfStitch! If you live locally, make sure you get over to Marketta Street Food for an awesome, relaxed and very tasty Saturday night.



Steal his style with SurfStitch: Billabong Must Have Beanie – Vintage Indigo | Santa Cruz Big Dot Muscle Tank – Black | Vanishing Elephant Classic Suit Pant – Black Cotton | Vans Sk8 Hi Shoe – Black True White


Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Free People Angel Lace Dress | Windsor Smith Lily Leather Sandal and (Right) Minkpink Dollface Tank | Wrangler Hitch Hiker Shirt – Faded Navy | Billabong Bedlam Skirt – Worn Black | Gallaz Bikie Boot – Black Croc


Steal her style with SurfStitch: (Left) Piper Lane Thunderbird T Back Cami – Black | August Street Marla Short | Roxy Quinta Sandal and (Right) Silent Theory Snow Pocket Tee – Burgundy | Wrangler Strangler Collective Jeans – Black| Converse Mens Chuck Taylor All Star Lo – White


Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Spare Found 3 Quarter Tee | Rusty Spray On Jean – Coated Black | Status Anxiety Lila Wallet – Navy | Kustom Cuban Nights Boot – Tan and (Right) Bless’ed Are The Meek Reset Dress – Black | Dr. Martens Clarissa Sandal – Black | Status Anxiety Passing Moment Bag – Black


Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Feat Basic Tee – Black | Thrills Wasted Army Walkshort | Nixon The Time Teller P Watch – Matte Grey and (Right) Jorge Verve Tank – Aqua | Stylestalker Chillin Skirt – Black



Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Jorge Desert Days Cami – Desert Orange |  Billabong Mind Over Matter Skirt – Black | Urge Congo Sandal – Black and (Middle) Vanishing Elephant LS Shirt – White | Afends Last Call Short – Black | Indy C Contrast Stitch Tote – Tan | Havaianas Slim Metal Black Thong and (Right) Bless’ed Are The Meek Flow Dress | House of Harlow Classic Station Necklace | Status Anxiety Maud Wallet – Cheetah | Nixon the Mini B SS Watch – All Gold | Soles Trans AM Sandal – Black


Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Ladakh Howlin Sweater | Billabong Now or Never Skirt | Kustom Cuban Nights Boot and (Right) Paint it Red New City Crop Top | Tigerlily Loreze Suede Skirt – Ruby | Billabong Frassy Sunset Bag – Coco | Urge Rotterdam Heel – Black


Steal their style with SurfStitch: (Left) Billabong Essential Tanker | Miss Cocoa Plain Beach Pant and (Middle) All About Eve White Breeze Maxi Dress | Levi’s Moto Trucker Vest | 8 Other Reasons The Battle Necklace and (Right) Billabong Silver Linings Tee | Rip Curl Worker Check Shirt | Lee Cut Off Short


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Cameo on the Runway

Beautiful feminine forms, bold classic prints and new age lines – Cameo hit the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and they definitely left an impression! With influential fashion bloggers and models in a social media frenzy over the label’s performance, there is no stopping these guys and their killer designs.

Check out a few standout looks from their runway show and shop some recent Cameo styles on SurfStitch. Keep an eye out for new styles to come!

Cameo - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Cameo - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014


Cameo Run To Me Romper – Black | Cameo Slow Shadow Dress – Ivory Black | Cameo New Light Skirt – Ivory


Cameo With Fire Dress- Pink Posey | Cameo Ways To Go Dress – Black | Cameo All My Days Dress – Black


Cameo Stepping Stone Dress – Tropic Print | Cameo One Life Dress – Emerald | Cameo Lift Off Bomber Jacket – Pink Posey

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Webber Wave Pool: An Insight

The idea of a machine created wave that can provide surfers with the same stoke that comes from riding a natural wave has been somewhat of a nirvana for the surfing industry for the last 10 years.

The industry has followed a two horse race for the past few years, a race between none other than 12 time world champ Kelly Slater, and industry leading shaper Greg Webber. Although each teams project has always had their own merits, it has been Greg and his team that has snared the first significant development victory.

Can you imagine Sitting out at snapper waiting an hour for a wave, or standing and waiting thirty seconds for a wave like this

Can you imagine Sitting out at snapper waiting an hour for a wave, or standing and waiting thirty seconds for a wave like this.

Over the weekend, and early this week, multiple news outlets have spread the details around this victory, a signed memorandum of understanding with surfing entrepeneur David Baird, outlining the broad details of the company’s first installation. Accompanying this news was the release of a brand spanking new video clip – one showing a perfect peeling right, rising and falling around a running tracked shaped pool. The wave is a result of the Kelvin Wave technology generated by the machine running around the inside of the pool. With the ability to change the height and shape of the wave, it seems clear the Webber Wave Pool proposal is going to trigger interest from every surfer on the planet.

