Santa Monica Pier. Fashion Street Style.

Meet Blandina, an incredibly down to earth girl with the most beautiful French Accent. She is wearing an oversized denim shirt, flower print leggings, tan boots, neck scarf and round sunnies.

Name: Blandina
Fashion Inspiration: Whitney Port
Favourite Band: Beetles
Fave Mag: Interview
What do you never leave the house without: A Scarf
What’s your favourite trend: Boho

Get this look: Denim shirt, leggings, sunnies

Sarah has gone for a more understated look with a grey singlet with bead detailing, demin jeans, beaded bracelets and hooped tassel earrings.

Name: Sarah
Fashion Inspiration: Kate Moss
Favourite Band: The Shins
Fave Mag: Allure
What do you never leave the house without: My phone
What’s your favourite trend: Colour Blocking

Get this look: Jeans, sunnies, bracelets

Julie, a super sweet Irish tourist here with her parents on holiday. She is sporting a cute print playsuit, army boots and Ray Ban sunnies.

Name: Julie
Fashion Inspiration: Mary-Kate Olsen
Favourite Band: Bon Iver
What do you never leave the house without: Sunglasses
What’s your favourite trend: Prints

Get this look: Jumpsuit, boots, sunnies

Which is your favourite look?

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Meet Koby. Our Street Sweep Competition Winner.

My Name is…Koby.

I am known for… being creative and a bit blonde.

My Favorite Summer past time is… heading to the amazing local beaches around Port Lincoln and soaking up the sun & surf.

I most look forward to… sleeping in, eating good food, drinking and relaxing …on the weekend.

My favorite holiday destination is…CALIFORNIA! I’ve been dying to visit the U S of A for quite some time now! Secondly – the list is endless, whether it be Mexico, Central America, some tropical island in the Maldives and anywhere and everywhere in Europe its going to take me quite some time and money to check it all off my list!

I have never laughed harder then…Ha! i wouldn’t have enough fingers to count the times I’ve nearly weed my pants of laughter – Maybe it was the time at falls festival that a friend put some greece from the exhaust pipe on their face and pronounced “I’m Exhausted” (ok you might of had to be there) pretty much just every time I’m with my friends or boyfriend who tells ridiculous jokes non stop!

You will never find me without… My phone, I’m addicted to Instagram!

Getting Morgan Freeman to read me a bedtime story …is number one on my bucket list… followed by partying with Rihanna and Katy Perry! We would be besties and they would invite me to awesome parties on yachts in the Caribbean most likely!

Wearing SPF 5 when I should be wearing 30 …is one of craziest things I have ever done… and maybe getting onstage with limp biskit to do the rollin’ dance at Soundwave.

The most memorable party I have been to is… Jazz my mates water party we had in her poor little house. Her house was filled shin deep with water! And then we put milo in it and made it a milo party… good times!

My dress style is… laid back, bohemian – it depends what mood I’m in!

When I get ready for a night out… I religiously listen to Crystal Fighters, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Two Door Cinema Club… and then for later on we usually put on the flashback playlist with a bit of Ace of Bace, Aqua and a bit of Coco Jumbo ha!

I am most looking forward to… rollerblading down Venice beach, partying, celeb watching and hangin ten with Sandy Cohen (OC) …when in California.

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Guest Fashion Blog. Gunners For Life by Annabel.

Alas alas!

It all had to come to an end now didn’t it?! Wanted to share this last “vintage rock tee for each day of Coachella post” til last. Nothing better than stomping through a bit of suburban bushland in some shredded overalls, a jeweled denim cap and mid-heeled docs now is there? Throw a customized Guns’n’Roses tank in the mix and we have quite the little thing going on now don’t we.

Wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all who have been voting by LIKE’ing my posts. Friends, friends of friends, strangers – thank you! Just need your help a LITTLE bit more though! Know we can smash this out – let’s make it happen! Also thanks to SurfStitch for allowing me to blog to you all! Been fun times all round.

So hit that little LIKE button below and make my world – because heading to the States, is going to do exactly that and I PROMISE to make it worth your while. Would it be wrong to say I will flash at Coachella if I win?….just joking, I think….

Big love guys – BEL xxx

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Guest Fashion Blog. My Favourite Lookbook Ladies by Kirsty.

Shea Marie
Fashion blogger from West Hollywood

Leonie Gerner
Fashion editor from Hamburg

Kelli Murray Larson
Artist / Illustrator / Designer from San Diego

Elle-May Leckenby
Student / Photographer from Sunshine Coast

Jessica Stein
Blogger from Sydney

Thanks so much to SurfStitch for having me :) It’s been a ball. A big thank you to everyone for all the likes and keep them coming!!

