Roaming Rome

Let me begin by saying this: two days in Rome is not enough! It can be done – you can see all of the big sights that we all hear about, but they will be two very full on days! Rome is an incredible city with the history literally surrounding you – everywhere you look there is bound to be something interesting. And a warning: this is a long one – and I barely even touch on the history of the Roman Empire…I’d be writing for days if I did!

We decided that we have made the ultimate itinerary for those who have limited time in Rome. And when I say we made it, we were told by our Busabout guide what to do…but hey it worked for us therefore I will claim it.

DAY ONE: We kicked off our day with a visit to the Roman Forum. Hot tip: the tickets for the Roman Forum are valid for the Colosseum and vice versa for the same day – so instead of waiting for upwards of 2 hours for entry into the Colosseum, take a two minute walk down the road to the entrance of the Roman Forum and wait in line for about 5 minutes and get your tickets there! 12€ for entry into both sites – and absolutely both worth it! We spent about an hour and a half wandering around what could be called the epicentre of Western Civilisation. We thought the ruins were spectacular, so we could only imagine how impressive it would have been thousands of years ago. I absolutely loved the Forum – I didn’t really know what to expect but overall I was just so amazed by the Roman civilisation and what they achieved so long ago – a running trend for my time in Rome. Next up was to meet our walking tour group. We did a tour with the Rogue Historians – it was called the All Over Tour(21€ with Busabout) and that was exactly what it did. We met at 1pm at the Circo Massimo (the worlds largest stadium where chariot races were held – used to hold upward of 200 000 people!!!) and went from there. Our tour guide, Justin, was a hilarious and cynical Canadian – made the day ten times better. He told us two versions of  the history of Rome – the Romulus vs Remus twins born from a Vestal Virgin who had been raped by the God of War, Mars. In summary, there was a fight between the twins, Romulus won, hence ‘Rome’…. and thus all Romans were descendant from the God of War and thus could conquer everyone. The other version is far less exciting; Romulus was a trader and was wealthy and thus began a community which attracted more and more people, thereby creating the city of Rome.

We walked both Palantine and Aventine hills, saw the Teatro Marcello (in which people now live, and the top level is for sale for a casual 32 000 000€…pocket money), the national monument (which the Italians hate!), the Palazzo Venezia and of course, the Pantheon. This building is spectacular – the 16 columns in the front were taken by the Romans from Egypt (because why not) and transported all the way from there into Rome – via slaves and elephants. The outside of the building does not represent the inside – the dome is amazing! To make it even more amazing, you can think about how long ago it was made!!!!!! The Romans may have been crazy with their gladiator fighting and so on, but they definitely were an impressive empire.

The tour ended by the Colosseum where Justin made us all squirm with gory stories of a day in the life of the colosseum when games were on (which were all free, by the way!). Think animals versus animals, then animals versus men/slaves, then public executions for fun, then think gladiator fighting…. I won’t go into details but it was disgustingly gory and detailed! The walking tour took about 4 hours and did go to a few other sites, but for the sake of brevity I won’t go into details – but it was absolutely worth it and if you’re pushed for time in Rome I’d definitely suggest it. We then used our pre-purchased tickets and went into the Colosseum. Another tip is to do this in the afternoon – we went about 5/6pm and there was barely anyone there. If you think the outside of the Colosseum is awesome – wait until you go inside! I’ll let the pictures describe it:image

We finished the epic day by catching up with a friend of ours, Mel, from uni and having dinner with her and her family in the Piazza Navona.

DAY TWO: Another hot tip: pre book your Vatican museum tickets online!!!!!! DO NOT  forget – the line is disgustingly long….hours long. Meanwhile, we just waltzed right in past those line suckers… Very satisfying! The Vatican museums are insane – I had absolutely no idea how much would be in there. Here I was thinking we would just waltz into the Sistine Chapel…wrong! There are 20 exhibitions in total, one of which is the Sistine Chapel, and 14 of which are before the chapel!  Prepare yourself for an intense day! We opted for the audio guide which was a good call as it gave us a bit more information so that we were able to appreciate everything we were seeing a bit more, but we could do it at our own pace. Another tip: don’t skip an exhibition that you want to see, because you can’t go backwards. Well technically you can, but have fun battling against those crowds! There are exhibitions covering absolutely everything – my favourites were the ancient Egyptian exhibition, and the Galleria dele Carte Geografiche – I.e. A map gallery. As strange as it sounds, the roof was the most impressive part of this exhibition – as with many of the rooms – the detail of the paintings were incredible. This of course brings us to the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately no photos are allowed in there, so I can’t share them with you. However the Chapel was not at all what I was expecting. Having only ever seen the infamous photo of God and Adam reaching for each other, I assumed that covered the roof….wrong again! This part is only one small part of a larger collection of images – it is an amazing piece of artwork, just completely not what I was expecting! The photo below is of another fresco in one of the exhibitions.image

