SurfStitch present: Sliced (Pudding) – featuring Dion Agius, Craig Anderson and Creed McTaggart!

Get ready to light up your screens with Sliced (Pudding), a new clip featuring the one and only Dion Agius and friends Craig Anderson and Creed McTaggart, presented by SurfStitch! If you have you been stuck in the mind frame of ‘every surf movie looks the same lately,’  take a step back and remember the days when you used to froth over every piece of new footage in the surfing world. There’s no repeated side angles of Teahupo’o and no crowded Pipeline line-up in this one, but rather a mix of punchy reefs and beach breaks in which they all go mental in, cementing their surfing abilities in all of our minds. This new clip by the trio was filmed in just one week on the East Coast of Australia, and the finished product is simply absolutely amazing.

Dion is known for his unique styles in and out of the water, and that’s why we love him. He surfs incredible and is a down to earth, straight up good guy. If you are into huge airs, powerful hacks and epic barrels, put 9 minutes of your life aside and treat yourself to the wonder that is ‘Sliced (Pudding).’ The clip contains mind blowing surfing while also including, well as Dion puts it, “a bunch of other bullsh*t that happens in between.”


Follow Dion and the rest of the guys through the eyes of film maker Toby Cregan as you see first hand the lifestyles they lead, their perspectives and how the trio all surf so well. You’ll truly be blown away with their ability to destroy any wave and line-up they find!

SurfStitch are proud to be apart of such an amazing project, with this being the first of many to come, so stay tuned! With that said, get over that Mondayitis and put your feet up, its time to enjoy our new featured clip ‘Sliced (Pudding).’

SurfStitch Presents: SLICED (Pudding) Dion, Craig and Creed from surfstitch on Vimeo.

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Men’s Trend: Collared Shirts

From the age of about 4 years old the collared shirt has been a must have for every guy’s wardrobe. The button down is a staple piece: being the page boy at your auntie’s wedding to your year 10 formal you can see how versatile a collared shirt really is.

Wear casually with walkshorts or beach shorts or for a night out with some chino pants or your fave pair of jeans.

Get some style inspiration from some of the world’s best surfers!

Dane Gudauskas

Dane G

Dane Reynolds

Nike Lowers Pro, Trestles 2012

Jack Freestone

Jack Freestone

Gudauskas Brothers

Gudauskas Clan

Julian Wilson

HONOLULU, Oahu, Turtle Bay Resort. Thursday 6th 2012. Julian Wilson (AUS) with girlfriend Ashley. Since moving the show to Oahu?s North Shore three years ago, the 2012 SURFER Poll saw its largest turn out ever. From surfing?s best to local legends, the packed house witnessed another historic night, as Kelly Slater (USA) and Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) won this year?s Men?s and Women?s Polls. Gabriel Medina (BRA) won the Andy Irons Break Out Performer of the year award and finished #4 on the Surfer Poll while Dane Reynolds (USA) picked up two awards as well. Photo:

Koa Smith

Koa Smith


Kolohe Andino


Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Here are some of SurfStitch guy’s picks for this season.

Short Sleeved Shirts

Look One

Quiksilver Maui Wowie SS Shirt 2 Billabong Congo SS Shirt 3 Stussy Bones Rayon SS Shirt

Look Three

Wrangler Echo SS Shirt Volcom 2×4 Twill Jeans 3 Vans Authentic Leather Shoe 4 Sunday Somewhere Matahari Sunglasses

Long Sleeved Shirts

Look Two

1 Assembly Depart LS Shirt 2 Wrangler 27MW Traditional LS Shirt 3 RVCA Hot Shaka Laka LS Shirt

Look Four

1 Stussy Bandana Twill LS Shirt 2 Long Lost Guru Denim Short 3 Stussy Bandana 5 Panel Cap 4 Electric Backline Sunglasses

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Surfer Style Steal

Sayonara singlets and bye bye boardshorts. When the weather gets cold it is time to suit up both in and out of the water. There is a chill in the air at SurfStitch HQ which means that it is time for our annual drop of men’s and women’s wetsuits, steamers and springsuits.


Creed Dill

Craig Anderson wetsuit

Craig Anderson

Nat Young2

Nat Young


Dillon Perillo

No matter what your preference – chest zip or back zip wettie or the temperature of the water where you surf SurfStitch will have a wetsuit for you!


1 Rip Curl E Bomb Pro 4×3 GB Chest Zip LS Steamer 2 Billabong Xero Pro 3×2 LS Chest Zip Steamer 3 Quiksilver Synchro 4×3 LS Back Zip Steamer

Chilly mornings in the carpark at your local beach break. Cold bitumen under your feet, toes like little ice cubes, nose is numb ,shivering.

When you can no longer live in your boardies and walkshorts borrow some surf style from some of the world’s best surfers.