Again, if you’ve enjoyed my posts here I’d love you to visit me at my photography blog HERE.

Cheers everybody, Kirst xx

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Guest Fashion Blog. California Dreaming by Koby.

1 competition, 2 towns, 4 weeks, 6 models, 8 photoshoots, 10 locations, 26 outfit changes and 56 hours of shooting and editing later… we have come to my very last post!

I have always dreamed of going to the states, my girlfriends and I planned a trip this year and sadly for me it couldn’t happen so I am sooo eager to win this competition and make it happen!!

So many thanks go out to the girls… Elise (Mustard Madness & Festive Fun), Mel (Frill Seeker & Ready to Roam), Tamika and Stef (Danger, High Voltage & Golden Afternoon) and Sigrid (The Secret Garden & California Dreaming) amazing models – SA born and bred… Don’t I have gorgeous friends?

Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me and hit that ‘Like’ button.

You guys have made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Until next time…

Koby xx

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Guest Fashion Blog. Your Friend In Fashion, Jasmin.


As this is my last guest post for SurfStitch, I’d like to thank everyone who spared their ‘likes’ for me. I’ve had such a great time guest blogging for SurfStitch and sharing some of my favourite street style trends!

I’d also like to introduce you to my fashion blog, Friend in Fashion.

The creative diary of a fashion loving wanderlust – Friend in Fashion follows my travels around the world and my love of fashion.

Do swing by and pay me a visit!

Jasmin, your Friend in Fashion.

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Guest Fashion Blog. Mr Bob Marley by Annabel.


It’s my second to last post and wanted to say a pre thank you for all of your support! And keep on like’ing because I need your help! My girl Kara and I are desperate to rip up the states together. Kara is the brains and designer behind the MINKPINK x NASTY GAL collaboration, so knows how to party and is hot as a perfect LA summer’s day.

Above I am wearing my Bob Marley tee I bought when I was in LA last year. I was sifting through the racks of a gigantic thrift store and there they were, 2x identical Bob Tee’s for $12 a piece, thinking one to date my scissors and become a tank and the other to remain as is in all it’s glory. I grabbed both and dashed to the counter. The man behind at the register was a bloody CRACK UP and ran out the back and played “Could You Be Loved” for me. Love that guy. Which is why I need to go back and visit him IN THE STATES!

Which means…I NEED YOU to please like the post! Thanks guys for the love!

1x last “vintage rock tee for each day of Coachella post” to come…hint – involves double denim, a cap and overalls.

Big love and thanks again!

BEL xxx

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Guest Fashion Blog. Tigerlily’s Masako Knit by Arianne.

I’m a big fan of statement oversized jumpers and knits during the cooler months with bonus points for unique and quirky prints/patterns/textures and triple bonus points if they have the ability to be taken from day to night effortlessly. The previous statement pretty much sums up the TigerlilyMasako Knit‘ for the simple fact that it has a unique pattern and texture, can go from day to night with complete ease and the material is ridiculously soft and fluffy Mohair. I styled the Masako Knit in the above photographs of my Sister with the May. Jetson Dress, a vintage necklace and ZU’s Stomp wedge for the night look and teamed it with a pair of self DIY-ed high waisted vintage Levi’s and a pair of Sportsgirl ankle boots for the day look.

Shop Tigerlily here.

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Guest Fashion Post. Gillian Zinser by Arianne.

images via fashion-canvas, buzznet, stepford-wife, planetblue, johnnytheclown, thesophiew, tumblr, thetrendreport

If you’re stuck on style inspiration or fashion musings, look no further than Gillian Zinser – or if you’re an avid watcher of the new era 90210, Ivy Sullivan. Miss Zinser is a fine example of one who dresses ridiculously cool without even trying, has the ability to get away with anything they wear and never gets it wrong style wise. Her personal style is a mix of surfer chic meets gypsy luxe meets punk attitude with a subtle hint of girly. Gillians favouring wardrobe pieces consist of oversized knits, biker leather jackets, free flowing maxi skirts, prints, patterns, statement dresses, band singlets, kimonos and of course a solid pair of the perfect denim shorts. She’s always the number one go to fashion muse when you’re feeling a little inspired and even has her own personal tumblr page which you can visit here.

Don’t forget to scroll down below and hit the Facebook ‘like’ icon if you’d like to see me win that dream trip for 2 to California! Or even simply click the Facebook icon underneath if you agree Miss Zinser is babe’n .


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