Active Body, Active Mind.


We are currently in the depths of winter and while most of us want to just curl up and wait until it warms up to work on getting out bodies ready for summer the saying goes “summer bodies are made in winter.” It’s not only good to keep fit and active in winter so we keep in shape but it’s even better for our health to fight off those nasty flu’s that go around. Here at SurfStitch we believe life is all about keeping the balance between a healthy, happy and active lifestyle that keeps the balance between work and leisure ensuring you are happy on the inside and out.



The Healthy Chef: Dash To Health


Lately, I have been trying to find healthy snacks that keep me fuller for longer but are also delicious. I took some time out on Sunday to try The Healthy Chef’s recipe for Muesli Bars and prepare snacks for the working week so I don’t reach for the vending machine when 3 o’clock comes around. The Healthy Chef also has other amazing food ideas from breakfast to dinner as well as healthy tips including how to eat seasonally.


The Healthy Chef muesli bars are not only nutritious but extremely delicious.

Dedicate a weekend to making up healthy and yummy food. Go to your local markets in comfort and pick up some fresh produce.


Lorna Jane Impact Long Sleeve | Running Bare Favourite Blade Dance Pant | Pigeon Hole Jute Bin | Black and Blum Eau Good Water Bottlec3040e609f7c338518de426a11ecdb2a


Happiness comes to everyone in different ways. Some find it by hanging out with the ones they love while others in the comfort of their own company. Find what makes your heart happy and dedicate a day to doing exactly what you want to do. Read inspiring quotes and books, go for a stroll along the beach or a picnic and camp out in the mountains.

Wear colourful and bright pieces by Running Bare, Oakley, Lorna Jane and Skechers to lighten up the dullest of days.


Lorna Jane Believe T-Shirt | Running Bare Layer Me X Back Crop | Oakley Burn Short | Sketchers Go Bionic Ride Sneaker

073933994e5c6feba0429ee6956599b9 (1)




Nothing is better for your inside and out then getting off the couch and sweating it out on the pavement. Sometimes we can get tied down with our 9-5 jobs however, try to take 30 mins in the morning or afternoon to get your heart rate up. Your body and soul with thank you for it after. The first step to getting motivated is to buy some new activewear. Check out our new sports bras from Roxy, that are seamless for extra comfort!


Perfectly Seamless Sports Bra | Cross Back SeamlessPerfectly Seamless Sports Bra06723265ca0e66f5ec0f8b7b8acd981b





Images: The Healthy Chef, Lorna Jane, Roxy & Various Pinterest.

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At SurfStitch we are all about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise and clean eating. I thought I would share some cute and creative ways to eat interesting and keep active in style.

You can never have too many fruits and vegies as part of your diet. From fruit salad to steamed vegies mother nature sure knows how to give us a bit of variety.

Fruit and Vegies

There is better in Winter than warm home made pumpkin soup, I have seen a few different recipes at lunch time in the SurfStitch kitchens.

Hanging Vegies

Fruit cut out with a cookie cutter always taste better than regular fruit. Simply cut your fruit in to slices and press out shapes with a cookie cutter – easy!

WatermelonSummer Fruits

I know at the best of times it is hard to get motivated to exercise but I find there is no better motivation than having awesome new activewear to do your workout in.

With the days getting shorter and colder a jacket to work out in or a sweater to put on after yoga is a must!

Look 1

1 Oakley Covert Fleece Jacket 2 Running Bare Campas Crew Neck 3 Lorna Jane Ruby Jacket in Blueberry


Leggings or tights are the universal workout outfit for ladies, SurfStitch have a huge range from Lorna Jane, Running Bare and Oakley.

Look 2

1 Running Bare Varsity Full Length Stirrup Tights 2 Oakley Night Run Capri Tights 3 Lorna Jane Flex 3/4 Tights 4 Lorna Jane Essence 3/4 Tights

RunningAnd to keep us all motivated for the week ahead here are some motivational quotes both digital and in singlet form so looking in the mirror has never been more inspiring.

Look 3

1 Lorna Jane Champ Tank 2 Lorna Jane Believe Short Sleeve T Shirt 3  Lorna Jane Dream Believe Achieve Tank

Make Yourself Proud


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Love your Lifestyle

As time goes on, we learn more about what we need to put into our bodies and how much energy we need to give out in order to be at our optimal health. We see new diet fads, calorie and sugar-free recipes and all sorts of medicinal ways to slim down and get fit. We here at SurfStitch believe that the key to health, wellbeing and confidence is some good old fashion exercise, a hearty and healthy diet encompassing lots of fruit and veg, and fun outdoor activities that are good for your heart, and for your spare time!

