Essentials Between Seasons

Halfway through winter already, thank god for that! It’s been a chilly winter so far, so we can only hope that spring brings warmer days with even better weather. For that your going to need the essentials for the seasonal transition.

1. The throw over jacket that will provide good warmth but not winter warmth that makes you cosy, just a warmth that is comfortable. A bomber jacket or a cardigan would be the most appropriate for this occasion. DMA36356IND-DEUS-1Deus Ex Machina Ian Jacket – Indigo L-600561-J05CHAS-LEE-1Lee Over and Over Knit Cardigan – Charcoal Stripe 

2. Pants that can be versatile in any condition. A pair that wont be too hot, but a pair that aren’t going to let you freeze. Pants that are comfortable and durable. PAM0690DOL-RUSTY-1Rusty Hook Out Beach Pant – Dark Olive 11-03-008NVYAC-AFENDS-1Afends Beach Pant – Navy Acid

3. Just the right accessories that will bring your outfit together, who knows when it may be sunny. You could need sunglasses that block out the mid morning glare, even the right pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet whilst exploring on those awesome spring days. A watch that assists you when understanding the winter to spring tidal times.

Nike 2Nike Eric Koston 2 Max Shoe – LT Crimson Black Grey WatchesNixon The Rhythm Tide Watch – All Black   | Nixon The Supertide Watch – Translucent Charcoal S0082LEA-VALLEY-1Valley DB Sunglasses – Leather 

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This week we feature Sunglasses. Lets face it, sunglasses can easily make or break your outfit and style. Choose wisely and you’re a winner, unfortunately not so much the same if you aren’t aware of some basic unwritten laws. To help you with your sunglasses decisions, SurfStitch have provided some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying or wearing your favourite shades.

1. Get sunglasses that fit your face. Now we’ve all seen people disobey this rule by getting enthusiastic, huge sunglasses that point 10 feet either side of the persons face. Unless you are a featuring in tabloids or wanting to specifically turn heads, try street clear. Instead, try a pair of glasses that fit your face correctly, both the comfort and look will be something unbeatable.3-X-NOLOGO LOW RESraen1192. Colours. This includes both the lens and the frame. Usually, black on black is a safe bet if you are struggling with finding a winning combination. However, these days there are all sorts of colours to mix and chose from. Whether you are into some matte black frames with blue lenses or some gold framed aviators, don’t be scared of breaking out of your comfort zone and trying to colour combinations. Remember, a darker lens will provide more shade and protection in most cases, while a lighter lens will show off those nice eyes of yours.40Fiveblog203. Price.What makes or breaks the prices in different sunglasses? This can vary from materials, styles or plain and simple – the brand. While some sunglasses can go anywhere from $500 upward, this does not necessarily mean they are of better quality. Follow your gut and choice what makes you happy, though remember the simple tip of ‘you get what you pay for.’gonzOlivia, Yaya, Annabel and Nikolina wear The Villain1SunglassesJordy4. Polarised and non polarised - What is the difference? If you are always on the water or in the snow, you’ll know about glare. While polarised lenses reject the glare and rebound the light rays back into the atmosphere, non polarised lenses try their best to filter, though do NOT block these rays. If you are after the best possible lens, look and feel in your sunglasses, polarised is definitely the go. Polarisation will ensure the best possible vision and protection for your eyes.raenfeatAV2blogvalley1VALLEY WOLVES 1spy1T1All imagery: Oakley, AM Eyewear, Sunday Somewhere, Valley Eyewear, Electric, Raen Optics, Spy Optics, Collab.

For more information on sunglasses and SurfStitch’s current brands, shop all sunglasses here, including all of our hottest new arrivals!

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Sunglasses | Mens Accessories

It may be that you’re fighting the early winter sun or the glare of the morning surf check, or it may just be that there is no reason at all. Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that not only are functional but that are down right awesome! They provide the finishing touch to any sunny day outfit with the range of styles today.

Whether it’s the matte black finish, the tortoise look or the old school plain black look, you’re covered. Even if you had all three it wouldn’t be a crime, would it?

Brands are creating such a diverse range of styles that have you ready for any occasion. Valley eyewear are pushing the boundaries with their oversized, rounded edges and wolves styles of glasses. Epokhe are taking it back to the old school, with their conservative round lens style and it’s working!

Don’t be influenced by just these two, check out the mass amount of styles and colours dropping in at SurfStitch.

tumblr_mrkuvdZs6a1rcecheo1_500 tumblr_n1mo7alEt61qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_n3hx75ftAc1qh21ero1_500 tumblr_n563mtVOOD1qh9n5lo1_500  tumblr_n45qh3XAyc1qdjb4uo1_500 Rounded Sunglasses

 Super Lucia Sunglasses – Black | Epokhe Nazar Sunglasses – Tortoise Matte | Valley ADCC Sunglasses – Matte Black 


Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses – Black Eyed Tort Bronze Bi Gradient | Sunday Somewhere MVP Sunglasses – Dark ChocTort Dark Choc Leather | Valley Sabbath Sunglasses – Matte Black 


Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown

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With the European summer kicking in we thought we would put together a little list of travel essentials for you all…

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Travel Essential 1:

On the top of the list is the Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case, you never have to worry about being on your last bars of battery with this little gadget. This Innovative smart battery case adds an additional six hours of talk time!