What people do need to realise though is this clip is the result of years of work, and significant investment personally from Greg. Multiple scaled pools have been created in Tasmania for testing to ensure the technology is sound from both a operational and commercial perspective.

Initial testing behind the wake of a fishing trawler.

Initial testing behind the wake of a fishing trawler.

Once the news dropped we fired some questions at Greg hoping to catch him still in celebration mood, with enough time on his hands to pen some responses. While we had a million questions we wanted to ask – we refined it down to what we think is a nice little summary to support the stories already out there. Have a read and enjoy the clips and start weaxing your boards for September 2015 – the current scheduled open date!!

Animation of the pool design for the Gold Coast – can you just imagine the tube time we could all clock up?

Wave shape has been the key driving factor, with Greg Webber not settling for anything less than hollow and rippable. Find out more in this clip.

One of the clips that first got us frothing – the fishing trawler wake and the implications for a man made wave park……what seemed a lifetime away back 3 years ago is now almost a reality. Sit back and watch some lads enjoy the wake of a fishing trawler in the Clarence river.

The pool is to be operated by Kelvin Wave technology – here Mr Webber himself breaks down exactly what this technology is.

Originally tested behind fishing trawlers, the Kelvin Wave technology now has a patent behind it – and no one is more clued up on this than Greg Webber himself.

Dan from SurfStitch: So Greg – firstly congratulations on the fabulous news that a memorandum of understanding has been executed! No doubt there were some celebrating done when you signed the dotted line?

Greg Webber: I probably poured a slightly bigger drink that night, but It’s been so long that I’ve made sure I just don’t look to the future at all, so when it happened it made me think, “OK, what do we have to do next?”.

D: How long has the possible relationship with David Baird been on the table for? Has he been getting his hands dirty and involved with design concepts or has he simply been standing by your side?

G: About two years. As for the design side he’s obviously involved in how the wave rate influences the numbers, but as a surfer he said he wants to ride proper barrels and that the pool has to be big enough to do exactly that.

D: The idea that surfers of all skills levels could potentially soon be enjoying world class waves during QLD’s notorious flat spells truly is a fabulous achievement. Do you see the Gold Coast as a template for potential Global Expansion? If so, any other locations on the radar?

G: You’re right the Goldy is on our radar, as it has to be, with about 90,000 surfers being under-supplied with waves. Rabbit Bartholemew set up a meeting with  Mayor Tate and he is very supportive. The thing with the Goldy is that it won’t be one pool. Even with our looped linear that can make 500 waves an hour, there will be a need for more than one pool, more like 7. What if half the surfers on the Goldy wanted to go to the pool at least once a week?

D: Assuming the wave won’t be breaking in very deep water – is there the potential for a carpet burn style of injury from a run in with the bottom?

G: Not with the surfacing that will be used, and where the waves are hollow it’s still in water depths approximately 1.2 times the height of the wave so it’s not like a 5 foot wave on a ledge that is 3 foot deep.

D: Now we know you are a man for the details – so have you set any indicative range around the commercialism of it for an everyday punter? Will it be a day pass style set up with the potential for annual passes? Can you give any indication around costs?

G: I’m not as keen for the annual pass thing or membership but it’s still being discussed. Even though it’s really David’s call on that, we are discussing the merits of all approaches. I’m far more into just paying for what you use, so that  you can’t be hit with the cost of annual pass that for whatever reason you don’t fully get the benefit of. Maybe that’s just because I’ve paid for two gym memberships and never go!!

D: One question everyone has fired around straight away is the potential for competitions at the pool. Some people have reacted saying its unnatural for an event, but do you feel there is really any difference to surfers on the exact same wave as snowboarders or skateboarders in a built half pipe or street course?

G: Yeah that’s one argument, that it hasn’t hurt the half pipe events, where the surface doesn’t move at all. Our best argument though, is that the wave doesn’t have to remain mechanically unchanging throughout the ride, we can vary wave height and wave angle and wave shape by small increments during the ride, so that there will be a random aspect to the wave that is exactly like waves in nature.

D: What role do you feel it will play in the progression of the sport? Do you feel being able to practice at such higher regularity will push the sport to new levels, at least for the junior kids?

G: Sure it will probably change a lot, but I’d rather let the waves we make do the talking.

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INTERVIEW: Model Silka Kurzak

Karla from SurfStitch: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! You must be busy – what new projects have you taken on since winning the Face of QT Fashion Week and Awards?

Silka Kurzak: I’ve been very busy since being named Face of QT Fashion Week & Awards, shooting the campaign for QT Fashion Week and fulfilling media commitments – it’s been a whirlwind of activity and I haven’t had much downtime lately, but I like to stay busy so there’s no complaints here!