Creed Chippa


Dillon Perillo, Chippa Wilson and Creed McTaggart




Julian Wilson

Long sleeve shirts and flannel shirts and perfect for layering and can be easily chucked off if it gets too toasty, pair with a jacket and jeans or chino pants are you are ready to roll.

LS shirts

1 Burton Manchester LS Shirt in Cardinal Tartan 2 Hurley Roll Up LS Shirt in Cyan 3 Billabong Matlock Flannel in Char

Conner Coffin

Conner Coffin

Luke Davis

Luke Davis

Patrick Gud

Patrick Gudauskas

Every guy has a head to it makes sense that every guy needs a beanie! So handy and warm and perfect for early morning dawn patrol.



1 Hurley One and Only Beanie in Black 2 Vans Mismoedig Beanie in New Teal Blue Atoll 3 Billabong Arcade Beanie in Tobacco

JJJohn John Florence

Tanner RozunkoTanner Rozunko

Luke Davis Stance

Luke Davis


1 Stance Haleiwa Socks 2 Stance Bradford Merino Socks 3 Stance 20 Eyes Socks

Finish your Winter warmer outfit off with the perfect pair of socks. Comfortable and built for performance Stance socks are on the feet of pretty much every pro surfer and skater! SurfStitch have a huge range of socks ready for you to slip your feet right in.

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Last week Surfstich’s Basque neighbours at Wavegarden dropped this clip and wow are we excited!  It seems the European wave wizards have upped the size and power on a previously developed setup, and with the endorsements of Dane and Taj credibility has skyrocketed.

Wavegarden 2.0 – June 2013 from wavegarden on Vimeo.

Unlike artificial snow, the Wavegarden has the potential to match, or even be better than the real thing. Here at SS we’re losing our minds over the video, but we still had a few questions so we got Wave Garden’s head of media Felip Verger on the line for some answers…

So Felip, it looks great, but when can we have a go?

We, at Wavegarden, are a technology company and have designed and patented this technology. We are not planning to run any “wavegardens”, but rather to sell installations to customers (who will be running them. Think of us like makers of snow guns, our customers are ski resorts, not the skiers and snowboarders.

I see. So how much to put one in our backyard?

It’s impossible to tell, it depends on many variables. Let’s just say a minimum of three million Euros. A team of investors in Bristol in the UK have estimated they they’ll charge 15 pounds ($25.00AUD) p/hour once their facility is up and running.

Was it hard to get Dane, Taj and the world’s best surfers to test it?

No, not at all. They had all heard of the project and seen the previous videos, so it was easy to get them during the down days of the Quik Pro France. All surfers want to experience new waves! Taj actually sent us a very nice e-mail from Fiji this week, he was stoked on the video.

Is it possible to increase the size? What’s stopping you from making it double overhead?

In a bigger lagoon you can make bigger waves, and also much longer ones. If you have a lagoon one km long, you can make a one km long wave non- stop, keeping the shape and the speed and the power of the wave along the whole journey.

So there you have it, the future of surfing is here.

Now we just need three million Euros…

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Craig Anderson!

Now, have the pleasure of Craig Anderson, bouncing around in Mexico. Some of those barrels make you wanna book a flight straight to Huatulco. As we’ve said before, Quiksilver’s annual trunk videos are some of the best in the game and we’re very fond of them. Oh, they’re made by Kai Neville.

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Kai Neville Studio (2012 Reel)

Last year was of a grand scale for Kai Neville Studio. Dear Suburbia the shining star, obviously, with many more smaller projects in between. Of all the 2012 wrap clips you’ve seen, this is the most visually stunning. There’s no doubt Kai’s at the top of the surf filmmaking game this reel is a clear indication of why. And, ain’t the Chromatics cover of New Order’s Ceremony just excellent?

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Craig, Sterling, Nate, and Nicaragua

Craig Anderson, Sterling Spencer and Nate Tyler in northern Nicaragua. Not the world’s most recent footage, but very good anyhow. Shot by David Malcolm and Jerry Ricciotti and cut by Sterling Spencer to Beach House’s Walk in the Park. Dig on it!

Oh, and y’wanna hear about the Vans World Cup of Surfing’s Round Three?  Click here.

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Jordy, Dane, Kolohe, Yadin, Mick, and more!

The Quiksilver Pro, France wrapped some time ago, we know. But we dig seeing new footage, even if it ain’t still smoking. And, even if it ain’t all stomped moves. We’re fond of seeing what men like Jordy Smith are going for. By Internet standards, this is kinda old. Can you believe that? There’s clips of Jordy, Kolohe Andino, Yadin Nicol, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Mick Fanning and John Florence in here. So, there’s that.

Oh, and one little treat just below.  Nic Von Rupp surfs well, yes?

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Craig Anderson is one of the most relaxed-looking surfers around. But his bag of tricks is hardly relaxed. In fact, it’s the opposite. In DC Shoes’ latest Show and Tell clip, which features the goofy-footer from Newcastle, we get a glimpse into what Craig’s been up to lately.

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