Travel Essential 2:

A pair of shades will serve as your best friend on a summer holiday! Be Sure to check out some of our latest arrivals here. 

6-11-2014 2-46-32 PM


Sunday Somewhere Matahari Sunglasses


Travel Essential 3:

Your bikini! With our hundreds of different brands and styles you will be sure to find something suitable here.


Beach Riot Jungle Viva Separate Top               Beach Riot Jungle Sandy Separate Pant

9e7224451d973ee45a1b463030ae33bb 9fa6a25cbf571ae822e5df75934ede3b 10ff1f02681a3b0888a9f0dbba81ba18 63b917c91283a1768041498129a7b270 0513575b5590cf60fc548f3f12d568b7 0584660c98b27c7acae5b4960688de99 a67472560a842be6facad8efd8a7823f Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset ad6d7e942c6beb69200c46e6c635e381 c92a9f5361b042b1fa9e3d9262ca1911 cac0154785d2fb6c2c61ed61d3a5f187 ccd98e3f6cf9680586e272444304179f cf7fbc5803a86f6f460cb584e5cb4e06 d01df0b9284d48f5ac74cd03c79ab296 d740a8a9be29471216660424af437d6a e0e8eecea54cc07480098a1b42090c54 ed315352982200f06d643799dc4b9ea7 ef82699afa508e685deffe52bc9a3f57 efffc767514d33a7db07221a6cc1b78d



Images sourced from wanderlust, traveler, Google and other unknown.

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They’re a boutique sunglasses brand taking SurfStitch, and the world by storm, with a classic element and a quality design. Add an edge to every look with the right pair of Raen shades for you.

Check out some of our favourites, modelled by the smokin’ hot Sahara Ray. Why will you love these shades? They’re high fashion, highly complementary to the face, they’re handmade and most of all, they’re timeless. Your pair of Raen‘s will last you a lifetime. Enjoy!


Raen Volant Sunglasses – All Black

The Volant in other colours:


Raen Volant Sunglasses – Crystal Front Brindle Temple | Raen Volant Sunglasses – Matte Ivory Front Lynx Temple | Raen Volant Sunglasses – Crystal Rose Front Calico


Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Crystal Rose Brindle

The Arkin in other colours:


Raen Arkin Sunglasses – All Black | Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Calico | Raen Arkin Sunglasses – Crystal


Raen Castor Sunglasses – Brindle Tortoise with Japanese Gold and Manzanita with Japanese Gold

Other styles you’ll love – the Convoy:


Raen Convoy Sunglasses – Black | Raen Convoy Polarised Sunflasses – Brindle Tort Japanese Gold | Raen Convoy Sunglasses – Woodgrain Gunmetal


Raen Castor Sunglasses – Brindle Tortoise with Japanese Gold

Other styles you’ll love – the Luci:


Raen Luci Sunglasses – Black and Silver | Raen Luci Polarised Sunglasses – Joplin and Japanese Gold | Raen Luci Sunglasses – Patti and Japanese Gold


Raen Volant Sunglasses – All Black

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Cult Australian brand Ksubi first got their start as a denim street wear label. Ksubi have since ventured into accessories an eyewear.

Ksubi Eyewear has a distinct vintage and subculture influence and has been seen on famous faces such as Nicole Ritchie, Beyonce, Pip Edwards and Cassie.

Bellatrix Sunglasses - Beyonce

Beyonce in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesBellatrix Sunglasses - Diana Enciu

Diana Enciu in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesBellatrix Sunglasses - Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie in Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesSkeleton Sunglasses Cassie

Cassie wearing Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses

Skeleton Sunglasses from Inside In Inside Out blog

Skeleton Sunglasses from Inside In Inside Out blog

Batcat Pip Edwards

Pip Edwards wearing Ksubi Batcat Sunglasses

Shop the styles on


The Ksubi Skeleton SunniesKSS1301683GLD-KSUBI-1

The Ksubi Gemini SunglassesKSS10808011BLK-KSUBI-1

The Ksubi Bellatrix SunglassesLACERTA

The Ksubi Lacerta Sunglassesbatcat

The Ksubi Batcat Sunnies


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Womens Summer Essentials

Summer in our hemisphere is also the holiday season, meaning that it is an endless onslaught of shopping, both for others and for oneself. Once you’ve gotten through the fun task of Christmas shopping, you can start thinking about what you need for this lovely season – for everything from your weekend to your Christmas party, the beach and more! Check out some of our Summer essentials here on SurfStitch.

Your best bikini



1. O’Neill Impressionist Bikini – Multi Floral. 2. Zimmermann Instinct Underwire Bikini – Mismatched. 3. Aztec Rose Riviera Bandeau Bikini – Navy Stripe.

The perfect Summer dress to throw over



1. Billabong Sweetest Sea Dress – Cool Wip. 2. Rusty Endless Summer Dress – Flamingo. 3. Free People Trapeze Slip Dress – Lemon Combo.

