Stussy // Bucket Hats

Stussy have made quite a name for themselves in the fashion industry. From tees to jackets, they have done it all and have done it with style! The inclusion of the bucket hat has just shown that their growing as a brand and as a fashion icon within the industry.

Bucket hats have been making their ways into children and men’s head wear this year. Its a growing trend that Stussy have been able to capitalse on. From leather to denim, you name it, they have created a bucket hat from it and they all look unreal. SurfStitch have a whole range of these bucket hats as well as more Stussy apparel to fit out your wardrobe!

BucketHats1 Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Cap – Black  | Stussy Coco Pu Bucket Hat – Black  | Stussy Solid Bucket Hat – Sand 




Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat – Blue | Stussy Solid Bucket Hat – Black | Stussy Moen Denim Bucket Hat – Denim tumblr_n03afbTI7A1qlup4to1_500  tumblr_n1980sUBjk1tr5pyro1_500

 Image sources: Tumblr

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Chinos for Every Occasion

The transition into spring has been pretty good here on the Gold Coast.There will still be some colder nights, so a pair of chinos are essential for your Spring/Summer.

Chinos are an all round pant that are diverse and versatile for those cold or hot days. Whether they are rolled up, kept down or have an elastic ankle they can be worn at anytime. No matter what occasion, there is always a chance to squeeze into a pair of chinos for the day or even the week if you like them that much.

At SurfStitch, there are so many colours and styles to choose from, so make sure when searching around that you understand the fit of the chino and try and picture the style that you are after. Whether it be a drop crotch, tighter fit, rolled up look or lightweight material be sure to know what you are looking for. If you need help or advice hit up the team here at SurfStitch!

700-YESSBLU-ZANEROBE-1 Zanerobe Slingshot Denimo Jean – Salty Blue tumblr_n4xlhbcOFr1sd73gqo1_50010502201213AGRN-ILOVEUGLY-1 I Love Ugly Jonty Pant – Army Green AMPTWANCCBKH-HURLEY-1 Hurley Wanderer Dri-Fit Pant – Cardboard Khakitumblr_na2w93cFUT1s3x8b3o1_500CZP4022SLT-ZOOYORK-1 Zoo York Brooklyn Chino Pant – Slate L-605462-Q23IBLU-LEE-1 Lee Slacker Trak Jean – Infinite Blue PF029GRAV-VANGUARD-1Vanguard Underground Nu Wave Pant – Graveyardtumblr_msdgpeszXL1r3l8jno1_500

Image sources: Tumblr 

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Our favourite sneakers

From us to you, here are some of our favourite sneakers from the past and the present that will shape the future for all of the footwear lovers. These timeless pieces of footwear add a value like no other to your wardrobe. Nothing more satisfying then finding and then having a favourite pair of shoes that no one else has, so here are some sneakers that are our favourites here at SurfStitch!

Old skool vans are an all time classic and are a timeless pair of shoes that will never go out of fashion.

VN-0D3HY28BLK-VANS-1Vans Old Skool Shoe – Black tumblr_nab24pZgUU1tifj2ho1_500

Next are the Macbeth’s that are versatile with any pair of pants or shorts and again don’t look like they are going anywhere in a hurry.


Macbeth Eliot Shoe – Black Cement

Nike have always delivered the goods and once again this shoe doesn’t disappoint, but do Nike ever disappoint. 631044-002-NIKE-1

Nike Lunar Oneshot Shoe – Black Ivory 

Moving into a more formal pair of shoes from Rusty, which are perfect for a night out or just to impress. FCM0123NVB-RUSTY-1

Rusty Olsen Desert Boot – Navy Blue 

Dr. Martens, you either love them or you hate them but with a pair of these you can cater for any situation with their hardy and durable make whilst pulling a fashionable look!


Dr. Martens Mens Ali 6 Eye Boot – Brown Rugged Servo Luxtumblr_nab68h2Fcc1sggz3ho1_500

Here are just some of our favourite pieces of footwear, but everyone is different so checkout SurfStitch’s footwear and create some of your own timeless pieces in wardrobe!