We believe in going hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, having a surf, walking the dogs, skating to work, riding your bike, and about living every day to the fullest! Enjoy our fit-spiration (in the words of Lorna Jane), and shop the activewear that SurfStitch has to offer! Don your tights, your sneakers, your sports bra and a jacket and you’ll be set to enjoy an active lifestyle with the best in fashion. Confident, healthy and happy!

And remember: don’t count calories – count experiences!




Jacket by Lorna Jane. Buy it here.


Shop activewear shorts from SurfStitch


1. Running Bare Angels Running Short – Poppin Purple. 2. Lorna Jane Precious Run Short – Black. 3. Oakley Burn Short – Neon Yellow.


Shop activewear sports bras from SurfStitch


1. Running Bare Kabbalah Crop – Tie Dye. 2. Oakley Breathe In Bra – White. 3. Lorna Jane Lexi Sports Bra – Coral Mania.


Shop activewear jackets from SurfStitch


1. Running Bare Cardio Zip Jacket – Black. 2. Lorna Jane Elevate Jacket – Grey Marl Sirio Yellow. 3. Oakley Cool Down Jacket – Wave.


Shop activewear tops from SurfStitch


1. Lorna Jane Believe Short Sleeve T Shirt – Smokey Grey Marl. 2. Oakley Warm It Up Top – Jet Black. 3. Running Bare Love Bare Essential V Neck Tee – Sugar Coral.


Shop activewear tights and pants from SurfStitch


1. Running Bare Candy Lane Fold Down 3’4 Tight -Black Berry Sweet Stripe. 2. Bodyscience Womens Elite Athletic Longs – Black. 3. Lorna Jane G I Flashdance Pant – Green Camo.


Shop sneakers from SurfStitch


1. Skechers Go Run 2 Sneaker – Lime Pink. 2. DC Shoes Unilite Trainer Shoe – Black Fluorescent Pink. 3. Supra Owen Shoe – Cheetah.

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Winter Activewear.

We all cringe at the thought of exercising throughout winter. Why exercise when we’re just going to wear slouchy jumpers and jeans, right? I know that it’s too easy to wave goodbye to our bikini body and welcome in warm comfort eating but winter is the best time to keep active. Your body works twice as hard to get warm in the colder months, consequently burning more kilojoules on those early morning and evening runs.

We can all agree it’s always harder to get motivated when it’s cold and often dark outside. Below are my top winter health and well-being tips to get you out of bed and keep you happy, healthy and fit during those colder months. It’s not only good for your body and mind but exercising regularly fights off those nasty infections that are often looming around. Read up on my tips then shop all your exercise pieces at SurfStitch for brands like Lorna Jane and Running Bare.

Winter’s Exercise and Well-being Tips:

1. Eat healthy and well to fight off any looming infections. Boost your intake of lean meat, fish and poultry or look for dark leafy greens and lots of vegies for those much needed antioxidants.

2. We know how hard it is to keep up with eight glasses of cold water a day, so to help keep up water intake try a slice of lemon in warm water for a warming yet refreshing drink.

3. Grab a buddy. Find an exercise partner to keep you motivated and get you out of bed on those chilly dark mornings.

4. If you don’t like the thought of exercising out in the cold, join a gym or take indoor yoga or dance lessons. Indoor exercise will mean you never have to bare the cold again!

5. Join a class. Being motivated by other people is a fun way to get active. Grab your besties and try out dancing, yoga, boxing or zumba.

6. Learn to cook. Why not make a habit of trying one new recipe a week, it will not only keep you interested in what you are putting in your body but it is a fun way to experiment with different ingredients. Try a hot soup or curry that is loaded up with lots of vegies and spices.

7. Shop for new activewear pieces that will get you motivated and excited to get out. Lay your clothes out before you go to sleep at night so there is no fuss or distractions when you get up.

8. Lastly, for a healthy mind and body go for morning walks along the beach or throw on your wettie and go for an early surf. There is nothing like watching the sunrise over the horizon on a chilly winter morning.

Get motivated by colour:

1. Lorna Jane Sophia Excel Long Sleeve Top- Shocking Pink 2. Lorna Jane Comfort Sports Bra- Bright Yellow 3. Running Bare Easy Fit Full Length Tight- Black

Perfect for yoga:

1. Lorna Jane Maddie 3-4 Slv Hoodie- Fairy Floss Marle 2. Lorna Jane Believe Short Sleeve T Shirt- Smokey Grey Marle 3. Lorna Jane Elektra Bra- Hyper Lime 4. Running Bare Blade Waist Yoga Pant- Black

Black and White:

1. Lorna Jane Lucinda Bra- White 2. Rip Curl Lahnee Active Hoodie- Black 3. Hex Sport Ipod Nano Watch Band- Black 4. Lorna Jane Jacqueline 7-8 Tight- Black

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This week we take a look at our Campaign and Planning Manager, Kia’s city chic wardrobe and find out what inspires her style!