After finding our way out of the maze that is the Vatican museums, we made our way to St Peters Square, because little to our knowledge, even though you bought a ticket to the museums you still have to exit the Vatican, walk around to St Peters and join the queue there. Luck was on our side as we arrived at about 12.30 to find the square closed (the Pope had been speaking earlier that day so it had been closed off to the audience). We were told it was to re open at 1pm so we just planned to hang around with the crowd and fight our way in, but a few minutes later they opened the gates and we were able to scramble into the line, relatively close to the front. Still thinking we’d have to wait 30 minutes to get in (in 30 degrees, not so fun), but knowing this was shorter than any other time, we were very patient (well Lauren was). But 10 minutes later they opened the lines and 2 minutes later we were in!!! Ridiculously lucky as when we came out sometime later, the line stretched aaalllllllllll the way around the square – about a 3 hour wait!!!! I’m not going to lie – I laughed at them :) . Anywhoo, St Peters Basilica is absolutely gigantic, and incredible beautiful. I knew it was one of the largest churches in the world but that didn’t prepare me for how huge it was! Everything about it was beautiful – floor to ceiling, the whole thing is an incredible work of art! If you get there and the lines are disgusting, you can pay 15€ for a ‘tour ‘ that can help you skip the line. Either way, you definitely have to go in!image

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, eating and just taking in the smaller sights we had missed before. Unfortunately, the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps are completely covered in scaffolding (as is most of Europe it seems!), and aren’t due to be uncovered until May next year. Good timing!

So in a nutshell that was our two days in Rome! Hectic, exhausting, hot but amazing. This is definitely a city I will come back to – even if I didn’t get to throw a coin in Trevi fountain! We head off tomorrow morning to Orvieto,  a small city in Umrbia! Then we move onto Siena and then onto Florence! Successfully eating my way through Italy so far!

Until then!

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Croatia Sailing

What a week!!!! Words can’t even begin to describe how much fun we have had over the past 8 or so days. I last left off in Venice where we spent the last few days eating gelati, having romantic gondola rides (go in a group – far far cheaper!!) and visiting the outlying islands (you can get an all day ticket for 20€ – cheaper option as each individual ferry costs 7€ so it adds up). I’d definitely visit Murano and Burano – islands famous for glass blowing and colourful housing respectively, both pretty cool! You can also head to Tido island – it is the island with a beach if it’s nice weather! We didn’t make it out there unfortunately, but from photos it looks beautiful!imageWe headed to Split on an overnight ferry from Ancona, and it was an interesting ride… Turns out that even if you print off your e-ticket, you still need to go and redeem it for an actual ticket and check in… We found this out when we tried to get onto the boat at boarding time – would have been very helpful to know earlier seeing as we had 6 hours to kill in Ancona and there is not much to do there… Lonely Planet says the best thing to do in Ancona is leave… Ouch! We only paid for “deck chairs”  as opposed to a cabin which resulted in Lauren and I sleeping on the floor – which wasn’t too bad actually. The crappy part was the fact that we were in an area with about 50 17/18 year old school children who thought it would be funny to keep blowing an air horn… Fun night! Overall the ferry was pretty fancy – so anyone looking for a cheap way to get to Croatia I would definitely look into the ferry option. Cabins are pretty expensive and if you want a private one you have to pay for the four beds so it can add up. Tough it out on the floor for a night to save some money!

