Feature: Bags and Accessories

Bags define style, each for a different occasion and each helping put the last piece of your outfit together, giving it the finishing touch you were looking for all along. Whether travelling or simply going out for a coffee or surf, we’ve got the right choice for you at SurfStitch with our extensive range of bags and accessories. From handbags to backpacks, duffle bags to travel bags on wheels, you’ll find what you are looking for with all the latest designs at your doorstep. Read more and find your inspiration now!

Every woman needs at least one handbag. Perfect for everyday life, a handbag is a fashion symbol. Match them with another item of your outfit to create a link between colours or make it the lone stand out accessory, a handbag should be there with you catching all life’s moments, while also carrying those important daily essentials!StatusAnxiety1 StatusAnxiety2Bags1

Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Tan | Status Anxiety Passing Moment Bag | Status Anxiety The Lair Bag – Black

Backpacks make life a lot easier with their simple over the shoulder designs and styles. From different men’s and women’s styles, to some designed for a specific purpose, a backpack is perfect for a full day of activities or as an extra set of hands for your life adventures!Herschel2Billabongvolcom1Bags2

Herschel Little America Backpack | Volcom Vacations Backpack | Billabong Gardenia BackpackRC1sandqvist2herschel7Burton1Bags3Burton Tinder Backpack | Rip Curl F-light Backpack | Herschel Retreat Backpack

Duffle bags are cylinder shaped bags that are perfect for that weekend away without the big travel bags. Duffle bags are generally slightly bigger than backpack and are surprisingly full of room most of the time, allowing all your necessities to be with you, while still providing the convenience of throwing it over your shoulder.duffle1Bags4

Burton Westrick Duffle Bag | Volcom Vacations Weekender | Herschel Duffle Bag

herschel3Bags5Rains Duffle Bag | Nixon Holdem Duffle Bag | Herschel Novel Overnight Bag

If you are packing all your items away and getting ready for a big trip, a travel bag is the perfect bag for you. With pockets for all products and needs, wheels and a heap of room, the travel bags at SurfStitch are something you cannot look past to take alongside your adventures!D1Bags6

Roxy Long Haul Travel Bag | Billabong Wanderer Traveller | Hurley Roller Cargo Travel Bagp083_SpitRollerBags7

Dakine Carry On Roller | Burton Drifter Roller | Billabong Commute Carry On

Like what you see? Well get ready for more! Whether you are after a little bag to throw over your shoulder, or a bag to throw your life into as you see the world, be sure to browse all bags now at SurfStitch and get your desired one today!

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Travel Essentials

Before any amazing trip can begin, comes the truly frustrating process of packing. No matter how long I go away for, be it a few days, weeks or months, I always manage to over pack.

Luckily, due to a combination of having to pack many bags and having my family lend many helping hands, I’ve managed to squeeze everything into my pack that I think I will need or use over the next four months.


Now of course when people travel we all have the items that they “can’t leave home without”- which is definitely true. My staples are things like moisturiser (I’m a bit of a fiend), face wipes, my Kindle, Lonely Planet, sun cream, locks for my bag, camera and of course, the right adaptors! However, whenever I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel, there are always a few items that I take along with me in order to make my trip a bit easier.

-Speakers. I love listening to music, and rarely have a silent moment so speakers are a must for my travels. Obviously for ease of packing and movement, small lightweight are preferable, but there are so many brands out there that you can take your pick. SurfStitch has some great options, including Nixon and Kakkoii Speakers.

-Handbag. Now I don’t mean one of those Mary Poppins you-can-fit-anything-and-everything-into-this-bag kind of bag – I mean a good, small to medium sized over the shoulder bag, preferably with a few different compartments. I personally wouldn’t carry a money belt – I find them uncomfortable (and ugly) and I always feel like if I wear one I may as we’ll wear a sign strapped to my face saying “I’m a tourist: you can try rip me off!”. Probably not such a concern for European countries, but a definite one for Asia and South America.

I have found that over the shoulder length strap gives me the extra security when I’m out of a night or just in more crowded places – you can pop it over your shoulder and have the bag sitting in front of you, making it far more difficult of anyone to slip something out of it. In fact, when I was in Vietnam over the summer, it was because I had my bag over my shoulder that a near robbery was only a near one and not a successful one! The compartments are a personal preference as I tend to carry lots of bits and pieces with me, so it just makes them easier to find.

- Power board. This is a bit of a strange suggestion, but these days we travel with so much technology – iPods, phones, Kindles, lap tops, cameras and more! More often than not, hostels will provide only one (if that!) power outlet per bed. So to make sure you can charge everything at once and make sure you can take that perfect photo or listen to your favourite song, use a power board! Doesn’t have to be a huge one – I’m taking one with four outlets – more than enough!

- Travel Wallet. Travelling is the perfect time to purge your wallet of all those extra cards and receipts that you just don’t use anymore. Again, SurfStitch has some great options, with Burton being my favourite, but it really depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a smaller size, I find that a small card holder is ideal- the only down side is that it doesn’t have any space for coins. If this is what you are after, i’d go for Bellroy- SurfStitch offer a heap of different sizes, all super compact and made from leather too, which is always nice.

My final word of wisdom is when you’re packing and you run into the inveitable situation of trying to decide between two tops or trying to squeeze in that extra pair of shoes. The solution: rolling and stuffing undies!  Rolling everything saves so much more space and also keeps some clothes looking less crinkles – which when you’re living out of a bag for months is quite nice. Just to further maximise your space-to-clothes ratio, saving packing your unmentionables until last and then fill all the gaps in your bag with underwear! Stuff them in shoes (helps flats keep their shape girls!), squeeze them down the side- any space you can see, fill it with undies!

Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful for you! I know everyone has their own packing secrets – feel free to share some!

Next post will be from London- until then!!

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New Brand: Indy C.

Making its first drop at SurfStitch this week is accessories range Indy C. Inspired by true individuals like Bjork, Chloe Sevigny & Marianne Faithful, sister’s in Law Cindy and Lucy Tucker scourer the globe each season to create a diverse, on trend and unique range for all the girl’s out there who love a good bit of decoration.

From colour pop bags and belts to intricate and quirky jewellery designs, Indy C will be a go to brand this Spring/ Summer for fun and flirty accessories with a vintage twist.

Ice Cream BeltsBlock Colour Case BagTwo Tone Wallets

My pick of the bunch? These adorable Owl Cuffs. I have a slight obsession with all owl paraphernalia at the moment and the beautiful detail and rhinestone eyes just make them a standout addition to any outfit.

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Hands Down, 3 Best Accessories From Coachella.

Coachella weekend two ended in a bang, with exceptional performances and certainly, fashionable festival style. So it’s time we take it to the next level and get up close and personal with some of the top accessories Coachella has to offer. Let’s be honest…accessories, cross body bags and cute-as backpacks stole the show! Here’s a closer look at some of our standout statement pieces.

One of the key trends at this years Coachella was the boho, vintage look with outfits encompassing floral and Aztec prints, denim cut-offs, fringing and of course, cross body bags. Ideal styling for any festival, the cross body bag is perfect for dancing in the big tents, and is extremely practical!

Practical and trendy, the backpack makes quite the impression at this years Coachella Fest. And it’s no wonder really, with backpacks recently making a regular appearance on the tasteful shoulders of celebs such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Whitney Port and Rachel Bilson.

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Lexi’s Killer Festival Fashion Picks. Which Do You Prefer?

Lexi, Kia and I are all undecided on which outfit Lexi should wear to Coachella tomorrow – So what better then to ask all of you!

For your chance to win 1 of 2 $40 SurfStitch Gift Cards, leave a comment (link above) telling us which look you prefer – Rock Inspired or Girly Chic.

Winners will be announced tomorrow.

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Blogger Diary. Bluesfest Day 1.

After much deliberation, Kia and I have finally decided what we are wearing to Blues today!

Kia has gone for a more understated look with her Insight Dress, Brixton Hat and Sole Society Sandals. We are seeing a lot of floral at the moment, so Kia tried to at least steer clear of the rusts and brown colour schemes and toned it up a bit with a blue and purple floral dress. These Sole Society Sandals which are new to SurfStitch, pump the outfit up as she tries to avoid thongs at this year’s Bluesfest. The Brixton hat compliments the Sandals and ensures that her hair is kept tame in what looks to be a wet afternoon at Blues!

I, on the other hand, have opted for shorts, army boots and a flanno. We all know that Flannos are back in and am loving the colour scheme that insight have used here. I have decided to compliment my shirt with Neuw shorts, a MinkPink over the shoulder bag and a pair of Zanerobe Sunnies. Simple outfit yes, but super practical and cute. Remember ladies, it gets cold at Blues in the evenings, so bring some extra layers to pop on after the sun sets!

What will you be wearing to Blues?

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Transitioning Your Neuvo Florals.

Fashionista’s all around the world are doing it including the likes of Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo … so why can’t we! Neuvo florals are here to stay for Autumn/Winter 12 so update and refresh your wardrobe with these statement pieces!

Transitioning your summer florals: For cute, flirty prints, I would definitely incorporate a jacket or blazer into the look and finish with a flat or wooden wedge. This will help tone down the beachy vibe!

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Must-Tote Bags Of The Season!

I love a great bag! And not just any bag—I’m looking for the kind that really makes a statement and adds personality and wow factor to your look. When it comes to cute bags, I always turn to my favorite street style sites to show me what all the trendsetters are lugging around fashion week (mainly my favorite Alexa Chung). This season, it looks like Mullberry-esque totes, punches of red, men-inspired clutches, and oversized shoulder bags are really making their mark!

The Men’s-Inspired Briefcase Bag: Like the kind your dad takes to work—only cuter!
The Oversized Shoulder Bag: If you carry your closet in your bag, this option is for you!
The Handheld Cross Body: Who doesn’t love a bag with flexibility?
The Bright Mini Bag! Of course a pop of bright red will do wonders for your look! I love the color on mini bags, it’s a great contrast!

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New York Fashion Week Style Prep — The Essentials List!

Fashion Week month is almost here! In addition to figuring out what shows I’m attending and which trendsetters to hunt down and take photos of, I also need to map out what to wear! I’ll definitely be working in a few SS12 trends throughout the week, but I also need to keep in mind the NYFW February essentials!

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Hands Free Fashion: My Favorite Crossbody Bags

Plain and simple: What you tote your everyday necessities in should be as cute and chic as the rest of your outfit. I’ve mentioned clutches before as easy grab bags to instantly up your trend factor, but what does one reach for when it comes time to look cute while running errands, or do something that needs all your concentration …like holding grocery bags or balancing a drink in each hand? My answer is the crossbody bag. They’re cute, effortless, and offer a little bit of vintage flare thanks to fun details like contrast stitching, buckles, and fun printed fabrics.

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