1. Ladakh Skyfall Top – Dusty Pink. $59.95.

“I love the shape and the colour of this singlet – it’s nice and neutral so it can be paired with black jeans and demure gold jewellery to look a little ladylike and a little dressed up.”

2. House of Harlow Pearl Talon Cuff – Golf. $199.95.

“This is a feminine piece from House of Harlow that also has some edge – definitely a statement that’ll grab people’s comments and attention!”

3. House of Harlow Tribal Engraved Bangle – Gold. $109.99.

“Another statement piece from House of Harlow – perfect to be stacked with the Pearl Talon Cuff for some out-there jewellery that’d go well with jeans, a singlet and some Vans.”

4. Friend Of Mine Bike Crash Tank – Black. $119.00.

“This cut is perfect this season – right on trend and a little bit ‘bikie’ – it also has an awesome deep-cut racer back.”

5. Res Denim Trashqueen Skinny Jean. $129.95.

“These have that sexy shiny look that complements your legs, and makes a black outfit pop! The ultimate in city chic. I’d rock these to work and out for drinks on a weekend – I’d just add my House of Harlow bangles, and my Friend of Mine singlet and I’d be good to go!”

6. Lorna Jane Intense 3/4 Tight – Black Neon Coral. $86.99.

“I threw these in because they ARE on my wishlist…I have this theory that buying hot new activewear will actually inspire me to get up for boot camp. I’ll let you know how that theory pans out!”

“I followed the girls’ lead and threw in a snap of a foreign location – NYC because it’s just so metropolitan and I feel like anyone whose been there would have to get some fashion inspiration. The dark colours, the contrasting lights, the glittering buildings…the fashion capital of the world, and it has the key to a rockin’ outfit.”

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Obession: Work It Out!

New Year, New You! Sound familiar? New Years and a new plan to become a better self tend to go hand in hand and I know I for one have made the decision to get healthy and get fit this new year. To kick start this process I have found myself utterly obsessed with getting some work out gear that will inspire me to hit the pavement every morning. Luckily we have a wide range of Activewear brands here at SurfStitch to choose from, Lorna Jane, Running Bare, Skechers and Rival just to name a few!

Colourful pieces that are comfortable and supportive will make your work out sessions that little bit more enjoyable. Check out some of my favorite combo’s available on SurfStitch at the moment…


Shop this look here.



Shop this outfit here.



Shop this look here.

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New Years Resolutions Resolved!

As the New Year approaches we often take a good hard look at ourselves and decide what parts we would like to improve upon, change or add to. We then rightfully name these our New Year’s resolutions. Well, now the festive season is over. The partying and the over-indulging has come to a halt, we are back at work and we are coming to terms with these resolutions hard and fast.

Resolutions don’t have to be daunting or difficult, it’s all about employing the right tools and attitude and by the end of the year, when these goals are achieved, you will be left with a glowing sense of self. So to give you a helping hand and kick start these goals, I thought I would pick out a few of the resolutions getting around the office and suggest a few tools to assist along the way.


“Standard resolution. This year I’m going to do it I swear! How? With a far more reasonable mapped out way to approach my fitness and health and by finding more creative ways to be active..” – Dajana, Content.

Crop- Running Bare $55. Find it here.

Tights- Lorna Jane $89.99. Find it here.

Runners- DC Shoes $71.97 (on sale!) Find them here.

Skate Board- Freeride $99.99. Find it here.


“I would like to be more active this year and seeing as I work in an office I want to do that by making a conscious decision to spend more time outside on weekends and after work.”- Bianca, Content.

Bike- Bondi Beach Cruiser $499. Find it here.

Tent- Polar $269.95. Find it here.

Singlet- Lorna Jane $49.99. Find it here.

Picnic Set- Sunnylife $99.95. Find it here.


“My New Year’s resolution was to travel this year. I already have a trip booked to Sri Lanka for early April so I’ll be able to tick that of my list” –Jason, Returns.

Travel Bag- Herschel $369. Find it here.

Passport Cover- Wild & Wolf. Find it here.

Pants- Billabong $79.99. Find them here.

Toiletry Bag- Tigerlily $39.95. Find it here.