This brings us to our week sailing Croatia on a boat… And it was amazing! We had 18 people on our boat – the Delija – with ages ranging from 18-32. I can’t even begin to break it down – I’d be writing for days! There was a lot of swimming, sun, tanning, banter, drinking and eating. We saw some of the clearest and bluest (is that a word??) water I’ve ever seen. We started in Split and sailed to Hvar (which I’ve been pronouncing wrong my entire life – typical Australian), then we moved onto Mljet which had the most incredible national park where the lakes/river met the ocean – beautiful swimming spot. Next was Dubrovnik where I could quite happily live – it’s stunning!  I released my inner Khaleesi in Kings Landing. We went to an awesome bar inside the walls of the old town – called revelin – fun night!  We then sailed to Korčula (went to a fun three level outdoor bar called boogie jungle – we had a great boogie!) and then to Makarska which had an awesome inflatable water park – we lost all grace and dignity trying to get back onto the inflatables once we fell off!  Also visited a rave in a cave – its exactly as it sounds! Unfortunately we had one stormy day in Pučišća – but that ended up being ok as everyone needed a day out of the sun and just sleeping/watching movies to recharge our batteries! Our second last night saw us having a pirate party – two people even got married….sort of! We all woke  up in Omiš – just a small little town – before heading back to Split for our last family dinner! It was actually really sad to leave everyone – we had a pretty intense period of time together, and considering how much we were going out we got to know each other preeeettttyyyy well! Our days consisted of eating a three course lunch every day (we were spoiled for food!), swimming in crystal clear water, comparing notes from last night,  sleeping, drinking and listening to music in the sun! Paradise!! Our tour guide was by far the best – his name was Alex (aka Panda) and he made our week hilarious with his impressive singing voice and funny banter. I could not recommend this trip more highly – it’s called the 8 Day Island Hopper and is done through Busabout. If you’re thinking about doing it – stop thinking and book now! Early bird offers are applicable and worthwhile! Truly words cannot describe how good it was (unfortunate seeing as I’m writing a blog!), so I’ll leave you with some photos instead! A picture says a thousand words….right?


The family on The Delija in Hvar.


Kings Landing! AKA Dubrovnik in the Common Tongue.


Lauren in paradise in Makarska.


National park in Mljet where the lakes/river meets the Adriatic Sea.

We’re still in Split at the moment, and it’s a really cool city! There’a lots of twisting streets with cool things hidden around every corner. Diocletian’s Palace makes up the old town city centre – and they have literally used the palace as their foundation – it is a really cool effect having a city made from a palace! The limestone blocks that make up the floor are smooth from years and years of wear – and extra slippery for it, just a warning! As an added bonus, Game of Thrones is currently filming in Split  - we’ve seen many extras, some of the Unsullied, but day 3 of Khaleesi hunting and still no sighting. For anyone coming to Split and looking for a good meal – I had the best cheese burger of my life at a restaurant called 07….it was amazing!

We hop on the ferry back to Ancona and then will be in Rome from Monday!

Until then!

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Featured Song


Alternate indie-rock band Bluejuice have broken hearts all over the world with the announcement of their end of year retirement, especially after dropping their amazing new single ‘I’ll Go Crazy’. The track lives and breathes the summer beach party atmosphere and its positive vibes bring almost too much fun to any occasion.

Believe it or not, the group from Sydney has been around for over 13 years, and boy has it been one heck of a ride. From crazy antics and on-stage outfits, to fun and outgoing film clips, ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ ensures Bluejuice will be remembered for what they are, something special.BJIf you’ve heard them before and find you can’t get enough of Bluejuice and want to catch them live before they throw the towel in for good, we’ve got some amazing news! The band will be embarking on a nationwide farewell tour of Australia starting later this month, playing their best hits over their career and thanking the fans for being a part of the epic musical journey! Their closing show will be at the Falls Festival, though if that’s not your cup of tea, click here for tour dates and check out a show near you.

Until then, get through the working week by enjoying the Featured Song at SurfStitch, ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ by Bluejuice!

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New Brand: Broken Homme

Bursting fresh onto the SurfStitch scene is Californian brand, Broken Homme. The leather label creates high quality footwear that looks good and is built to last! Finding a pair of shoes that are durable, comfortable and fashionable often proves to be quite a challenge, and Broken Homme have officially filled this gap in the market. They’re versatility makes them a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Broken Homme is sold exclusively by SurfStitch in Australia! Shop the collection here!broken6






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Feature: Zanerobe

Leading Australian menswear label, Zanerobe continues to live up to its reputation. has recently received an exclusive collection, as well as a large selection of pieces from their new season! From their unique tee designs, to styled pants and chinos, it’s no wonder the Sydney based brand is one of the leading labels in the street style realm. Zanerobe’s aesthetic continues to push boundaries with each collection appealing to those looking for a casual, paired back look, as well as the very fashion savvy. Guys, it seems Zanerobe has you all covered! zanerobe3Zanerobe7Zanerobe5Zanerobe







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Win a trip to Vanuatu!