K: What are some of your favourite labels showing at QT Fashion Week?

S: I’m not 100% of all the designers that have been confirmed for QT Fashion Week 2014 yet but I’m hoping a lot of the designers from last year will be returning to show again. I really love Talulah, Marlies Dekkers, Ellery, Lisa Brown, Nicola Finetti and Dion Lee, so I’d love to see what they all have in store for the upcoming season! I’m also excited to see what last year’s up and coming designers, especially Peony Swimwear and Muchacho have done.


K: Tell us about your personal style – what do you look for in a fashion brand?

S: My personal style changes depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I like to venture outside of the norm sometimes and would be the person who dares to wear it. I try not to buy based on brand name alone; I do have my favourites but I like to look for something different that not only complements my figure but shows a bit of my personality! My closet is a mix of beautiful vintage designer pieces, European designs and basics from chain stores! I have a lot of unique garments that I’ve picked up on travels with my mother.

K: Describe yourself in three words?

S: Unique, affectionate and bubbly.

electrique swimwear

K: Which Summer pieces are you loving at the moment?

S: I can never go past a great silk kaftan in the Summer but at the moment I’m also really into long jumpsuits, accessorised with sunglasses and a big hat!

K: What are some of your favourite brands on SurfStitch?

S: I think this answer would be a lot shorter if I just listed the brands I don’t like – in fact that list would almost be non-existent. I really love almost all of the brands on SurfStitch, but it would be hard to pass up anything from Zimmermann or Camilla and Marc. I like to keep an open mind about designers and prefer to just buy styles or designs that I like, express who I am and suit my figure.


K: Here at SurfStitch, we believe in shopping online but living offline. How do you like to switch off and live offline?

S: I really believe in taking some ‘me time’ every day to switch off to focus and centre myself. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, a walk on the beach or a session in the gym, I find that this time every day helps me to be the best possible ‘me’ I can be! I also like having that time out from technology to enjoy the simple life.

K: What are some of your favourite travel destinations?

S: I do love a tropical holiday! Anywhere with clear water, sand and a cocktail! Having said that though, some of my best holidays have been in Europe – I especially love Paris, Venice and Milan.


K: You’re off on a tropical holiday and you can only pack five things, what are they?

S: Only five things ??!? Wow, that’s hard. Ok, most definitely sunscreen (gotta be sunsafe!), a good pair of cheeky cut bikinis, a sun lounger with towel, a big floppy hat and a never ending cocktail – for hydration purposes only of course ;-)

K: And finally, five quick questions:

  • Heels or flats? Heel for sure!
  • Beach or pool? Love what mother Earth has to offer – the beach!
  • Night in or night out? Night in – I’m such a homebody!
  • Handbag essentials? Definitely my phone, my favourite lipstick and a Herbalife protein bar!
  • First word that comes to mind when you think of SurfStitch? Satisfaction.


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Beachside Street Style

Karla and Taegen from the SurfStitch marketing team, along with our photographer, Chris headed out to James Street in Burleigh Heads on the sunny Gold Coast to catch a glimpse of what you guys were wearing while out and about!


Eden keeps it casual in a cropped top and denim skirt. Check out a similar skirt here and top here.


Kia and Hannah both rock aviator sunnies and black thongs on their day out. Check out our range of aviators and black thongs.


Inez looks perfectly feminine in floral shorts and white sandals. See similar shorts here and sandals here.


Tamieah rocks the trend of the season with a cropped top and printed shorts. Shop similar shorts here, top here and sandals here.


Sharna and Sami wear a printed playsuit and drop-hemmed dress – shop a similar playsuit here, dress here and denim vest here.


Emily dresses up her black denim shorts and Converse All Stars with a printed top and bag – shop similar top here and bag here.


Tiffany adds a playful touch to her Tigerlily skirt with a plain tee and Converse All Stars. Shop similar skirt here and sunnies here.


Danielle and Jade wear floral prints and lots of black – shop the featured Vans here and similar printed playsuit here.


Emma wears an oversized floral shirt over her bikini and a floppy sunhat shop a similar shirt here and hat here.


Jessica’s felt fedora and printed maxi stand out – shop a similar hat here and skirt here.


Alex stands out in bright shorts and a slogan tank. Shop similar shorts here and top here.


Gabi matches her pastel blue shorts to her strappy sandals. Shop similar shorts here and sandals here.


Rachel’s denim shorts paired with a white singlet and boho accessories are the perfect look for a sunny day. Shop similar shorts here, singlet here, sandals here and jewellery here.