“With the rapid development of technology I feel like all I ever do these days is take photo’s on my phone or upload images to some form of social media. This New Year I want to take the time to take photo’s with a proper old school camera and print them out and stick them in a frame or a photo album like my mum did when I was young.” –Karla, Social Media.

Camera- Lomography $106. Find it here.

Under Water Camera Case- Lomography $75. Find it here.

Polaroid Frame Magnets- DOIY $19.95. Find them here.

Camera Film- Lomography $14. Find it here.


“I feel as though I need to take a BUNCH of chill pills. I’m always running around and letting simple things bug me a little too much so I’d really like to tackle that in the New Year.” – Samantha, Graphics.

Noise Cancelling Headphone- Beats By Dre $269. Find them here.

Beach Blanket- Billabong $49.95. Find it here.

Candle- Palm Beach Collection $37.95. Find it here.

Water Bottle- Keep Calm Carry On $29.95. Find it here.

Whatever your New Years resolution may be….Good luck and remember to have fun with it!

All images from Acid Wonderland, Snob, Cherry Bam and Gympie Show

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HOW TO: Rock Hot Summer Activewear

It’s that time of year again, where the sun is shining early and so are you. Whether you’re up to go for a morning walk along the beach, do some yoga or at the gym getting your rockin’ bikini body back in shape, get into this season’s hottest active looks.

We all know the ‘sports luxe’ trend is as big as ever with activewear being as wearable for the gym as it is on the streets. In the past, the idea of wearing your trackies outside the house or your running gear to a lunch date with the girls would be enough to make you cringe. However, activewear has gotten a much needed makeover now making you look effortlessly chic and sporty. The key: after you’ve worked up a sweat, add just the right amount of glamour to take your look from the gym to the streets. Look below for our inspiration and read up on our top rules to mastering the active look!


  1. No baggy on baggy. The baggy track pants paired with your boyfriends XL tee is NOT a good look: it just makes you appear bigger than you are.
  2. Be playful – activewear doesn’t have to be boring. Experiment with bright colours and prints to give you motivation and to take your look from the gym to the streets.
  3. Keep your colours blocked, with clean lines and finish with a feminine edge.
  4. Remember the rule that too much flesh is simply too much. This also applies to activewear – if you’re wearing a sports bra, pair it with some tights. With short shorts, wear a singlet or top.
  5. Layer, Layer, Layer. This look is about layering sports bras under singlets, jackets with tees and tights with layered singlets in contrasting colours.
  6. Make sure you have the right accessories; baseball caps, jackets, iPods, and a pair of killer kicks all add to your sporty look.
  7. Lastly, have fun. Activewear is all about looking great and feeling even better!

It’s time to get excited about activewear and looking your best while working out. Look no further than Surfstitch for the hottest looks in active wear right now!

1. Running Bare Plait Back Boyfriend Tank – Grey Marle. 2. Lorna Jane Lattice Excel Tank – Shocking Pink. 3. Lorna Jane Brodie Sleeveless Jacket – Animal Magic.

 1. Running Bare Reformer Full Length Tight – Black Cosmo Sunset. 2. Lorna Jane Steph Short Tight – Char Marl. 3. Lorna Jane Tigress 3/4 Cargo Pant – Ink. 4. Rip Curl Active Top – Limeade.

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Work It. Womens Activewear.

“I lay out my exercise clothes the night before, like a ceremony and an event to look forward to in the morning”

- Lorna Jane Clarkson -

Whether you love yoga or get your kicks pounding the pavement, there’s one thing we can all agree on…you want to look great doing it! Take a leaf out of these celebrities’ books and rock great basics for all your work out needs!

Get excited about your workout because with brands like Lorna Jane, Bonds, Spare and Nike 6.0, we’ve got all you need to look fun, fit and fabulous right here!

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Lorna Jane Has Arrived: Move Nourish Believe

Let’s go way back to the 70s where the typical outfit was a pair of running shorts, an old baggy tee, tube socks and your favourite high-tops. The 80s brought out the fluro in everyone thanks to the likes of Olivia Newton John with sweat bands, styling leg warmers and funky leotards. Then came the 90s where a fitness instructor by the name of Lorna Jane Clarkson burst onto the scene. Noticing a serious lack of stylish women’s workout clothes in the market, Lorna Jane decided to make her own!

Now offering an extensive range of stylish, functional active wear pieces, Lorna Jane’s brand is about designing for women by women.

Built on the belief that looking and feeling your best will make you more motivated to exercise, Lorna Jane has created not just a brand, but a way of life. Who says you can’t look great while you exercise?

Lorna Jane has arrived… so invest in you and your active life with the latest comfortable and trend-based LJ styles available now on

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