SurfStitch has teamed up with Vanuatu Tourism, Air Vanuatu and Surfside Vanuatu to offer one lucky winner and mate a one week trip to paradise. Only a short flight from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne – Vanuatu is so close but feels like a world away!

Don’t miss your chance to have the holiday of a lifetime and enter now:

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Well last I left off Lauren and I were still in Munich and it was the day before my birthday! Now we’re we’ve finished with Germany and Austria and have now entered Italy and are in Venice. I’ll fill you in!

Because I know you’re dying to know; my birthday was awesome. Lauren and I made the trek out on the train to a place called Erding (about 40 mins away on train) as we were told by a random Russian roomie that there was an indoor water park there. So naturally we googled it and found our way to this wonderland. And let me tell you – it was glorious. As I said previously, there was the worlds longest waterslide (which we went on multiple times) and the slide that can reach up to 72kmph. Unfortunately (I was secretly pleased) women aren’t allowed on this slide- we decided ‘fertility issues’ was the reason if someone’s legs were to become uncrossed… Anywhoo all the rest of the slides were fun too. The place was heated and most of the slides were free for all – ie minimal waiting time as everyone went at once. Dangerous? Probably. Fun? Definitely! We paid 21€ for four hours and it was worth it! Included is access to two areas of slides plus showers, changing facilities and hair dryers!

The evening of my birthday was spent having too much fun at the hostel bar with many free drinks, resulting in an unpleasant 8am departure the next morning. There were many people on the bus to Wildschonau Valley (small valley in Austria) feeling less than savoury. Unfortunately one even had a bit on an “outburst” on the bus, that the poor guide had to mop up. Smeller delightful at the front of the bus!

After being free from the bus, we found ourselves at our next destination! Aaaand it was pouring and cold, and we felt ill. Luckily we were staying at a small ski lodge, similar in feeling to Grunau, so a few of is just lazed around watching a few movies all afternoon and also playing monopoly (I lost dramatically). Unfortunately I kept on getting more and more sick and figured out that this was no longer self inflicted, but what would turn into the full blown flu! Boring! Long story short it was horrible (I definitely made a teary call home for some sympathy) and I am pretty sure I slept about 80 hours over the four days we were there. Fun for Lauren! Luckily we met some lovely new people; Dani, Brent, Claire and Jess – so Lauren wasn’t a complete hermit!

Between feeling ill and sleeping I actually managed to have a good afternoon and go paragliding! It was a pretty good deal – 95€ – by far the cheapest we’ve found so far, and definitely worth it! So beautiful over the Austrian Alps! Sadly, that pretty much sums up my time in Wildschonau – sorry I can’t help much more but I could barely stand! But I would still recommend costing it – it’s a stunning part of Austria!photoimageAnywhoo, after wallowing in self pity for four days, we hopped on a loooonnnggg bus ride into Venice!! Yaaaaay Italy! We spent our first full day here wandering around with Dani, Brent, Jess and Claire and we got absolutely lost. We managed to stumble across Rialto Bridge and Saint Marks Square, but I’m pretty sure we walked the entire island multiple times in a afford to find our bus stop! But not complaining – it’s incredible here! Exactly as I imagined it! More beautiful canals, delicious gelati and gondolas everywhere (we’re doing one tomorrow as a group of 6 so it’s cheap!). Depressingly my appetite hasn’t really come back yet so I can’t stuff myself full of carbs and gelati as much as I would want, but maybe it’s a good thing as we will be in bikinis all next week and it’s going to bad enough as it is!imageAnd so far that’s all we have achieved!  We will still be in Venice for a few more days so I can give better tips in the next post!

Until then! :)

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I last left off when we were about to head up to the Eagles Nest for the day. We did our trip up to the Eagles Nest via a tour but I think we were ripped off – so my suggestion would be to do it by yourself. Might be a little more difficult but you’ll save some money (every euro counts!). Anyway, it was pretty spectacular getting up to the Eagles Nest. For those who don’t know (I didn’t!), the Eagles Nest was given to Hitler for his 50th birthday, and sits at an altitude of 1834 metres above sea level (awkward because Hitler was afraid of heights) with a breathtaking view of the surrounding Bavarian Alps. I say breathtaking because it was so cold when Lauren an I were up there, the wind quite literally took our breath away. I again recommend scarves, jumpers, beanies and gloves! A few friends of ours went up in shorts and thongs! Crazy.