Printed dress shorts

Printed shrots


1. Billabong Swept Away Short – Blue Lagoon. 2. Element Hidden Short – Jungle. 3. Tigerlily Canacona Short – Black.

A plain & pretty singlet + a great pair of shades



1. Volcom Lived In Sheer Tank – Coral Haze. 2. Minkpink Stripe Tunic Tank – White Black. 3. VonZipper Gobstopper Tanker – Sorbet.


1. Minkpink Half Wit Sunglasses – Snow Leopard. 2. Quiksilver Chavez Sunglasses – Gold Brown. 3. Le Specs Thunderbird Sunglasses – Black Blue.

Stay sun safe with a sunhat!



1. Tigerlily Sonal Fedora – Natural. 2. Brixton Dalila Hat – Merlot. 3. Fallenbrokenstreet The New Little Hippie Hat – Black.

A beach cruiser to get you from A to B

BBC Lifestyle 12


Bondi Beach Cruisers Iceberg 3 Speed Bicycle – Peach Pink.

Some beach accessories for fun in the water!

Beach Accessories


1. Havaianas Fresh Lilo – Fresh Fuschia. 2. Sunnylife Luxe Towel – Copa Cobana. 3. Sunnylife Beach Sounds Radio – Iluka.

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 ”A Visionary is someone of unusually keen foresight– a dreamer, a radical or impractical. IVI shares the point of view that an uncharted path must be explored.  It is this type of thinking that built the base for our product line: well thought out and original design, premium Italian acetates from legendary supplier Mazzucchelli 1849 and industry defining lens quality from Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens.” – IVI Eyewear Website.

New eyewear brand to SurfStitch, IVI is the latest addition to the collection of high quality and high fashion sunglasses to the site. With a unique design philosophy and an edgy campaign, IVI are here to shake things up and stand out. Check out the first edition of their intricate sunglasses design process.

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That Summertime Happiness

I know, we’re obsessed, but it’s our favourite season and it means long days, hot nights, pretty summer dresses, bikinis and beach shorts all day long and more activities than you can poke a stick at. This obviously means that you need to prepare (long in advance)!

This post will have everything you need for the perfect Summer day – from womens clothing to mens clothing to accessories and even sunglasses + more. Check it out!


For the girls


1. O’Neill Blue Bell Playsuit – Blue Fern. 2. Tigerlily Rabari Dress – Soleil. 3. Tigerlily Nehal Shirt – White.


For the guys


1. Long Lost Island Pocket Tank – White. 2. RVCA Sinister Beach Short – Green. 3. Rusty Islands Tee – White.


For fun


1. Havaianas Print Lilo – Strawberry. 2. Bondi Beach Cruisers Ladies Iceberg Beach Cruiser – Aquamarine. 3. Billabong Beachin’ Beach Chair – Crystal Lilac.


For the home


1. Billabong Flamingo Lights – Paradise Pink. 2. Billabong Cool Ice Tray – Mo Mint. 3. Billabong Pineapple Candle – Natural.


For protection against the sun


1. Le Specs Thunderbird Sunglasses – Black Blue. 2. Dragon Regal Sunglasses – Matte Black. 3. Tigerlily Rani Floppy Hat – Natural. 4. Afends Jurassic Joe Cap – Chocolate Print. 5. Island Tribe SPF40 100ml Clear Gel Sunscreen.


For the girls in the water


1. Zimmermann Stardust Loop Back Bikini – Floral. 2. Tigerlily Rabari One Piece – Ultraviolet. 3. Maidenlove Awakening Bikini – Kaleido Lights Aloha Leopard.


For the boys in the surf


1. DHD Project 15 Surfboard – Red Yellow Nacy Multi. 2. FCS MF-2 PC Tri Fin Set – Green. 3. Go Pro Hero3 Black Edition Surf Camera.


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MENS TREND: Escape to the Tropics

We’ve seen Hawaiian and Tropical prints gracing collared shirts on and off for years, but now it’s time to run away with us and Escape to the Tropics. Take it from not only the shirt but to beach shorts, walkshorts, singlets and more, with palm tree and floral prints, light Summer fabrics and vibrant colouring.

This trend is perfect for long Summer days and hot Summer nights, and it’ll have you standing out from the crowd. Pair it with a 5 Panel Cap, some reflective sunglasses and a pair of Havaianas and you’ll be ready to Escape to the Tropics.


Tropical Shirts


1. Afends Run for it SS Shirt – Black Floral. 2. Volcom Ol Shipster SS Shirt – White. 3. Billabong Congo SS Shirt – Camo.



Tropical Singlets


1. Bam Bam Tropic Singlet – White. 2. Stussy NO4 Baller Tank – Black. 3. Von Zipper Brain Waves Singlet – Black.



Tropical Shorts


1. The Critical Slide Society Val Jerk Boardshort – Phantom. 2. Quiksilver Pool Party Boardshort – Vintage Black. 3. Thrills Spray Palm Boardshort – Black White.


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