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Recipe: Recovery Juices & Smoothies

There may be a few weary eyes and sore heads hanging around today as the New Years celebrations come to a wind down and the office seems to be nearing closer. There is nothing better than to scare off a hangover and bounce back into it than with a cleansing juice or soothing smoothie. Luckily for me I received a new blender for Christmas so I’ve already been taking mine for a spin (literally) and been blending up those delicious summer fruits. Take a look at a few of my favourites below and fill your body with nutrients to get you feeling your best in 2014!e68f6a0a78ca6d1bcbeb59f8b19e2e9b

THE GREEN JUICE- First recipe is the essential green smoothie and a favourite of health advocate Lorna Jane.-2031387220Blend together 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1/4 cup parsley, 1 cup spinach or kale and add 2 cups of water for blending or leave the water if juicing.

“Nothing beats nourishing first thing in the morning with a zing of lemon and some fresh green apple – now this is my way of waking up.”


THE BERRY SMOOTHIE- This next smoothie is a little bit more fun, it’s a delicious non-dairy breakfast smoothie from Body + Soul.25323-1_nBlitz together in a blender 1 banana, handful of almonds, handful of blueberries, handful or organic oats, sprinkle of chia seeds, 1 cup of skim milk and a few ice cubes.


THE BANANA SMOOTHIE- This is no ordinary banana smoothie with added nutrients with pineapples and orange it incorporates your favourite summer fruits. From the Edible Perspective._MG_8153Blend up, orange juice (add in depending on how thick you like it), plain yoghurt, 1 banana, 1 pineapple, sprinkle chai seeks, sprinkle maca powder and handful of ice.


BOOSTER JUICE: This recipe I got from our lovely friends at Free People. With immune boosters like carrot and ginger this will have you fighting fit in no time.

CARROTJUICE1Simple juice together 1 ginger, 2 oranges and couple of carrots. Add ice and you’re done!





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I’m currently loving any piece that is effortlessly easy, comfortable and cool. With the temperatures rising outside there’s little time to plan outfits as the beach, cocktails and catch up lunches are waiting. Throw on easy to wear items like denim shorts, dainty necklaces and dresses for day or your boyfriend jeans, mini skirt or tee dress for night. Take inspiration from the below bloggers and street style looks and shop some of my favourite outfits currently circulating on SurfStitch.




Nuew Lola Jeanwpid-Photo-25-Dec-2013-1001-pm1



Pigeon Hole Circle Outline Necklacewpid-Photo-26-Dec-2013-829-pm wpid-Photo-26-Dec-2013-1253-pm



Three of Something Initiation Dress8a27057669e395cf1d7022a416c19285



Images: theyallhateus, pinterest & oraclefox

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Merry Christmas from SurfStitch!


On behalf of everyone here at SurfStitch I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is the one time of year to over indulge in delicious food, yummy cocktails and really enjoy being in the company of our friends and family. Hope you all take time out today to reflect on how lucky we are to enjoy Christmas in such a beautiful place whether you plan to take a dip in the ocean, a snag on the BBQ or some fresh prawns get into the jolly spirit. After a busy couple of weeks packing some lucky customers orders we all here truly deserve time to put our feet up and enjoy. Can’t wait to spend another year with you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS and take a look at our silly office really getting into the spirit last week! xmas55827 xmas55830 xmas55832 xmas55837 xmas55841 xmas55865

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Christmas Cracker Recipes


Try these tasty, refreshing and healthy recipes this Christmas Day. From a berry and prawn salad to watermelon cocktail we’ve got your menu sorted. These recipes can easily be made for a large gathering so eat up, share and enjoy (the afternoon nap that follows)!927855bb61920b0364416db5d46abed8

Try this summer cocktail on a sizzling Christmas lunch. With fresh watermelon and mint it will cool you down on even the hottest days. This drink recipe was tried and tested by SurfStitch staffer, Dajana and she guarantees it’s not only refreshing but healthy.

Ingredients: Coconut water, fresh watermelon, fresh mint, bacardi/ vodka, ice, extra mint or strawberries to top.

Method: Mix together coconut water, fresh watermelon, fresh mint, bacardi or vodka. Combine into a food processor with a handful of ice and blend on low until ice is just crushed. Fill a glass and top with fresh mint or strawberries.

For a mocktail option leave out the optional alcohol.



Triple Berry Summer Salad

This salad screams summer! Filled with fresh berries, avocado and an Australian Christmas essential of prawns it’s full and fabulous!

Ingredients: Baby spinach, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, basic, avocado, feta and additional prawns

Method: On a big sharing plate place baby spinach and top with berries, almonds, basic, chopped avocado and fresh prawns. Crumble feta on top then dress with salad dressing (an olive-oil based vinaigrette would be best).





Recipe from: & other images: pinterest

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