To get up to the house, you need to catch a specially built bus to make the journey up the Kehlstein road, which takes you 700m up in altitude. You then board the original brass elevator that Hitler and co would have used, which takes you up another 124m in altitude in about 10 seconds. They jam pack about 50 people in this elevator, but apparently Hitler only allowed 6 people at a time in the elevator due to his claustrophobia, and the fact that if they got stuck, the service elevator that would get them out could only carry 6 people. Hitler: Claustrophobic, afraid of heights AND a vegetarian. Who knew? Anyway, once at the top, the views are amazing. You can see (cloud cover dependent) 360 degree views all the way to the Königssee – a lake nestled in between two mountains. Whilst it takes a little while to get to, you probably only need max an hour up the top, so this can be a half day trip if you’re pushed for time. Be sure when you’re at the top of the mountain waiting for the lift, to tell the tickets desk what time you want to come back down – they can only fit so many people on the shuttle buses so you need to register your intended return time. If you need to fill in some time, don’t worry as there is a restaurant in the house.image

Our last morning was spent making our way out to the Red Bull Hangar 7, which is a collection of planes, formula one cars, helicopters and other various things that Red Bull has sponsored. Between getting off at the wrong bus stop and Lauren realising that she had left her passport in the room we had just checked out of, it wasn’t the best journey out there. On top of that, our friend Ingrid had said she had an amazing breakfast at the restaurant there, so we followed their lead and got brekky out there. Bad call. Never have I paid so much money for the smallest amount of food ever. It was a breakfast for ants – it needed to be at least 3 times the size! While it was still good, it was over priced. Apparently the waffles are the way to go if you’re keen to head out there. The hangar itself was cool but nothing to write home about. If you’re pressed for time in Salzburg, I wouldn’t bother.

We hopped on the bus that afternoon and arrived in Munich at about 4pm.  A bunch of our friends were already in Munich so we were thinking of having dinner, but instead we signed up for the free beer garden pub crawl offered by our hostel. Visits 3 beer gardens, and we received a free beer and shot at the hostel. Excellent value for money (haha….). Anyway what was initially just going to be dinner and drinks turned into a huge night. At the Augustiner Keller beer garden Lauren and I experienced our first pork knuckle. It was huge, and it was delicious!!! I have no idea how I managed to finish it, especially considering the size of the beer glasses (1 L, I mean seriously!), but we will definitely go back for more! Fun night, involving beer, pork knuckle, and the ripped pants of a friend of ours (enjoy your mention Dexter).

After a slow morning the next day, Lauren and I walked around the central area of Munich for a while. We walked through the Englischer Gartens – which is larger than Central Park in New York. The gardens are beautiful, and after being warned multiple times that German people (mainly men) enjoying stripping their kit off in the parks, we finally saw some naked people just relaxing in the park. We’ll, I say people, but it was just one man. A very old man. But hey, good on him. In these gardens is also the man-made wave upon which locals take turns surfing on. It’s a bit strange at first, but you do get drawn into it and end up cheering along those who manage to pull off some tricks and not take themselves out on the brick walls on either side of them. Within the gardens is yet another beer garden worth checking out – the Chinesischer Turm.

Something we have noticed lately is that the people of Munich (and probably the rest of the Bavarian region) actually wear lederhosen and dirndl (female equivalent) on a day to day basis. Initially it was a bit funny, but it is quite nice seeing the locals in traditional dress. What is less nice is the fact that the people of Munich (well we’ve seen this all over Europe really) is the fashion faux pas of DOUBLE DENIM!!!!! And jeans and joggers is no longer just a party theme over here. Neither of which I am ok with, for the record.

Our Monday evening was spent with a group of friends: Kate, Cam and Will, at the Hofbräuhaus in the city centre. It’s a huge beer hall and if you’re going to only visit one beer hall whilst in Munich (you’re silly if you only visit one!), then this one should be on your short list. It has a great atmosphere, excellent food, fun live music, and of course – the beer is delicious! The Hofbräu original was especially yummy. It is a bit more touristy than some of the other places, making prices for beer are a bit more expensive, but only slightly. It’s a huge hall and finding a table is a bit of a challenge, especially if you have a bigger group, but just stalk people until you get one and you’ll be fine! Getting the attention of the waitresses can be a bit difficult too, but just don’t be afraid to go up to them and tell them you’re ready to order, or else you may never get the chance!

