Russian Rally Driving

Y’might know Ken Block from the Youtube clips where he thrashes rally cars around exotic international locations, but what you may not know is that Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes, and a self confessed action sports addict. After netting millions during Extreme sport’s glory days the adrenalin junkie decided he wanted to try his hand at stunt driving, and so he did. His latest clip’s filmed entirely on GoPros sees KB tearing around a Russian ski resort terrorizing skiers.

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New Years Resolutions Resolved!

As the New Year approaches we often take a good hard look at ourselves and decide what parts we would like to improve upon, change or add to. We then rightfully name these our New Year’s resolutions. Well, now the festive season is over. The partying and the over-indulging has come to a halt, we are back at work and we are coming to terms with these resolutions hard and fast.

Resolutions don’t have to be daunting or difficult, it’s all about employing the right tools and attitude and by the end of the year, when these goals are achieved, you will be left with a glowing sense of self. So to give you a helping hand and kick start these goals, I thought I would pick out a few of the resolutions getting around the office and suggest a few tools to assist along the way.


“Standard resolution. This year I’m going to do it I swear! How? With a far more reasonable mapped out way to approach my fitness and health and by finding more creative ways to be active..” – Dajana, Content.

Crop- Running Bare $55. Find it here.

Tights- Lorna Jane $89.99. Find it here.

Runners- DC Shoes $71.97 (on sale!) Find them here.

Skate Board- Freeride $99.99. Find it here.


“I would like to be more active this year and seeing as I work in an office I want to do that by making a conscious decision to spend more time outside on weekends and after work.”- Bianca, Content.

Bike- Bondi Beach Cruiser $499. Find it here.

Tent- Polar $269.95. Find it here.

Singlet- Lorna Jane $49.99. Find it here.

Picnic Set- Sunnylife $99.95. Find it here.


“My New Year’s resolution was to travel this year. I already have a trip booked to Sri Lanka for early April so I’ll be able to tick that of my list” –Jason, Returns.

Travel Bag- Herschel $369. Find it here.

Passport Cover- Wild & Wolf. Find it here.

Pants- Billabong $79.99. Find them here.

Toiletry Bag- Tigerlily $39.95. Find it here.


“With the rapid development of technology I feel like all I ever do these days is take photo’s on my phone or upload images to some form of social media. This New Year I want to take the time to take photo’s with a proper old school camera and print them out and stick them in a frame or a photo album like my mum did when I was young.” –Karla, Social Media.

Camera- Lomography $106. Find it here.

Under Water Camera Case- Lomography $75. Find it here.

Polaroid Frame Magnets- DOIY $19.95. Find them here.

Camera Film- Lomography $14. Find it here.


“I feel as though I need to take a BUNCH of chill pills. I’m always running around and letting simple things bug me a little too much so I’d really like to tackle that in the New Year.” – Samantha, Graphics.

Noise Cancelling Headphone- Beats By Dre $269. Find them here.

Beach Blanket- Billabong $49.95. Find it here.

Candle- Palm Beach Collection $37.95. Find it here.

Water Bottle- Keep Calm Carry On $29.95. Find it here.

Whatever your New Years resolution may be….Good luck and remember to have fun with it!

All images from Acid Wonderland, Snob, Cherry Bam and Gympie Show

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Craig Anderson is one of the most relaxed-looking surfers around. But his bag of tricks is hardly relaxed. In fact, it’s the opposite. In DC Shoes’ latest Show and Tell clip, which features the goofy-footer from Newcastle, we get a glimpse into what Craig’s been up to lately.

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