Image Sources: Tumblr 


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Essentials Between Seasons

Halfway through winter already, thank god for that! It’s been a chilly winter so far, so we can only hope that spring brings warmer days with even better weather. For that your going to need the essentials for the seasonal transition.

1. The throw over jacket that will provide good warmth but not winter warmth that makes you cosy, just a warmth that is comfortable. A bomber jacket or a cardigan would be the most appropriate for this occasion. DMA36356IND-DEUS-1Deus Ex Machina Ian Jacket – Indigo L-600561-J05CHAS-LEE-1Lee Over and Over Knit Cardigan – Charcoal Stripe 

2. Pants that can be versatile in any condition. A pair that wont be too hot, but a pair that aren’t going to let you freeze. Pants that are comfortable and durable. PAM0690DOL-RUSTY-1Rusty Hook Out Beach Pant – Dark Olive 11-03-008NVYAC-AFENDS-1Afends Beach Pant – Navy Acid

3. Just the right accessories that will bring your outfit together, who knows when it may be sunny. You could need sunglasses that block out the mid morning glare, even the right pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet whilst exploring on those awesome spring days. A watch that assists you when understanding the winter to spring tidal times.

Nike 2Nike Eric Koston 2 Max Shoe – LT Crimson Black Grey WatchesNixon The Rhythm Tide Watch – All Black   | Nixon The Supertide Watch – Translucent Charcoal S0082LEA-VALLEY-1Valley DB Sunglasses – Leather 

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Brand Feature // Zanerobe | Jogger Pant

Zanerobe’s well known for their distinct and unique jogger pants. The sureshot, started the fashion hype and since then they have been able to create further hype with their distinct range of fits and cuffs.

Zanerobe’s leading the industry with their diverse and distinct pant style. These pants have their signature inner leg panel that provide extra stretch and so much comfort. Different cuffs throughout the jogger pant range, equips you with many options when it comes to wearing the pants. Zanerobe have built up their jogger pant range over their 10 year industry reign.Their main pant styles are: The Sureshot, The Munk Trunk, The Dynamo, The Slingshot and The Slapshot.

Quality over quantity as they say, yet with these pants you will want every style in every colour because the quality is first class. I can tell you a little secret, if you enjoy comfort, strive for style and want a pant that will last a life time, then consider these. I have 6 pairs of these pants yet no matter how many times I wash them, the quality never fades, the fit stays true and the comfort keeps on being comfy. So get on in and treat yourself to quality, at SurfStitch!

ZANEROBE-102-HYP_1260_FULL Zanerobe Sureshot Elastic Pant – Black ZANEROBE-710_HYP_2822_FULL ZANEROBE-711_WOP_360 Zanerobe Slapshot Track Pant – BlackZANEROBE-712_INC2_2855 ZANEROBE-728_INJ12_327_FULL ZANEROBE-733_WW_292_FULL Zanerobe Dynamo Chino Pant – Camel ZANEROBE-734_WW_296_FULL Zanerobe Dynamo Chino Pant – Military Green ZANEROBE-738_YES_337_FULL ZANEROBE-739_YES_332_FULL Zanerobe Munk Trunk Elastic Pant – Indigo RinseZANEROBE-743_WW_328_FULLZanerobe Sureshot Elastic Pant – Burgundy ZANEROBE-904_HYP_2864_FULL Zanerobe  Das Buro Track Pant – Light Grey Marle ZANEROBE-710_YES_2830_FULLZanerobe Das Buro Track Pant – Black Tie Dye 

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Brand Feature || Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co, is a company founded in Vancouver, Canada. Herschel is home to 30 residents today, the three generations that were born and raised in this town have today shaped a company that focuses on delivering the finest quality of backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories.