We spent Tuesday on a tour that took us out to the Bavarian country side to the Neuschwanstein Castle – which was built by (for) King Ludwig II. The history surrounding the castle and the family is very interesting – but would make for a very long post, so if you’re interested – good old Wikipedia will lend you a helping hand! We went through Mikes Bike Tours and it was a great day. We left at about 9am and didn’t get back until close to 9pm. The trip includes a very easy and leisurely bike ride to Swan Lake, lunch at a restaurant near the castle (not included), extras such as a slide on the tobbogan ride (aka Alpine Slide), or even paragliding off the nearby Bavarian Alps (at the cost of 145€ or else I would have definitely done it!), all before going up to the Castle and going inside. For those who don’t know, rumour has it that this is the castle that Walt Disney based the Disney castle off – you can definitely see similarities. Anyway, it was a bit of a childhood dream come true today as we (essentially) visited the Disney Castle, went to Swan Lake (the similarities are piling up), and one of the wall painting/artworks inside was very bambi-esque. In my mind, this more than solidifies that this is in fact THE Disney Castle. Case closed.

Just to make our day more awesome/magical – our tour guide, Brad, actually (no joke) attended the German Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry for two years. This is also known as the German Academy of Magic, and yes it is a real place. He blew our minds with amazing card tricks (probably so good because he is a Wizard). So in short our day involved entering the magical world of Disney with a wizard for a tour guide. Excellent day.  In all seriousness it is a great tour – a little on the pricey side but much easier than trying to get out there by yourself. I also heard only good things about the city bike tour around Munich with the same company – for those interested.image

We only have one day left in Munich, and it’s yours truly’s birthday! Our plan of action involves a sleep in and then checking out one of Europes largest indoor water parks – there is a slide there that is over 350 metres long! AND one where you can reach speeds of up to 70kmph….exciting! We head off to Wildschonau Valley on Wednesday so next update will be from there.

Until then!

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Stussy // Bucket Hats

Stussy have made quite a name for themselves in the fashion industry. From tees to jackets, they have done it all and have done it with style! The inclusion of the bucket hat has just shown that their growing as a brand and as a fashion icon within the industry.

Bucket hats have been making their ways into children and men’s head wear this year. Its a growing trend that Stussy have been able to capitalse on. From leather to denim, you name it, they have created a bucket hat from it and they all look unreal. SurfStitch have a whole range of these bucket hats as well as more Stussy apparel to fit out your wardrobe!

BucketHats1 Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Cap – Black  | Stussy Coco Pu Bucket Hat – Black  | Stussy Solid Bucket Hat – Sand 




Stussy Snow Wash Bucket Hat – Blue | Stussy Solid Bucket Hat – Black | Stussy Moen Denim Bucket Hat – Denim tumblr_n03afbTI7A1qlup4to1_500  tumblr_n1980sUBjk1tr5pyro1_500

 Image sources: Tumblr

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Chinos for Every Occasion

The transition into spring has been pretty good here on the Gold Coast.There will still be some colder nights, so a pair of chinos are essential for your Spring/Summer.

Chinos are an all round pant that are diverse and versatile for those cold or hot days. Whether they are rolled up, kept down or have an elastic ankle they can be worn at anytime. No matter what occasion, there is always a chance to squeeze into a pair of chinos for the day or even the week if you like them that much.

At SurfStitch, there are so many colours and styles to choose from, so make sure when searching around that you understand the fit of the chino and try and picture the style that you are after. Whether it be a drop crotch, tighter fit, rolled up look or lightweight material be sure to know what you are looking for. If you need help or advice hit up the team here at SurfStitch!

700-YESSBLU-ZANEROBE-1 Zanerobe Slingshot Denimo Jean – Salty Blue tumblr_n4xlhbcOFr1sd73gqo1_50010502201213AGRN-ILOVEUGLY-1 I Love Ugly Jonty Pant – Army Green AMPTWANCCBKH-HURLEY-1 Hurley Wanderer Dri-Fit Pant – Cardboard Khakitumblr_na2w93cFUT1s3x8b3o1_500CZP4022SLT-ZOOYORK-1 Zoo York Brooklyn Chino Pant – Slate L-605462-Q23IBLU-LEE-1 Lee Slacker Trak Jean – Infinite Blue PF029GRAV-VANGUARD-1Vanguard Underground Nu Wave Pant – Graveyardtumblr_msdgpeszXL1r3l8jno1_500

Image sources: Tumblr 

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