Their company is dedicated to the highest of quality which makes their products such a timeless item to own. Checkout their full product range at SurfStitch.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-1 bag 1

Herschel Supply Co Suede Series Heritage 21L Backpack – Woodland Camo |  Herschel Supply Co Heritage 21L Backpack – Malibu Bone Navy |  Herschel Supply Co Jasper Backpack – 18L – Black SeafoamHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-17 HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-71 josh-clark-bagaccessHerschel Supply Co Hank Wallet – Seafoam Black  | Herschel Cypress Ipad Sleeve – Red Navy  | Herschel Heritage Computer Sleeve 13′ – BlackHSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_australia_-14lookbook-sp14-9 access 2Herschel Survey Backpack – Khaki | Herschel Supply Co Columbia Satchel – 6L- Navy Red | Herschel Supply Co Market Plus 11L Tote Bag – Army Navy Neon Orange Rubberlookbook-sp14-10 lookbook-sp14-15

Image source: Herschel Supply Co

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Mens Trend || Round Hats

Everyone needs at least one hat. There are heaps of hats that are trending around, though the wider ones are the ones that are keeping these perfect winter days sun rays, from reaching our face. Bucket hats and wide brimmed hats are all the rage and its not hard to see why. So many colours and styles are getting released all over the shop, we love it!

Here at SurfStitch, we can give you all the hat loving that’s needed for your cold winter head!

Hat 1Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat – Blue | RVCA Bucket Delux Hat – Black | Thrills Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat – Sand tumblr_mtlnlq8EcG1rvbv2ko1_500 tumblr_n7uv6dPAKi1t613sro1_1280tumblr_n2edz0obTu1ttaq0so1_1280Hat 2Billabong Zahi Hat – Choc | Rhythm Pocket Hat – Burgundy | Fallen Broken StreetThe Desparado Hat – Black 

tumblr_n21i4lxtZC1rozt9qo1_500 tumblr_n624dhWeD41sffuyjo1_1280 tumblr_n8vf9iBbN81s5kpbpo1_500 tumblr_mr8hz5kTEd1qdmqkko1_500

Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown

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ITEM OF THE WEEK // Rain jacket

Rains blue jacket is this weeks item of the week, for the simple fact that it is a rain jacket. Rain jackets have always be considered cheap and most of the time a one off thing. But now Rains have introduced a rain jacket that is stylish comfortable and attractive, which means that it isn’t limited to just going out the in the rain.

This jacket offers high quality rain protection at an affordable price that will keep everyone warm and dry as well as their wallet.

Either long or waist length, you will be able to find a colour and a length for you. These jackets can be worn wherever and whenever. SurfStitch have these jackets in various colours and for various showers!

4JAC-BLU-RAINS-1_400X500Rains Jacket – Blue 

tumblr_ms747pc2GJ1qkblplo1_1280 tumblr_mycwedejs51rew7eho1_500 tumblr_mycwfpf3Vi1rew7eho1_500 tumblr_n056va8Raq1s3mh3po1_1280

Also available in women’s!tumblr_n78pq3q8BN1rz0vjho1_500

Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown.

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Where’s your Wanderlust?

It’s that time of year, when our hemisphere is chilly and we’re all seeing photos of that friend-of-a-friend going to enjoy a European Summer, that our wanderlust gets out of control.

We realise you probably don’t need any more destinations to add to your bucket list, but here are some stunning spots that we’ve come across in our Pinterest travels.

Heading away and needing to pick up some bags or accessories? SurfStitch has everything you need.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Luotuofeng peak, Sichuan, China

Luotuofeng Peak, Sichuan, China


Paris, France

Provence, French Riviera

Provence, French Riviera

Rio, Brasil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Imagery from Leah Joy Hand, Fotourbana, Twist Materialz and others unknown.

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ITEMS OF THE WEEK: Acid Washed Muscle Tees

This week in our mens and womens new arrivals, we’re loving the acid wash trend coming through on muscle tees! Our items of the week are both charcoal singlets, with a mens muscle tee from Billabong and a womens singlet from Tigerlily.

Worn with denim or leather, this wash is going to be a huge Summer trend, so take a look at some acid washed inspo and shop our items of the week on SurfStitch!


Mens item of the week:


Billabong Custom Muscle – Black


Womens item of the week:


Tigerlily Patrice Tank – Washed Black

Imagery from Vanessa Jackman & Etsy.

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